Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Never Losing Hope

Never Losing Hope
by Irene Victoria F. Gabiana 
Notre Dame University 
Cotabato City

I was one of the test-takers of BLEPP specifically for Psychometricians. I am a fresh March 2014 graduate of Notre Dame University, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. I’m from the province of Cotabato City which made my preparations longer because of many factors i.e. getting the CAV from Marbel which is a three to four hour bus ride away, applying to PRC Davao, and flying to Manila. In short, it was a bit expensive and time-consuming but it made me really want to pass the board exam.

I was a self-reviewer. I tried to think of many strategies in order to finish my review within six months’ time. Having only the PRC table of  specifications and a more detailed outline, I found it stressful. The problem
lay not in the lack of resource materials, but the large number of it (books, notes, online resources such as youtube videos, quizzes, and reviewers). In short, I was overwhelmed. As a self-reviewer, I began to think that it was better to read as much as I can. That proved to be futile, because I wasn’t able to finish my tasks and I couldn’t remember most of what I’ve read. And more importantly, I did not have an efficient guide that will prepare me for the exam. I saw the importance of review centers for future examinations. I realized that it is better to find a useful reviewer online. There are no reviewers available in any stores yet, and if ever, they won’t be outcome-based because BLEPP is the first PRC outcome-based assessment board examination in Philippine history.

It was my first board exam experience and I was glad that I familiarized myself on the requirements of PRC because I felt ready for what I must do during the exam. I felt grateful for all the resources and links that posted for free access to online materials. They helped me review and retain information. 

The exam proper was nerve-wracking because it was what I had anticipated for for six months and it was that moment where I can determine how much my preparations will pay off. For the non-disclosure oath, I won’t share any of the test items nor the choices, rather I will share my opinions on the test material. It was difficult. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology but I am without enough hands on experience in psychometrics and the other three subjects, and most of the items demand skills in applying the theories on different situations. What I did have was an introduction on psychological testing/assessment and the other three subjects, and an on-the-job training at our guidance and testing center. 

However, I still lacked the practical knowledge that I needed. I did not pass the exam, but along the way I can honestly say that me failing the exam made me see the vast number of opportunities within my reach to further my journey into becoming a licensed psychologist and psychometrician. The BLEPP is indeed a rare occurrence in a person’s life. It takes a lot of preparation and good faith for someone to pass the exam. Luck must also be a factor in the whole thing - even a few brilliant test-takers who took the exam did not pass, but hope springs. 

In conclusion, I am happy to be part of the first batch of BLEPP. The experience was worth all the hard work. And one thing I must add: Never lose hope. There’s a time for everything, especially passing the board exam. *wink*

November 11, 2014
7:20 PM