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Blogging: The TEAM RPM's Way!

The main task of the Philippine Psychometrician Reviewer is to promote the profession of psychologists and psychometricians in public. Its senior admins and hardworking associates help our fellow psych majors to fulfill their goal in passing the board examination. We continue to write, blog and post to social media the relevant events, updates, and information so our profession gets duly recognized and we continue to build awareness about Philippine Psychology Act of 2009. 

Of course, as one of our reasons to continue blogging, that is to help our fellow psychology majors in pursuing the title of Registered Psychometrician, RPm. So we provide visual aids, sample questions, and relevant infos that they need. We post stuffs that are easy to digest; surely, we consider their appropriateness to our target readers. So, this time, I listed some ways on how Philippine Psychometrician Reviewer Team communicates to its readers.

Image Courtesy: Tino Repaso
First, it is very important to consider that  a blogger's post is CONSISTENT with original sources. Basically, that's how we fell in love with our passionate and very industrious founder, Sir Tino Repaso, who inspired us to reach out to our psych-mates, through blogging. He use to post and blog various info, links, sample quizzes, and relevant events that were retrieved from original sources online. He continuously blog and post links, to spread the information needed by readers, and interested individuals in the field of psychology. And with such, his passion to help his target readers, bear fruits among the pioneering batch of BLEPP test takers. 

Image Courtesy: Admin Riyan

Reading science stuff may sometimes be exhausting, but not to our Professor/Senior Admin Riyan. She's experienced and learned how to be creative with her students, and so as a blogger, she also learned the art of blog, articles, and posts that are dealing with FUN and LOVE. Her posts touch the hearts of our target readers. Some of such entries were generated, basically, to maximize the application of psychology in real life of a normal Filipino student. She fills her posts with every bite of her bitter-sweet 'hugot' examples, to touch the imagination and interest of our fellow psychology majors.

The fun never stops, as the admins passionately pave way to some AMUSING posts, to redirect the 'seriousness' of preparation for board exam, to a somewhat easy way of reviewing and remembering psychology lessons.  Of course, with the powerful influence of our dear comrades in our blog, I was inspired to communicate with creativity to our readers, through creating memes that were themed with puns (thanks to Ma'am Riyan). This, kind of approach was effective to catch our readers' interest to read more about the 'psych' related subjects - making their learning experience lighter.

As part of the blogging community, I'm really thankful on how the passion of my team mates in TEAM RPM to reach out, via blogging, made me more efficient with what I do as an individual in this field of social media. Blogging made me realize on how important our efforts to those people, who were touched by our generosity by means of information that we facilitate. It is the time and effort that we give to our readers, that makes us closer to them. It is through our blog, that will lead our fellow psych majors to reach their goal and survive the annual BLEPP.

"THANKS FOR READING! There are more articles posted, by our wonderful admins, here in our BLOG! You may also like and share our  updates on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. HAVE A PLEASANT DAY AHEAD!" ~Admin Donnies


There's only one thing that I would like to add on our way of blogging which was submitted to an awesome blog (The Ched Project) in response to building an audience:

"It should be reader-friendly. Avoid using highfalutin words and vague terms in your blog content. On our blog, there are a lot of times that we use Filipino language as a medium and “trending” terms that our target audience will understand. We captivate them by adjusting ourselves to their level. Most of the time, we try to make some theories in Psychology and review materials as fun as possible and as simple as possible just to ensure that our audience in this field will relate to the topic.

No matter how passionate you are with your goals if the content of your blog isn’t simple enough in providing information, your target readers will look for other blogs of the same niche to help them better understand the topic. So as for me, the rule is just pretty simple, let your blog be a reader-friendly or lose them."

We really appreciate your comments and participation on our page! All of your likes and shares motivate us to post more fun memes, articles, review links, and updates on our blog and facebook page. I hope you share some of yours too, so we can featured it here!

We're looking forward to see some of your posts in 2016! We are hoping that more Psychology majors will create more blogs to share their views and ideas! 

Cheers to New Year, mga Psych alagad! 

Admin Riyan :D


Admin Riyan

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BAGONG TAON 2016: ANO ANG NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION MO? Mga Karaniwang New Year's Resolution na Hindi Natutupad

Malapit na naman ang bagong taon, marami na naman ang lokohan (hahaha biro lang). Alam mo ba, mas maraming pangako ang napapako pagkatapos pumasok ang bagong taon? Marami sa atin na hindi napapansin ang ilan sa mga bagay na paulit-ulit na nating sinasabi tuwing papasok ang bagong taon.

Ito ang ilan lamang sa mga hindi natutupad base sa mga naririnig ko nang paulit-ulit mula sa mga katrabaho, kaibigan, kapamilya, kapuso, kasangga at kaklase:

1. Mag-iipon na talaga ako at hindi na gagastos pa. ‪Usapang financial ito pero ewan ko na lang. Mahirap iwasan ang pagkain kasi iyan ang una nating pangangailangan. Malamang kapag may bagong bukas na resto hindi ka na naman magpapahuling hindi kumain at ma-picturan iyon.

2. Magdidiet at mag-eexercise na ako! ‪Kung natupad yan last year, for sure, may abs ka na ngayon. Gusto mo kasi ng healthy living pero kapag niyaya ka, hindi makakatanggi. Ang karaniwang defense mechanism para dito, rationalization

Scene sa Kusina:
*Nakakita ng pagkain*

Di bale, konti lang naman! Saka ngayon lang naman ako kakain, hindi nakakadagdag ito ng fats. *nom nom nom*

Note: Pero sa totoo lang, mahirap talaga ang pagdidiet kaya kailangan ng isandaang porsyentong motivation para magawa mo ito. 

3. Magmomove on na ako. </3 ‪Sige lokohin mo pa sarili mo. Mag-move on ka na lang kung gusto mo talagang mag move on. :D Nasa sa iyo naman iyon. Mangangako ka pa na magugulat siya sa'yo at magsisisi 


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People's Choice Award at #bloggys2015

It is with gratitude that we thank all those who endorsed, voted, and believed in us for our campaign bid for the Philippine Blogging Awards 2015. We received the People's Choice Award in the Technology and Internet Category. The award was a collective effort from our FB admins, supporters, endorsers and you our readers and likers who took time to vote for us. Our bid was our way of introducing to the public and blogging community about our profession and us RPm or Registered Psychometricians. We hope that through this award we can continue to educate and make the public aware about us.

Special thanks goes to Sir Jason Go of Spark Psychology Review Center for his personal endorsement posted on SPARK's and his personal FB page. We also would like to mention the following for their endorsement and support:

Ms. Gemma Comiso of Gumamela sa Paraiso
Mr. Kenji Solis of Thoughtskoto
 Mr. Gary Yap of MY Psychology
Ms. Anna Agoncillo of  Miss Psychobabble

Thank you also to our masisipag na admins who never waver in their support for our bid.

And most of all to all of you  who voted for us our likers and readers.

Maraming salamat po.

Patuloy po nating ipakilala ang ating propesyon bilang mga Registered Psychometricians o RPm.


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Schedule of BLEPP2016

Board Licensure Examinations for Psychologists and Psychometricians
Date - August 30-31, 2016
Venues - Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legaspi and Lucena

Anniversary Post on the Announcement of the Result of the First BLEPPsychometrician

Mabuhay and congratulations to all pioneers of BLEPP 2014! Whether you topped the licensure exam, passed or failed, still, we were all part of history in the professionalization of Psychology practice in the Philippines.Although we were not able to make an anniversary post for the second year of our blog but we were able to make a second year anniversary post of our FB page showing the result of the survey conducted to assess and evaluate the page.

For some of the 1,290 passers, job remain elusive. In particular for new graduates who are board passers feel they are marginalized despite their license as Registered Psychometrician (RPm) over those who are experienced but without license. There's a need for RA 10029-Philippine Psychology Act of 2009 to be fully implemented. It is appalling to note that some licensed Psychometricians are in a dilemma and feel apprehensive being victims or party to some companies unethical practice operating psychological testing clinics.   

As a response  to licensed Psychometricians need for job we created Facebook groups for jobs postings and announcements we called Filipino Psychometrcians and Filipino Psychologists. Also, #TeamRPm - our admin groups,  joined the #bloggys2015 Philippine BLogging Awards to make our blog and FB page more visible to the public, promote for the implementation of RA 10029 and for RPm and psychology graduates take pride of their profession as Psychometricians. We are also very grateful for the endorsements we received from our friends and fellow bloggers and made a blog post about it.

There were  two BLEPP exams already the first in October 2014 and the July 2015. As we have seen there were improvements compared to the first BLEPP. But still we are hoping that information would be more accessible and available so we will be spending lesser time to respond to those queries and focus on providing online reviewers and quizzes. At least for 2015 the exam were conducted not only in Manila but in key cities like Baguio, Legazpi, Davao and Cebu.
For the last board exam with a total number of  4,466 examinees in 2015, the number is expected to continue to increase given the number of those graduating from Psychology course. The number of  those taking the licensure exam to become registered Psychologist is also increasing. The implication of this is shown with the trend of the increasing number of those taking their MA in Psychology.

There's a need for universities to upgrade their facilities and improve their Psychology graduate program attuned to those required in the licensure exam. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) should also compel universities to have universities comply in renaming and re-aligning their  undergraduate courses compliant to the  licensure exam for Psychometrician. Problem on course equivalency was such a big headache in the past board exams. Schools and universities should be constantly monitored and those consistent with a very low passing rate should be given warning. 

For those who are licensed RPm and RP they are required after three (3) years to renew their license. One of the requirements is for them to earn points for their Continuing Professional Development. As such we have created a page for Psych related events  we called Psych Events Philippines. The objective is to monitor, document, share and spread Psychology and other related events happening in the Philippines. Let us know your events and we can post it here. So let us share and spread Psychology and other related events. Ask directly from the organizers about information and details like fees, venue, CPE points, etc.

Since we now command more than 13K likers we were able to help disseminate information and ask people to sign-up for the Psychological First Aid training of UST-Psychotrauma Center. There are now more than 200 who signed up and 50 of them were given training. Reflections of some of those who trained was posted in our other blog.  The FB group was formed with the following objective:  Network, resources (information), education, training and other concerns on Psychological First Aid in the Philippines. The Philippines is a disaster prone country since it belongs to the ring of fire, frequented by earthquake, volcanic eruption and also battered by typhoons on a regular basis.To address a more holistic disaster-risk management, psychological first aid should go hand in hand.So this group is created for Psychologists and other volunteers to connect and provide assistance when needed. Let us serve as partner of Red Cross, DSWD, CSO/NGO and other relief/rehab agencies when they are mobilized in times of need.

With our bid for the #bloggys2015 we got to know some friends and network abroad who even endorsed us. So it inspired us to create two more FB pages to  network with our Asian and ASEAN counterparts  to exchange with them on their practice of Psychology.

Two years of our blogging effort and presence in social media like Facebook and Twitter, the task is daunting and challenging. But we continue to do what for us is a source of happiness and inspiration to be better Psychometrician and Psychologists - being of service to others.

So as the number of our blog readers and FB likers increase we also continue to recruit admins. And we are very grateful to our indefatigable admins who continue to actively and creatively post engaging memes, videos, links and other updates. We continue to review and be entertained in our page.   And we also encourage you our readers and likers to  share as well and make our page and blog more SOSYAL (social)!

Happy First Anniversary Pioneers we hope that you continue to engage and share with us. Mabuhay!

We made a request to those who took the BLEPP to make their experience of the licensure exam a lasting memory and a legacy, whether they did good or failed in their first attempt of that historical event in Philippine Psychology. The collection of anecdotes was entitled,  Psychometricians Lens: Anecdotes of the Pioneers on the 2014 BLEPP. Below are the links of their stories:

Magiting na mga Admins

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Ang Pangalawang Pagbabalik

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My 82 days of journey to board exam 

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Being branded as smart

Of  George Kelly and Faith 


Never Losing Hope

Si Icasiam ay si Ikapito rin!

Lone Survivor

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Poor performance in the BLEPP 2014, whose fault?

Fallen but not defeated

My Saykometrisyan Dyurni

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Bewitched by my name

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and the Psychometrician

We have been receiving lots of queries about the requirements to renew license, to think that next month, in November 2015 would only be the first year anniversary of those who were licensed through examinations. To satisfy our inquirers and readers we made this blog post.

Of of the 57 regulated professions of  the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC), 42 professions are required to earn 45 credit units while the rest are only required 30-credit units for them to renew their license. Check page 13 of the Revised Guidelines 2013-774 Revised Guidelines on the Continuing Professional Development  (CPD) below and look for item #35 for Psychologist (45 Credit Units), however it was not explicit if the same units apply to Psychometricians.

The following points were summarized and serve as highlights of the guidelines:

What used to be Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirement for renewing PRC license is now called Continuing Professional Development or CPD. Continuing Professional Development or CPD is the inculcation of advanced knowledge, skills, and ethical values in a post-licensure specialized or in an inter- or multi-disciplinary field of study for assimilation into professional practice, self-directed research and/or lifelong learning.

Creation of CPDC
The resolution requires every professional regulatory board (PRB) to create a Continuing Professional Development Council (CPDC), subject to approval by the Commission.  The council is vested with powers and functions to ensure and set CPD program; evaluate the application and accreditation of CPD programs, providers,  self-directed and/or lifelong learning; monitor the implementation CPD providers; and assess annually and upgrade criteria for accreditation of providers and programs; conduct researches, studies and benchmarking for international alignment; issue operational guidelines; and perform other incidental or related functions. The Council will be composed of a chairperson and two members, subject to certain qualifications and limitations.

CPD Programs in Various Modes 
Aside from the usual or traditional way of earning CPD units through seminars, workshops, training and conferences the resolution allows for other modes to grant credit which include:

Self Directed Learning - on-line trainings, local/international seminars/non-degree courses, institution/company-sponsored training programs, and the like which did not undergo CPD accreditation but may be applied for and awarded CPD units by the respective CPD Councils.

Lifelong Learning - all learning activities undertaken throughout life for the development of competencies and qualifications. (Section 20: Maximum creditable units for self-directed and/or lifelong learning -  A maximum of 15 creditable units (CUs) may be credited for self-directed and/or lifelong learning within the compliance period of three (3) years.  Any excess CUs earned shall not be carried over to the next 3-year period.) 

Authorship - creation of a new idea/work such as technical or professional books, instructional materials, and the like.

Invention/Patent - a technical solution to a problem in any field of human activity which is new, involves an inventive step and is industrially applicable.  (Section 20. Inventions shall be given full credit units for the compliance period.

Post-graduate Academic Studies - master's or doctoral units/degree earned from a school, college or university, or other institutions recognized by pertinent government bodies.

Specialty Training - a non-degree post-graduate training such as residency, externship, specialty and sub-specialty program conducted, or fellowship conferred, by an organization or society, and/or recognized by the pertinent government authority. (Section 19. Any excess credit units shall not be carried over to the next 3-year period, except credit units earned for doctoral and master's degrees or specialty trainings which shall only be credited once during the compliance period.) 

Resource person - a lecturer, speaker, presenter, panelist, reactor, analyst in a specialized field or the like in a seminar or similar activity.

Diploma Program - a program offered by an institution of higher learning which requires a baccalaureate or post-baccalaureate degree for admission.

Professorial Chair - an academic position awarded to a member of a faculty at the tertiary level who has distinguished himself/herself in the field of expertise. 

Application and Accreditation of CPD Providers
CPD Provider is a natural or juridical person that conducts CPD programs accredited by the CPD Council to conduct CPD programs. An individual and/or   firm/partnership/corporation  may apply as  for accreditation as CPD Provider, provided that requirements and qualifications are satisfied. The accreditation will be valid for three (3) years and renewable for another three years only if  the provider is in good standing based on their performance and compliance of the Council's set standards.

Resolution No. 2013-774 (Series of 2013) - Revised Guidelines on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program for all registered and licensed professionals (with Annexes)

LINKS of ANNEXES (all these annexes are also part/included in the above guidelines)

CPD FORM NO. 01 - Application for Accreditation as CPD PROVIDER

CPD FORM NO. 02 - Application Form for Accreditation of CPD Program

CPD FORM NO. 03 - Application for Crediting of Self-Directed and/or Lifelong Learning

CPD FORM NO. 04 - Monitoring Report

CPD FORM NO. 05 - Completion Report on CPD Program

CPD FORM NO. 06 - Affidavit of Undertaking

Monday, October 26, 2015

RPm Ethical Dilemma: Trabahong Walang Integridad

(photo credit -

(Ed-We are featuring here a story we received from an anonymous sender and we hope to hear also from others, brave enough to tell their own same stories so that this issue would soon be addressed. We also would like to call the attention of the Psychological Association of the Philippines as the Accredited Professional Organization to look into this issue. The PRB of Psychology and the Department of Health as a government institution should also uphold and implement the law (RA10029). Given the licensure exam and professionalization of Psychometrician this anomalous and unethical practice among testing centers and OFW clinics should be stopped. Let us also offer solution and alternatives. Let's protect the integrity of our profession. Let's uphold the ethical practice of Psychometricians.)

Isa akong psychometrician sa isang clinic at nakakalungkot mang sabihin pero hindi ko nagagampanan ang trabaho ko na may integridad. Hindi ko man masasabi ang lahat pero gusto ko lang malaman ng mga may experience na sa larangan ng Sikolohiya at sa mga nakakataas ang mga problema ko sa aking trabaho.

Kung susumahin, may higit isang taon na akong experience bilang isang psychometrician sa 2 clinic sa Metro Manila. Nung una’y, napansin ko na OK ang trabahong ito dahil related sa akin kurso, nang tumagal-tagal na ako sa trabaho, nakikita at napapansin kong hindi na maganda ang trabahong ito (pasensya na) dahil sa aking napansin na hindi na tugma ang trabaho ko sa ethic na natutunan ko sa kolehiyo at sa pag-review para sa board exam – ang kadahilanan kung bakit ako nag-resign sa una kong pinagtratrabahuhan.

Nakapasa ako sa board exam para sa psychometrician at alam kong may malaki akong responsibilidad (kahit hindi ako psychometrician) hindi lang dahil may batas na akong dapat sundin, kundi na rin may pakialam ako sa ikabubuti ng mga tao sa tulong ng psychology.

Nag-apply ako sa iba’t-ibang institution, kolehiyo, at clinic sa Manila. Isa lang ang napansin ko, hindi pa tuluyang naipapatupad ng maayos ang ating batas (R.A. 10029). Marami pa ring gumagamit ng psychological tests na photocopied, may mga gumagamit pa rin ng projective tests na hindi naman angkop sa mga naga-administer nito, may mga gumagamit pa rin ng objective tests na hindi naman standardized sa Pilipinas (kasama ako rito at 100% akong sigurado na lahat ng nagtratrabaho bilang psychometrician ngayon ay hindi gumagamit ng standardized tests), at may ilan pa ring “walang pakialam” sa issue na ito.

Walong buwan na akong psychometrician sa ikalawa kong pinapasukan at kung ano napansin ko dati, ganoon pa rin ang sitwasyon sa ngayon. Labag sa loob ko ang gawin ang mga bagay na hindi tugma sa ating ethics at sa ating batas pero kailangan kong magtrabaho para sa sarili ko at magkaroon ng experience. Nung unang 2 buwan ko dito, kabadong-kabado ako dahil ganoon pa rin ang sitwasyon, nakakalito dahil hindi ko alam kung alin ang dapat mong sundin: ang batas at ethics ba ng mga psychometrician o ang batas at ang standard procedure ng DOH na hindi tugma sa una?

Siguro maraming magagalit sa artikulong ito at magsasabi na “Ang tanga mo naman, malamang ‘yung batas at ethics ng psychometrician, PAP, PRC, etc.”. Nasabi ko na rin ‘yan sa sarili ko pero wala eh. Mahirap siyang i-apply sa totoong buhay, sa realidad ng trabaho ko...

Hahawak ka ng 15 bilang ng kliyente araw-araw at bibigyan mo sila ng minimum battery ng DOH (1 intelligence test at 1 personality inventory kasama ang talambuhuhay, atbp.). Sa tingin mo ba makakuha ka ng sapat na impormasyon gamit lang ng battery na ‘yon sa taong pagbibigyan mo nito at ia-assess mo? Hindi. Sa artikulong ipapabasa ko sa inyo, malalaman ninyo ang reaksyon o sagot ng PAP sa DOH tungkol sa issue na ito noong taong 2010 pa. Kayo na ang mag-analyze o magbigay opinion sa artikulo na ‘yon.

Sa loob ng 8 buwan ko dito, hinayaan ko na lang ang issue dahil may “ganito-din-naman-ang-sitwasyon-ng-iba-mas-malala-pa-nga-yun-sa-kanila” mentality. Pero isang araw, may kaibigan ako na bago lang din sa trabahong ito, bagong psychometrician siya sa isang clinic at nagtatanong siya sa akin kung ano ang procedure ganyan-ganyan. Nung una, sinasabi ko na “hayaan mo lang ‘yung ganyan, wala naming mangyayari sa kliyente, i-base mo lang ‘yung resulta sa interview mo” pero napansin ko na ayaw kong mapasa yung mentality ko kaya siguro naging interesado ako na maayos ang trabaho ko.

Ang SOP sa clinic ng namin ay ganito, hindi ko alam kung parehas nung sa iba:
  • Bigyan mo ng tig-isang test (intelligence at personality) ang kliyente.
  • Ibabase mo ang katauhan niya sa nalakap mong data sa intelligence at personality at gagawan ito ng summary form mula sa DOH.

Ang ginagamit kong test ay: PNLT para sa intelligence at BPI para sa personality. Alam kong hindi ito standardized dahil ang pinagbabasehan pa ring norms ay ang nasa manual nito na gawa sa ibang bansa, at ang scoring nito ay hindi maliwanag at alam kong iba-iba sa bawat clinic.

May mga kaibigan din akong nagtratrabaho sa mga clinic at gumagamit sila ng DAPT at SSCT na alam kong hindi pwedeng gamitin lalo na kung hindi ka competent na gamitin ‘yun. Sa totoo lang, nagulat din ako nung nalaman kong ganun ang ginagamit nila. Tinanong ko siya, “Bakit ganiyan ang ginagamit niyo, naiinspect ba ‘yan?”. Sumagot siya, “Oo, na-inspect na kami ng DOH.” Nasa isip ko, nakalusot sila, makakalusot din siguro kami.

Alam ko na dapat matagal na akong natanggalan ng lisensya (kahit ayaw ko...ayaw ko talaga) pero sa ngayon, iniisip ko kung paano nagsimula ang ganito at kung ‘yung mga test ban a ginagamit ay standardized ba at paano nalikha yung summary form ng DOH na binase sa personality inventories (ibig sabihin Psychologist- nalaman ko ang pangalan kamakailan lang- o may alam sa paggawa ng test ang lumikha noon, ewan ko).

Gusto ko ding masunod ang artikulo ng PAP para hindi na ako kabahan sa mga gagawin ko. Siguro ilang taon pa ang lilipas para tuluyang maging maayos ang trabaho ng mga psychometrician dito sa bansa.

Salamat sa pagbabasa at kung may masama kayong sasabihin sa akin, gusto kong maranasan ninyo kung ano ba talaga ang trabaho ko para maintindihan niyo ako, okay lang sa akin na gawin kayong reliever for 1 week para mas maintindihan niyo ang sitwasyon ko at makapagpahinga rin ako. Itatago ko ang katauhan ko, at sa mga nakakaalam kung sino ako, sana maintindihan niyo rin ang pinagdadaanan ko at isainyo niyo na lang ang katauhan ko. Haha.
Salamat ulit.

By:  Xyfer

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International Endorsement from MY PSYCHOLOGY

Malaysia's first Psychology educational website. MY Psychology is a channel started by a group of Psychology students who share Psychology knowledge by conducting investigations via multiple approaches through psychological lens to enable public to learn Psychology in easier ways, share Psychology with others and apply Psychology for a better life. Currently in collaboration with SG Psych Stuff.

We are so proud and happy for the international endorsement of  MY PSYCHOLOGY for our bid to the #bloggys2015.


Psychometrics is one of the branches under Psychology which mainly investigates and measures psychological variables of people by conducting, administering and analyzing Psychological quantitative tests. There is no doubt that demand for Psychometricians has been growing rapidly in various areas, ranging from mental healthcare department, school guidance and career testing,  to managing business industries.  

Philippine Psychometrician Reviewer has been one of the leading reference sites that serves as an information hub for aspiring Psychometricians in the Philippines. With their informational site, they have been providing help and assistance for those who would like to take a step further in taking the board licensure exam for  Psychometricians. Their selfless dedication and commitment in providing assistance and useful information is undoubtedly contributing to the growth of Psychometrician as profession  in the Philippines. 

As one of the collaborators, MY Psychology is here to congratulate Philippine Psychometrician Reviewer for being nominated for the #bloggys2015. Apart from showing our support  for them, we are here to call for actions among our Facebook  followers and Youtube audiences to give them your huge support and wish them all the best for realizing their team's vision. Together, we believe that we can work better for the Asia-Wide-Region on Psychology matters.

Please vote for psychometricpinas to the #bloggys2015
Vote here - 

Director of MY Psychology

[SHOUT OUT for Philippine Psychometrician Reviewer ]Psychometric is one of the branches under Psychology which mainly...
Posted by MY Psychology on Sunday, October 25, 2015

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Official Endorsement from SPARK Psychology Review Center


The blog has been part of the ongoing history of the psychometrician profession in the Philippines. The blog has represented every wandering-wondering student who aspires to be a psychometrician. Their altruistic service is unmatched by even the highest institution that should represent the psychology field. THEY SERVED AS THE FRONTLINER AND HAVE ANSWERED A LOT OF INQUIRIES THAT SHOULD BE ANSWERED PRIMARILY BY PRC/PRB.

NOW IS THE TIME TO SHOW OUR SUPPORT FOR THE BLOG THAT DARED TO REPRESENT THE PSYCHOMETRICIAN FIELD. Please vote for in the Bloggys 2015 Blog Awards. To vote, simply visit Deadline of voting is on October 31, 2015.

We at SPARK have always commended the efforts of the psychometricpinas team and we support their advocacy in providing selfless service, unbiased, independent, and factual information that the psychometrician field deserves. We call on the united efforts of the 67 thousand+ likers of SPARK FB page, including all our alumni and official students to join the cause.

At the end of the day, all of us will be part of a community of topnotch professionals.

Jason Go
Founder/Academic Coordinator
SPARK Review Center

OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM SPARKThe blog has been part of the ongoing history of...
Posted by SPARK Psychology Review Center on Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Source -

The above statement is the official endorsement of SPARK Psychology Review Center for our blog for the #bloggys2015.

Mabuhay SPARK
Maraming salamat po sa inyong endorsement!