Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The why and what of this blog

I came across the news about a psychology and psychometrician board exam. I did not even know that there's a law already professionalizing psychology and psychometrician. During our time in the 1990s some law makers were not so keen in providing a policy to regulate the practice of the profession.  Only in 2009 that it was finally realized, a law was passed, Republic Act 11029 or the Philippine Psychology Act of 2009, after a long struggle to make us Psychology graduate have license to practice our profession.

Since it is very new, looking around for materials and info about the board or licensure exam, I found only 3 testing centers and the buzz is not yet very loud and most probably a lot of psychology graduates are not yet informed about this new opportunity for them to get a license. Well the dates for the board or licensure exam is not yet set and finalized though.

So this is the the purpose of this blog, to inform and update my fellow psychology graduates about this opportunity. I will be posting news, update, links, review materials here from time to time. And anything and everything about psychology and its allied disciplines.

So let us exchange here at the Philippine Psychometricians Licensure Exam Reviewer!