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Natural Cure for Anxiety Symptoms

CBD or Cannabidiol is an exciting cannabinoid that occurs naturally in cannabis. It is found in flowers, seeds, and the stalk of cannabis plants that include marijuana and hemp. Cannabidiol is among the more than 400 compounds that are found in cannabis sativa. CBD is no longer a little-known molecule. It’s now a potential breakthrough therapeutic aid and nutritional component. Unlike the other cannabinoids, CBD occurs in significant amounts in cannabis. Therefore, its extraction from cannabis plants is relatively easy.

A huge segment of the human population is affected by anxiety-related disorders and though there are many prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs available, more and more people are turning to CBD for anxiety relief.  We started with organic remedies, then turned to science, and now we are slowly migrating back to mother nature as a lot of people are tired of synthetic medications and are wanting a more natural and organic remedy. This switch back to a natural alternative has led to straight to CBD oil.
Even though cannabidiol has not been medically proven to be a cure or a treatment for anxiety, anxiety sufferers are still willing to give various CBD products a try in hopes that it will relieve their anxiety symptoms and today, cannabidiol oil is perhaps the most promising organic dietary supplement to do just that.

CBD helps with anxiety and depression in two noticeable ways:
  • Effect on 5-HT1A AgonistCBD works by exerting several actions on the brain. It has been proven effective in boosting signaling via a serotonin receptor 5-HT1A agonist. 5-HT1A is a serotonin receptor subtype that is important because depression and anxiety can be treated with drugs that target serotonin system. That why selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), works by blocking serotonin re-absorption in the brain. This, in turn, increases serotonin availability in the synaptic space. Consequently, there is an increase in the signals that are transmitted by the brain cells thereby boosting mood and reducing anxiety in some cases. CBD works like SSRIs. It boosts signaling via serotonin receptors. In fact, some studies have shown that CBD can enhance 5HT1A transmission and its effect on serotonin may be faster than those of SSRIs.
  • Effect on HippocampusThe hippocampus is a brain area that plays a significant role in various brain functions. It is particularly popular for its role in cognition and memory formation. Scans of anxiety and depression patients reveal a smaller hippocampus. And, depression therapeutic aids show regeneration of neurons or neurogenesis in this area. That means these therapeutic aids may help with depression and anxiety. Both CBD and SSRIs have been proven effective in promoting neurogenesis. This is important because evidence shows that when severely impaired, neuronal plasticity can lead to suicidal behaviors.

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RA 10609 Protection of Students Right to Enroll in Review Centers Act of 2013

Republic Act No. 10609
August 22, 2013
H. No. 3546

Republic of the Philippines
Congress of the Philippines
Metro Manila

Fifteenth Congress
Third Regular Session

Begun and held in Metro Manila, on Monday, the twenty-third day of July, two thousand twelve.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:

SECTION 1. Short Title. – This Act shall be known as the “Protection of Students’ Right to Enroll in Review Centers Act of 2013”.

SEC. 2. Declaration of Policy. – It is the declared policy of the State to promote and protect the right to education as enshrined in the Philippine Constitution. While the State recognizes the complementary roles of public and private institutions in the enhancement and strengthening of the educational system, it is also the responsibility of the State to ensure the protection of students against possible abuses by Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) in relation to the right of students to choose their review centers.

SEC. 3. Coverage. – This Act shall cover all public and private HEIs, including local colleges and universities, offering courses that require professional licensure examinations.

SEC. 4. Unlawful Acts. – In recognition of the student’s freedom to choose his/her review center, the following acts by HEIs shall be considered unlawful:

(1) Compelling students enrolled in courses requiring professional examinations to take review classes, which are not part of the curriculum, in a review center of the HEI’s choice;

(2) Making such review classes a prerequisite for graduation or completion of the course;

(3) Forcing students to enroll in a review center of the school’s choice, and to pay the corresponding fees that include transportation and board and lodging; and

(4) Withholding the transcript of scholastic records, diploma, certification or any essential document of the student to be used in support of the application for the professional licensure examinations so as to compel the students to attend in a review center of the HEI’s choice.

SEC. 5. Penalties. – Any HEI official or employee, including deans, coordinators, advisers, professors and other concerned individuals found guilty of violating any of the unlawful acts enumerated in Section 4 of this Act shall suffer the penalty prision correccional or imprisonment from six (6) months and one (1) day to six (6) years and a fine of Seven hundred fifty thousand pesos (P750,000.00). He/She shall also be suspended from his/her office and his/her professional license revoked.

In addition, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) may impose disciplinary sanctions against an HEI official or employee violating this Act pursuant to Section 13 of Republic Act No. 7722, otherwise known as the “Higher Education Modernization Act of 1994”.

SEC. 6. Implementing Rules and Regulations. – The CHED shall be tasked to issue the implementing rules and regulations of this Act within thirty (30) days after this law takes effect.

SEC. 7. Separability Clause. – Should any provision herein be declared unconstitutional, the same shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of this Act.

SEC. 8. Repealing Clause. – All laws, presidential decrees or issuances, executive orders, letters of instruction, administrative orders, administrative memoranda, rules and regulations inconsistent with the provisions of this Act are hereby amended, modified or repealed accordingly.

SEC. 9. Effectivity Clause. – This Act shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication the

Official Gazette or in two (2) newspapers of general circulation.


Acting Senate President

(Sgd.) FELICIANO BELMONTE JR.Speaker of the House of Representatives

This Act which originated in the House of Representatives was finally passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate on December 8, 2010 and June 5, 2013, respectively.

Secretary of the Senate

Speaker General
House of Representatives

Approved: AUG 23 2013

President of the Philippines

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PRC Board of Psychology have already released the program for BLEPP 2017. Check the schedule of exams to be taken during the first and last day.

No changes in the TOS - Table of Specifications so you may refer here -

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PAP ISSUES AND CONCERNS Raised by Registered Psychometricians (RPm) at Filipino Psychometricians Group

Dr. Margaret Helen U. Alvarez
President, PAP
Dr. Trina Fernando Resurreccion 
PAP Assessment Psychology Division

Dear Dr. Alvarez,  

Thru: Dr. Trina Fernando Resurreccion 
PAP Assessment Psychology Division


On behalf of the readers and members of the Filipino Psychometricians Group who actively and passionately contributed to the discussion on their issues and concerns about PAP, Membership, License Renewal, CPD among others, we would like to officially transmit to you the collated issues and concerns that were raised in the said group. The post can be found here:

where we​ continue to solicit support from members as to their agreement to have this document transmitted to you and in particular their support to the  several recommendations which we would like PAP to consider and act upon.

Please be assured that the FB group continues to exists because it serves as a forum for exchange and resource information among Filipino Psychometricians. We want to be of help to our fellow RPm and future RPm. Also, it is our desire to continue to serve as critical partner of PAP (and as duly paid members and with Certificate of Good Standing, we are PAP ourselves) and its various Divisions in particular the Assessment Psychology Division.

We hope for your judicious and positive actions on our recommendations.


Tino Repaso
Filipino Psychometricians FB Group Moderator 

PAP ISSUES AND CONCERNS Raised by Registered Psychometricians (RPm) at Filipino Psychometricians Group

ISSUES AND CONCERNS  Raised by Registered Psychometricians (RPm) at Filipino Psychometrician Group 

1. On Membership

a. Late delivery of ID’s
  • “Nagbayad ako ng additional 150 pesos for delivery sa id last march 30, 2016 pero until now hindi parin nila dinedeliver. May refund po kaya? Tumawag narin ako sa kanila last november 2016 for update pero sinabi lang sa akin naging busy kasi sa convention nung september..”
  • “Hi! Same prob, but they told me na yung machine for the ID is broken”

b. Benefits
  • “Do they have benefits to offer for us? Enlighten me.”
  • “Need ba talaga magpa mem ang mg rpm? ano advantage kpg mem at ano disadvantage if otherwise..ty”
  • “This is in no way to attack the PAP but really about wanting to be informed. Where do the membership funds go? Is there any one of us here na may alam po? Please enlighten us all.”

c. Optional vs. Required
  • “Bakit pilit po na sinasabi na "optional" lang yung pagiging member sa PAP? Kasi one of my friends po who just passed the exam po last year and nakapag attend ng oath taking ganun daw po ang sabi nung mga nasa booth ng PAP kagaya po nung kami yung nag oath taking last 2014 tapos pag magrerenew bigla kang sisingilin ng penalty dahil di daw member.”
  • “ Hindi gobyerno ang pap para magrequire ng bayad sa lahat. Sabi sa prc optional ang membership.”
  • “Pero bakit po kasi sinasabi na "optional" kaya po tuloy nagkakaroon ng confusion. “
  • “ ‘Shall automatically become a member’ eh that's not the case. Sila mismo sinasabi nila na hindi required. Tapos ngayon we have to be the ones to pay for the penalty bec of the misinformation na sila naman ang may gawa”
  • Hence, during the Oath taking it was mentioned that PAP membership is optional. Why are there instances in which RPms are being charge of fees for the previous years that they were not PAP members. Likewise, do we have any written documentation on this which was made known to all concerned professionals? 

d. Fees/Penalties
  • “ I just think it's quite expensive given the number of RPm's and RPsy's now. Tapos yung ID papel lang sya kamukha nung pag nag aattend ka ng PAPJA conference. I think you have to pay another 150 para maging pvc type sya. And for us in the provinces, we also need to shoulder the shipping fee. I don't mean to compare but in the PGCA, membership only costs 500 and ang konti lang ng members ng PGCA. Pvc type na po yun. Mabilis pa ang processing. Madami rin po akong nakikitang activities na ginagawa ng organization.”
  • “Di ko pa binabayaran ung membership fee. Ang mahal eh. Di align sa kinikita ng isang RPm”
  • “aq nga di n aq nagrenew ng membership. di q rin nmn ngmit. tpos 5 months lng ung ittgal ng 1k mo”
  • “at bakit ako magbabayad? Ano ang kinalaman ng pagpasa sa board ang pagiging member?
  • “at kung hjndi sila profit bakit nirerequire na magbayad ng membership ang mga pumasa?”
  • “And then po with regards with the penalty, hindi po ba too much ang 1,200php knowing na yung ibang psychometricians po e minsan minimum lang ang salary. Nakakalungkot lang po and dishearten”
  • “dapat ireklamo ito! This is a monopoly of one association”
  • “bakit as compared to other professional organizations, di hamak na mahal ang membership fee sa PAP, pati po yung ID papel lang ikaw pa magpapalaminate. Sobrang tagal pa. E yun pong sa iba one day lang, pvc type pa at half the price.”
  • “Ang gastos maging RPm.”
  • “Sana PAP will also consider the situation of our fellow psychometricians na minsan minimun lang ang salary. Sobrang mahal na nga ng mga registration fees sa mga seminars, ang mahal pa ng penalty. Buong sweldo mo mapupunta lang sa penalty instead pang enroll na for MA.”
  • “Parang bawat galaw sa PAP ay pera. Hindi natin masyadong na enjoy ung pagiging RPM dahil stressed tayo pag renew ng license. Ano pa ang value nito kung stress lang mapapala natin?”
  • “Hindi lahat ng Rpm interested sumali ng PAP..ang mahal..ang me, i dont practice the profession..contractual employee ako sa Govt..hoping ma regular before mg expire prc Csc hindi neririnew..tayo din sana..since MAS MATAAS DAW ang prc”
  • “Okay lang naman actually magbayad kung ang outcome ng binabayad natin e nakikita talaga. Kaya lang ayun nga, ni yung website nila, hindi updated.”
  • “Proponent yta sila ng profit centered approach!”
  • Why is there a need to pay 4 years worth of membership fee when we took oath December of 2014 (pioneers)? I don't see the need for a membership fee for that year. Also, what are the perks of the P1000 membership fee? I think it's important that we are informed.
  • So ibig sabihin magiging registered member ka ng PAP in year 2014 pa lang, kasi pinapabayaran sayo e. Dapat ayun ang nakalagay sa date ng registration mo. So iuusog nila yung date na kung kelan ka registered, kasi babayaran mo yung per year e. Ganun ang pinapalabas nila, so dapat ganun din ang lumabas at mag reflect, so ang tanong tama ba yun? May linabag ba na rules? At ang tanong may rules ba? Sino ang gumawa? Baka yang rules na yang gawa gawa lang ng isang tao o miyembro na sila lang ang makikinabang? So ang point yung pag babayad di ba? Since ang hirap mag maintain ng license sana sa congress makarating na pataasin din yung sahod ng may liscense, siyempre idamay na din ang mga Psychometrician. 
  • Anong pros and cons ng member ka ng PAP at ang hindi mo pagiging member?
  • Malaki 'tong issue. Kasi pera yan. Pinag hihirapan yan, kitain.
  • Sa tingin ko ay may dapat baguhin sa pagpapa-member sa PAP or pag-renew ng license. Para kasing pahirap. Kaya nga nakapasa na at nag-oath para makapagpractice na. 
  • The good standing means payment of membership! If i pay does that mean i am at good standing in the profession? The logic is flawed!
  • Grabe mas magastos pa pala pumasa and may penalty pa pala kapag hindi umattend ng mga seminars
  • Annual ang membeship fee. And may penalty yung years na dika member habang registered psychmet/psychologist ka
  • I have a question regarding monetary concerns. Is it possible to lessen the amount of fees? i think it would alleviate many problems. there's nothing wrong with renewing the membership annually, or attending seminars for self development, even requiring us to attend conventions, what i think is the concern of most people, especially fresh graduates, is the financial aspect of the matter. so maybe, could we file a proposal of some sort about it?
  • Actually hindi lang fresh graduates ang may issue dito regarding the piled up membership fees. Pwede po ba na kung kailan nagpamember yung professional ay yun nalang yung annual fee na babayaran? Another thing, while yes compulsary po na mag attend kami ng convention, ang di pag attend po ba ay grounds for non-renewal? What if for example this year, bacolod siya pero im from angeles city tapos wala akong budget para makaatend? Thank you for this chance to voice out our concerns. 

2. On Communication/Information Dissemination

a. Slow response rate
  • “kailangan pa ng matinding pakiusapan para sa upda”tes thru email. Hay nako”
  • “di po ganun karesponsive ung PAP”
3. On Oathtaking

a. Disorganized Cebu 2016 Oath Taking
  • 500 PHP PER TICKET but not everyone, even the oath takers, were able to have a seat. The aisles were filled with oath takers trying to have a seat or glimpse of the stage. Others even had to sit outside the theater and waited until the oath proper before going in. THERE WAS A LACK OF PSYCHOMETRICIAN PINS. And there was not even complimentary snacks or lunch! It was a total rip-off! Hindi pa din kasama yung oath taking sa automatic membership. Kung hindi lang required yung oath taking sana hindi pa kami nagregister. Waste of 500 PHP”

4. On Conventions

a. Moved dates
“attend sana ko ng PAP na scheduled in September or Nov ba, sakto maraming seatsales nun si Cebu Pac! Eh a few days after lang na tumingin ako ng seatsales, aba change sched ng Convention. Ayun, di ko na ipupush hahaha”

b. Un-emailed certificates 
“My certificate last year in PAP Convention in Pampanga has not yet been emailed to me. I did not receive the email to answer the survey. I had emailed them twice but no reply”

5. On License Renewal – Certificate of Good Standing and CPD Points

a. Suspension of CPD points in other professions
“Sa nursing and accountancy board nga sinuspend muna nila yung cpd points so pwede pa magparenew kahit walang continuing education.”

b. Clarification of policies/requirements in obtaining CPD points
“Sana po maging clear na ang policies, kc pati regarding sa mga seminars and other requirements needed to obtain cpd iba ibang info ang lumalabas, pati grad school ngayon ko lang nalaman na pap accredited pa daw dwpat ang school para ma credit as cpd points.”

c. Lack of Seminars with CPD points
“Pahirapan maghanap ng seminars/workshops na accredited lalo na saming nasa province.”
“I hope the org will provide schedules of trainings that will help us RPms gain cpd points and learn...the least they can do for us, hirap at ang mahal maghanap ng seminars na may cpd pts.”

d. Necessity to attend PAP Covention
  • So kahit complete na po ung 45 cpd points namin bec we attend ung mga pap accredited seminar providers at magbayad ng almost 5k sa membership dues di pa rin kami makakapag renew this year bec we cannot attend a very costly pap conference in Bacolod.
  • Is attending a PAP Convention compulsory, or are we allowed to acquire CPD points from other CPD providers accredited by PAP? Will you also share with us the list of accredited Graduate schools for the benefit of those who are still taking their MAs.? (PS. I got my CGS for having 49.5 points, but I never attended a PAP Convention.--I hope I was granted a CGS fairly, accurately and not out of mistake) Thank you.
  • it was mentioned by one the guest speakers that attendance for PAP convention/s is required. May we know know how true is this? I can't recall an instance\written documentation\decent communication to all concerned professionals which made this a qualification for claiming a certificate of good standing from PAP.

e. Localized convention/events to earn CPD
  • Gawing regional ang convention para naman hindi gumagastos ng malaking halaga ang gustong makarinig, makita ang mga pagbabago, at mas mahasa pa ang skills larangan na pinili natin. Just saying.
  • "Mostly sa mga seminars are conducted in luzon. Paano ako mkkattnd na taga mindanao? Kailangan pa ng malaking pera magka cpd points ka lang..."
  • "True, last week may seminar sa Tagaytay and we were really amazed na may umattend from Visayas and Mindanao."
  • This can be solved thru distance learning options for the CPD which I am working on already. Regarding the lack of supervising psychologists, a different infrastructure is needed regarding how supervision can be done. Again, like with the doctors they are using telehealth as a way to supervise doctors to the barrios. This is something we are also studying and probably pilot in the future.
  • Please do consider psych people in rural or provinces and the rate of their job. Help us get CPD points accessible. And please do realize that our RPM license is useless if we don't have a supervising RPsy. So, for short we seemed to be USELESS. Revise the IRR
  • ... since PAP conventions are mostly held outside the metro and expenses can be beyond means. Come to think of the ticket fare (mostly by plane), hotel accommodation and the daily expenses not to mention that you still have to file leave. Let's be considerate especially to those fresh graduates, recently moved to a new company, working MA students, and to those with tight budget

f. Other CPD Matters

  • Honestly, buwan-buwan ko iniisip ko kung papapano ako makakapagrenew since na maging RPm ako. Tapos dumating pa ang CPD. Madami akong tanong sa sarili ko katulad ng "paano kaya ako makakapunta ng mga convention?" "San ako kukuha ng pambayad?". Swerte ko na makapunta sa mga seminars na P850 ang fee. Ang present na sistema na mayroon tayo ngayon ay nakakawala ng amor kung magpapractice pa ba ang isang RPm at nakakawala ng motivation sa pag-renew ng license. Ito rin ang feedback ng ibang licensed na RPm kahit na rin sa ibang sa ibang profession. Madaming nasasayang na papel. Kahit nga certificate ng seminar nadadaya.
  • They did not accept my certificate of grades, which I submitted after my first attempt (I immediately requested a copy once our grades were released).
  • Ang sabi sakin ng boss ko who's a RPsy, nakadepende din daw sa nag-review ng documents that you have sent PAP.
  • As of this month(july) kpag ngrenew k s prc, humihngi din cla ng seminar with 15cpd pts.
  • Would my masteral units be credited in the renewal of my license?
  • So PAP din pala mismo galing ang confusion. I renewed my license last February. Since lahat ng seminars na napuntahan ko is CPD naman, hindi ko rin nasubukan mag-apply for self-directed learning. Thank you for your enlightenment. 
  • … hindi siya umattend ng PAP Convention prior to renewal yet with complete 45 CPD points, nabigyan din naman ng CGS.
  • Last time, when I renewed my license, the evaluator didn't count the certificates that are not PAP accredited. You need to apply for self directed learning in PRC for the points to consider it.
  • In short, swerte swerte lang kung ma-consider or hindi.. Mabigyan ng CGS or hindi.. May CPD points o hindi.. Parang sila mismo hindi alam ang rules nila..
  • And paiba iba. Ang saklap kasi pinilit kong maka-attend nung PAP Convention last year para makarenew this year. Only to find out na may nakakuha ng CGS nang hindi umaattend ng kahit isang PAP Convention. So paibaiba.
  • Nakaka discourage na mag renew. 
  • Can PAP host a decent platform to personally answer these FAQs\clarifications without fees? I believe that this is a service deserved by all registered members. Not for anything else, but I remember when Sir Jason Go called for an FGD on how to acquire CPD points right after we passed the board. This is without a charge, and not even part of our review fee. It was an extra mile for him. The venue was conducive and there were even meals for all attendees. 

6. On lack of Job Opportunities for RPms
  • “Sa Psychometrician na parang wala naman masyadong opportunities pa masyado na sila agad mahigpit. Sa paghihigpit nila pati mga rules nila inconsistent ang enforcement. In my opinion, mas lalong mawawala ang mga psychometrician at hindi magpprogress ang profession kung ganito ang practice nila.”
  • “Ang pinaka use talaga ng license ko ngayon is as a valid ID and an eligibility to enter a gov't institution. Bilang ko lang sa isang kamay ko ang nag ooffer ng psychometrician-related job sa province namin and I believe the same goes to other provinces. Eh ang dami namin pumasa dito na RPm. Mas madami sa amin ang nag settle as guidance counselors sa schools kasi yun ang in demand.”
  • “This might be tangential, but one of the concerns raised here is the lack of job opportunities for psychometricians, which is being used as a ground to broker for consideration in the costs of fees the organization imposes perceived by a number of us as expensive. My mom who is a social worker shared to me that during her time, there were still no local posts for social workers. But the association and board of social workers aggressively campaigned that such posts be opened. Considering the need for the expertise of psychologists and psychometricians in many LGU functions, perhaps it is a high time for the PRB of Psychology and the PAP Board to work on the same direction. With such opportunities for psychologists and psychometricians, there will be more avenues to generate financial support for our financial obligations to the organization.”
  • “ I work in a government hospital, and I can't help but feel jealous of other professions who don't seem to struggle getting a job. I mean, pare pareho naman tayong may Bachelor's degree and board passers pero bakit the struggle is real sa ating mga psychometricians? Tapos the process for renewing our license is very costly because of all the requirements and the dues that we need to pay. I'm glad that I took the Prof Civil Service exam. Just in case I can't renew my RPm license meron pa din akong magagamit na eligibility.”
  • “At yun nga, yung common na problema natin, hindi naman natin halos nagamit ang license natin (except sa transactions na required ang valid ID. At syempre bragging purposes. Hahaha) kasi nga sobrang konti ng jobs na required ang RPm license. Hayy, kaya ngayon torn talaga ko kung irerenew ko pa tong license na to o magchange na lang ng career path at maging FORMER RPm na lang. Lol”
  • “We cannot deny na marami sa atin hindi pa nagagamit ung lisensya hanggang ngayon. Hindi naman tayo gaya ng mga lawyers na bawat signature pera katapat”
  • Bakit po wala pa ring sapat na job opportunities para sa mga RPm? Bakit po pinahihintulutan pa rin ang ibang tao na magbigay ng psych tests kahit hindi RPm kung meron nang batas?

7. On responsibilities/authority of RPm’s

  • “And one more thing, sana clearly defined ang importance and job responsibilities ng isang psychometrician para naman ramdam natin na we are equal with other professions. Madami kasi yung hindi pa din nila ma gets kung ano ba talaga gagawin natin.”
  • “Apat na taon kang nag aral tapos ilang buwan nagreview tapos halos wala ka man authority. Di rin compensated ng maayos. Kaya nga po kaming batch 2014 pioneers ayaw na magrenew”
8. On additional support from PAP

  • “Tapos (Di ako sigurado pero...) parang walang support ang PAP para sa profession natin, I mean, unlike sa nurses and teachers, wala tayong boses sa gobyerno. Kahit yung unethical usage and administration ng psych tests, parang wala silang regulation para maaddress tong issue na to.”

9. On involvement of PRC in PAP matters
  • “Does PRC regulate PAP? Coz if so, then maybe, PRC should get in the picture. After all, it's the government agency that looks after the licenses for professionals. If PAP has weak systems, and members feel that their concerns are shrugged off, can't PRC do something about it? Just my thoughts. Paging #PRC”

10. Elitist School representations
  • If they really want it to be "PHILIPPINE PSYCHOLOGY", please lang huwag na lang po palaging yung big schools ang nabibigyan agad ng focus. Sana magkaroon ng regional chapters ang PAP.
  • … at school pangmayaman pa ung nabibigyan ng focus...

11. PTR, test validation
  • makapag-comment, sana include ng PAP ang test validation as a source of CPD points, para hindi laging palabas ang pera ng isang RPm para maka-earn ng CPD points. in a way, sa pag-validate ng isang instrument, pwede syang kumita o kaya dagdag funds para maka-attend ng seminar. mababawasan na siguro ang nagtatanong kung ano ang gamit ng license nila.

12. Clarifications, Various other concerns (Clustered)
a. Not a rant – lack of information dissemination
  • Thanks for the reply Ms.Trina. I didn't mean to create such an issue out of this and i hope it didn't sound like a rant, coz it isn't.  I actually did not expect that the response would be this much. Akala ko kasi isolated case lang yung samn nung friend ko and kami lang ang misinformed so I just wanted to seek the advise of others. But apparently, given the sentiments of the majority of RPms who saw this post, I really do think that the information dissemination was not enough. We appreciate the Org's efforts because I understand how difficult it is to organize CPD-worthy annual conventions and workshops much more be given the responsibility to regulate and promote the profession as it's APO. I really hope that this issue be addressed properly because, in the end, we are the ones who will benefit from it. Thank you for your time and God bless you!
  • Siguro ito din hinaing ng nakararami wala lang makitang paraan para maihayag ang saloobin  (ed – to post on the FB Group).
  • Sa nursing and accountancy board nga sinuspend muna nila yung cpd points so pwede pa magparenew kahit walang continuing education. Sa Psychometrician na parang wala naman masyadong opportunities pa masyado na sila agad mahigpit. Sa paghihigpit nila pati mga rules nila inconsistent ang enforcement. In my opinion, mas lalong mawawala ang mga psychometrician at hindi magpprogress ang profession kung ganito ang practice nila.
  1. Is it Required or mandatory to be a part of PAP or any national or local organization as a part of renewal of license? 
  2. How much if there are penalties to the those who are licensed, who forgot or didn’t join to organizations by any means? 
  3. What are the benefits of the being a member. 
  4. How much CPD point do we need to earn? 
  5. What are the ways to earn CPD aside from attending seminars? 
  6. If I earn the required CPD points, in just one (1) year in a total of three (3) years span of my licenses. Is it okay? 
  7. If I exceed the required CPD points, can I still use the excess as a part of the future earnings. 
  8. Do I need to attend the PAP convention? If yes is it mandatory or optional? 
  9. What If I didn’t renew my licenses, am I still entitled as RPsy or RPm?
  10. If I didn’t renew my Licenses for longer than the 3 years given by laws, Is it possible to renew it again. 
  11. How to pay the annual Membership fees. Do I need to go to PAP office, online or pay it through bank? 
  12. Aside from being a member of PAP, how can we help of being proactive to the organizations aside from attending the seminars? 
  13. I’m already a member of PAP, what If I didn’t earn any CPD points. Can I still renew my license? 
  14. I didn’t earn enough required CPD points to renew my license. I’m practicing my profession. Is there any considerations or grounds for renewal of licenses. 
  15. What is the validity of the membership 1 year or 6 months? 
  16. Is there any seminars or workshops that we can attend locally to our areas? I lived in the province and most seminars are in manila or NCR region; or vice versa.
  17. How much is the average cost of a seminar and how many points can I get from it. 
  18. Where do our fees for the membership go (just curious) ? 
  19. What are the common requirements for the membership.

  • Note that our field is not in the list of high paying profession. Also, not all industries require psychometricians, thus not all board passers have the opportunity to get into practice or even get a job immediately. Consider too that when attending such conventions, the additional expenses are difficult to shell out. So when I say that these concerns are addressed, we'd like for PAP to relax its policies and be more attuned to its members' plight.
  • My concerns are the ff:
  1. I took the boards and got my license in 2014 (around december na), I applied for membership at PAP starting 2015. Do I have to pay for membership dues for 2014 before akong makakuha ng CGS? If yes, would like to ask lang po what is the rationale behind paying for the membership dues kung nung mga panahanon na un eh wala pa kong lisensya?
  2. The membership due in 2014 I think is 1000.00 only, why would I pay 1200.00 for it if ever? (If this is because of the penalty eh bakit po di na lang sinabi nung oath taking pa lang na required magbayad?)
  3. Honestly kahit sobrang pricey handa akong umattend ng convention kasi may mga natututunan akong bago tapos may mga nakakasalamuha akong mga iba ibang professional (I like to think of it as an investment). Ang concern ko po dito eh, gaano po ninyo kami ma-a-assure that the environment (venue) for the convention is conducive enough para matuto kami? I always register in advance (early bird) pero sa last convention (Fontana) isa ako sa naubusan ng pagkain, nawalan ng upuan at di makapasok sa isang session kasi wala ng space dahil sa sobrang daming walk in na tinanggap. What is our assurance po that when we pay eh masusulit namin ang binayad namin?

  • Ito po ung concerns ko: 
  1. Tayo lang po ba na mga RPm and RPsy and nirerequired ng PRC na magpresent ng CGS during renewal ng License? Ung mga kaibigan kong Doctors and nurses na nakatrabaho eh hindi na hiningian ng CGS. Nakapagparenew agad. 
  2. As far as I can remember,during oath taking namin, sinabihan kami na optional naman po ang magpa member sa PAP. Bat po ngaun kailangan namin magpamember at kailangan din bayaran ung previous years na hindi pa kami member? Gaya din po ng sabi ni Sir Tino, babayaran namin ung retroactive years pero sana makuha din namin ung retroactive benefits nito :) 
  3. Member na ako ng PAP last year,October 2016, and bayad na rin ung fee for delivery ng ID, pero hanggang ngaun po wala pa sa akin ung ID ko. Any updates po. 
  4. Regarding po duon sa inilabas na CPD Matrix ng PRC,parang mas nakagulo un. Dahil after ilang days or week after eh naglabas ng statement ang PAP na hindi daw sila aware sa inilabas na matrix ng PRC. Eh? Walang proper consultation sa kada Board of Profession? 
  5. Sana mas maging affordable ung mga conventions. Hindi naman din kami namumulot ng pera :D Mas kawawa ung mga nasa provinces,doble doble gastos nila dahil common na nasa Manila ung venue ng mga Seminars/Workshops na may CPD.
  6. And sana maging 3 years na rin ung validity ng PAP Membership namin, gaya ng sa PRC.
  • I think the best way to address those questions is to REVIEW the constitutional and bylaws of the Organization. For ammendments and ratification of suggestions. Hindi naman kasi nakalagay sa CBL nila kung mandatory member na yung may mga lisensya, yung annual due walang EXACT amount Indicated, They mentioned ETHICS pero walang ethics included, tapos yung benifits ng pagiging PAP member.
  • so mali po pala yung sinabi sa amin ni Dr. Villar last week? Nag-attend po kasi kami ng seminar and she was there. I personally asked her this during the open forum and that was her answer. Another speaker who was affiliated in the PAP also confirmed the penalty fees.
  • sinasabi na in transition yung ating profession pero yung mga requirements for renewal katakot-takot na agad di pa nga masyado naiinform lahat especially sa mga pagbabago
  • Ugh, no talaga eh. Kasi if that would be their reason, it would be unfair for us who opted not to be a member yet because: 1. no funds for membership plus conventions; 2. Unfortunately, not practicing their license. So why would it be unfair for those who are members already and paying their annual fees e sakanila namang membership 'yun, not ours? I believe they get something that we don't as non-members, of course. We don't get their perks, if there are any, for paying their annual fees. Ma-ge-gets ko na unfair kung meron kaming na-aattendan na free seminars conducted by PAP eh, na ang fund e galing sa mga members who pay their annual fees, pero wala, so why would be asked to pay for the reason of fairness? Parang, why would I pay for those "lost" years na hindi ako member, e wala naman ako makukuha out of it. 
  • If yearly, di ba dapat sa current year ang bayad? Why retroactive? Why excluded sa CPD units percentage pero agad agad na application ng certificate of good standing? Where there any seminars or explanation given? As far as I can remember, nag walk out ang person in charge ng program nung 2015, so how would psychometricians be aware if thats what happened and "OPTIONAL" ang membership by then? How do you ensure that regulations are coordinated well enough throughout the population? Did you conduct any orientation to these sudden changes at most emphasis to the monetary concerns.

  1. For  PAP to make categorical statement that membership is a must not optional now that it is the designated AIPO of the PRC Board of Psychology.
  2. For PAP to provide  information/primer re membership primer and responsibilities of members (voting rights, access to finance reports, schedule of activities). Have the info also in the form of webinars/online video – accessible to those in the regions.  
  3. For PAP to clarify the purpose of Certificate of Good standing and CPD Points and License renewal of members.
  4. For PAP to clarify confusion re penalty, retroactive membership fee and membership fee in general. And to reconsider membership and lower to 500 pesos.
  5. For PAP to reconsider nomination to PAP board  that  newly licensed RPm should have equal chance of being represented to the PAP Board
  6. For PAP to activate regional groups/chapters and where members could avail CPD points.
  7. For PAP to more responsive and maximize its online presence through  email and  social media.
  8. For PAP to consider a availing OJT/practicum students to help in the secretariat work.
  9. For PAP to invest in IT infrastructure to keep up on its database and filing of documents of members. 
  10. For PAP’s Assessment Division to regularly hold forum/Q&A with new members.

Please provide additional recommendations in the comment section should you want to add some more. Our gratitude to the team who made the clustering possible. And to everyone who participated and engaged in the discussion. We will email this officially to PAP. So we want to know your additional feedback. 

(late comments can be found from the link above)

Saturday, July 8, 2017

License Renewal of a Pioneer RPm

For several days, there were passionate and earnest comments exchanged and posted at the Filipino Psychometrician Group on Facebook. The  contentious issues were about membership to Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP), license renewal and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

With all the issues and concerns raised, several readers and followers of the FB Group volunteered to consolidate  them and will be transmitted to the PAP. It is hoped that PAP will seriously look into those issues and addressed them.

Despite all those exchanges, I have been accumulating CPD points in the past and preparing to renew my license that will expire this year since I belong to the Pioneer RPm Batch of 2014 (those who took the first board licensure exam for Psychometricians).  I have signed up for PAP Membership early on, attended several PAP activities (CPE points were given then ) and attended last year's  PAP convention held in Pampanga (2016). 

Complying with the requirements for license renewal, I put together my certificates of attendance/participation (training, seminars, conventions) in a clear book including my Certificate of Grades from the graduate school. I emailed PAP at ( to ask for the LICENSURE RENEWAL FORM and GUIDELINES FOR RENEWAL. You can also download it here - check PAP first if you can use it  (tweaked the form a bit by working on its lay-out).

All my documents ready and the form filled out with my cover letter, I visited PAP Office and applied for a Certificate of Good Standing.  The content of my clear folder was reviewed by PAP staff, paid my membership dues for 2018 and received the coveted Certificate of Good Standing. PAP is the accredited professional organization recognized by the Psychology Board of PRC. The Certificate of Good Standing is a requirement when applying for license renewal - it entails obtaining 45 CPD points and active membership with PAP.

Next, I logged-in to my PRC online profile at ( you need to create one or register if you do not have one yet) to apply for my license renewal.

Once signed in you will see your online profile like below. Click the Select Transaction to get to next step.

Then you will be provided with these menus, since it is license renewal that I am transacting so I clicked the renewal button, there's a drop down button for Profession, choose Psychometrician from the list and then input your license number. Click Proceed.

This page will open up once you press the PROCEED button.
1) Select an office - I chose - PRC Central Office (there are other offices/mall  like Robinsons to chose).
2) Choose a date from the calendar AM or PM on a weekday.
3) Select mode of payment - I chose Bayad Center and charged me PhP 520.00 not PhP450.00 as shown below.

This page will appear with the reference number, show it when paying to Bayad Center.

Once you have paid the amount, sign in again to PRC online - click SELECT TRANSACTION and you will be shown this page - informing you of the payment made. Then click the Print Claiming Stub to get your claim stub that you need to bring to PRC.

Bring the ID Claim slip below to PRC together with your Certification of Good Standing from PAP and Proceed to Window 20 at PRC Ground Floor - License Renewal.

Also, they might ask you to provide a newer ID picture so bring a new one to spare yourself from the hassle of having your photo taken at the PRC and losing your line. The photo will be scanned to replace the  previous photo in your license. 

You will be asked to wait for your name to be called. Once called, show your old license and then you will be asked to write your signature in the electronic signature pad, then issued your new PVC ID or license good for another 3 years... so start accumulating those CPD points again.... good luck!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Online Psychology Practice Quizzes

Kaplan Test - Learning Pod 
(just click the start practice button to go to the quiz )

Research Methods 

Abnormal Behavior

Testing and Individual Differences


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