Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Post for the 2nd Anniversary of the Philippine Psychometrician Reviewer FB Page

Today is the 2nd Anniversary of our Philippine Psychometrician Reviewer FB Page. Two months ago, last June 12, this blog also celebrated its 2nd year anniversary since it was established ahead of its FB counterpart.

To mark the milestones of this blog  and the FB page (currently with more than 9K likers) we are sharing here the result of the survey we conducted to assess and evaluate primarily our FB Page. We are interested to get the feedback of our readers and likers so we will know also on how and what to improve. 

To all our likers and those who took time and effort to answer this survey Maraming Salamat po.

Demographics of  Survey Respondents

Majority female and mostly in their early 20's as we have consistently gathered from previous survey results. 

Most of the respondents are newly graduate 2014 to 2015.

Contrary to previous data, result here shows that most respondents availed the services of review centers.

Majority of the respondents took the BLEPP 2015 and mostly first timers with some who were repeaters.

Knowledge and use of the Blog and FB Page


The FB page was found through tags or shared link of their friends and some through the use of search engine. But it should also be noted that some came to know about this page through offline - word of mouth introduction.

Most of the respondents just came to know of the FB page less than 6 months while the rest have known it for more than six months and others for more than a year. 

Coverage and Personal Engagement

In previous survey Psychological Assessment was the identified  most difficult subject, so result shows that it is the same subject that should have more coverage for the FB page online review.  As to respondents engagement it is the thumbs up - Like button that is commonly used and more than half shared those updates that they liked to their wall/ and or shared or tagged their friends. 

It is interesting to note that despite the social nature of FB only  a few are posting their comments to the posted links or updates. Many would prefer liking and some would just lurk perhaps. One of their reasons is just they have nothng to share Although  a few would share the posts they see on our FB page update wall.   

The often repeated similar questions we got on our inbox/PM and comments is due to the fact that some are  not backtracking previous discussions. Few would bother to click the links that leads to our blog and other web pages or  back track read on previous questions or concerns that have been addressed.

Rating and Score Card of Philippine Psychometrician Reviewer's  FB Page

Majority of the respondents are familiar with the the purpose and goals of the blog and FB page.  And the same majority claims that they have benefited from the FB page. With a few who claims they did not benefit - as noticed some of the respondents came to know about the page less than 6 months they are the minority who have not fully benefited from the  FB Page.   

Our FB Page earned a high  score on the relevance of the content of the page and also high score on the timeliness of our posts.

We also score high on the reliability of our posts and update since we really sees to it that we get direct from the source of those who are informed or those who have gone through the experience. Also we try our best to crowd source for answers when we do not have answers. Although the score is high but there's an observation for the need to make the postings/coverage more balanced.

One of the most consuming aspect in maintaining the FB page is to individually respond to Private Messages (PM) that we received in our inboxes. But we are thankful for those questions since they become our new posts or update on our walls and sometimes our inspiration for new blog posts. We still rate high as to the general announcement that gets posted. We do make effort to call and pay visit  PRC as well as find out from other contacts and network  to get more accurate information.

We do try our best to be humorous as well and it shows our scores are still  high. But this is another area we need not be too serious.  And we got a bit low score on the announcement of related events and training seminars. For that reason we have come out with another FB page particularly attuned at providing information on Psychology related events, trainings, seminars, etc. Visit this page for more info - https://www.facebook.com/psycheventsphilippines?ref=bookmarks 

Majority has not participated in past surveys. Survey shows that respondents would check our FB Page on a regular or daily basis while close in  is the weekly visit to the site.

Majority are not willing to pay for an online services although closing in would be the response Maybe and Yes . Some are already subscribed to the other FB groups concerning  issues on RPm and RP.

What needs improvement
(The list below are the suggested improvement on the content of the FB Page).

Accuracy of updates, quizzes, posts, etc.
Accurate info and more intensive reviewers (+3 more responses/repeated)
Addt'l infos and coverage/reviewer/review materials
Always be active in answering questions of the students
An FB Group/Chat Group? So we can freely discuss and ask questions
Balance of topics being posted
Coverage of subjects
Highlight the important updates you make so they don't get lost through the updates that you make
I could not think of any at this moment. The admin of this page is doing a good job!
Layout of the blog/design/appearance on page
Maybe an organized/scheduled posting of facts or whatnot according to subjects included in the boards
More announcements
More content and relevant updates
More detailed information about concerns and issues in psychology
More information on seminars conventions regarding psychology
More links
More links of videos and tutorials about the different topics in each subjects.
more review materials/resources/review questions/tips/postings
More Tips for new jobbers
More trivial information
N/A/ None (+12 responses)
Nakaalbum na yung mga important pics/topics bawat subject
None. Its already great, it's working well (+3)/continue help others/okay and very helpful
Other topics like Ethical Consideration
Responsiveness to comments/messages
Sana maging interactive pa ang page. I mean, may mga exercises na sasagutan ng mga likers. :)
Seminars offered from different schools' psych society
since blepp is done, i would like to see postings about career opportunities for passers
Suggested references likes books authors etc/more filipino authored-references
The content
The daily post
The industrial reviews
Updates about board exam/upcoming events/seminars (+2)
Updates for upcoming events
Use neutral language (English/Filipino)

Suggested changes and additional features
(The list below are suggested additional changes and features of the FB Page)

Accuracy of updates, quizzes, etc.
Add more links and notes as reviewer
An FB Group/Chat Group? So we can freely discuss and ask questions
Art in background
Articles regarding different psych topics
Buhay sa graduate school
Coverage of the exams if any
Current researches, development regarding Sikolohiyang Pilipino
Downloadable Review Materials
Facts about the course I guess
Group discussions every week per subject
I think its fine as it is and there really isn't anything new you could add unless facebook allows you to do it.
Link all review centers and universities
More content on Psych Assessment
More info about the current and upcoming trainings and seminar relevant to Psych grads/professionals
More information. During our board exam, there are still topics that we did not know. Like Different Tests. (e.g. Beck Depression Inventory and many more)
More inspirational quotes
More links to quizzes and handouts
More pictures...
More Psych jokes that will make its readers feel relax while reviewing or waiting for BLEEP results
More review items on psych assessment
More sharing of experiences of examinees. More inspirational stories.
More tips and sample questions that may serve as a review for blepp
More updated reviewers/news (+3 responses)
More updates not only about board exam/seminars
More Visual presentation and videos. Include some trivias and more motivational quotes :)
No comments/still thinking (+20 responses)
Posts on different fields or related careers
Psych quiz
Sana magkaroon ng mga exercise questions regarding sa coverage ng board para atleast kahit nagpe-facebook eh nakakapag review just like last year na may mga short exrecises/questions.
Try to provide all necessary information for all the subjects. Not only to one subject, but to all.
Video tutorials/or short review videos

School of Respondents

Adamson University
Arellano University
Bulacan State University (3 respondents)
Central Colleges of the Philippines
Centro Escolar University – Manila (3 respondents)
Colegio de San Gabriel Arcangel
De La Salle University - Lipa
Divine Word College of Legazpi
DLSU-DasmariƱas (3 respondents)
Emilio Aguinaldo College
Far Eastern University (4 respondents)
Laguna State Polytechnic University
Collegio de San Juan de Letran (2 respondents)
Lipa City Colleges
Lyceum of the Philippines University (2 respondents)
Lyceum-Northwestern University-Dagupan City
Miriam College (2respondents)
Negros Oriental State University
Pasig Catholic College
Philippine Normal University (2 respondents)
Polytechnic University of the Philippines (4 respondents)
Ramon Magsaysay Technological University Iba - Main
Saint Louis University-Baguio (3 respondents)
San Pedro College (Davao)
Southern Luzon State University
St. Paul University (Manila/QC)
St. Dominic College of Asia
Tarlac College of Agriculture
Tarlac State University
Trinity University of Asia
UE Manila (2 respondents)
Universidad de Manila (2 respondents)
University of Batangas
University of Bohol
University of Makati (2 respondents)
University of Rizal System
Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan (2 respondents)

Blog and FB Analytics

Country sources/origins of blog readers/visitors and the kind of browser and operating system they use.

Number of people engaged - reflective of the survey results - more women than men and age range from 18-24.

Fan base for the FB page, majority women ages 18-24.

Overview of likers, post reach and engagement. Showing decline after the peaks in the past few months, a usual trend when the exam is finished.