Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor
by Ironsaint21, RPm

For five long straight days before the licensure examinations, my co-reviewees and I decided to have a group review and stayed together almost every night for it. Brought together by one single dream we slept, ate, went to different churches and trained together all for one final goal to pass the first ever Philippine Psychometrician licensure board examination. It’s like a new family for each and every one of us, for as psyche practitioners we we’re able to understand and know each other very well even for a short period of time. 

I can say that it was a very productive group review, since we were able to discuss and understand different theories, concepts, rules, and terminologies about the different areas of psychology. We were also able to share our review materials with one another and reconcile some inconsistencies from different resources. Since they knew that I’m already having my graduate studies for Industrial Psychology they asked me to supervise every review sessions we’ve had, and even though I’m not willing to, I was obliged to. Every day since we’ve started our group review sessions, aside from working as an HR assistant, studying for my master’s degree and reviewing for the boards, I’m also preparing different materials for our group review every night. Even though I was not able to give my 100% due to some extraneous variables, I can say that we were able to meet each other’s expectations, and needs. Honestly I learned a lot more from them, than as I think they learned from me. I’m confident that all of us will pass this test. That’s why when the result unfolds, even though I was able to identify myself as one of the board passers, I can’t calm myself from looking over and over for their names. I even downloaded the list from two different sources and search for their names again; however, no matter how hard I press the search button for their names, no one appeared.

I can’t decide or plan on how I should rejoice for my victory, when my comrades who trusted me to prepare them for this battle fell one by one. I can’t even smile, for I can see devastation from their faces. What distresses me most was their initial decision not to take the boards again. I was so devastated, kept on asking myself what went wrong during our group reviews. Maybe I was not able to share enough and equip them with enough ammunition to survive the battle. For that night, I kept on blaming and asking myself for their failure. They were bright and intelligent individuals, maybe more than the man I am, but how come they were not able to make it.

After a couple of days, I was able to talk to them and I was shocked about their messages. It’s like they were resurrected; full of energy, fighting spirit and motivation. And then a smile appeared onto my face when I’ve heard that finally they’ve decided to take the boards again. I’ve realize that they were real warriors who won’t give up for their dreams, they may fall once, twice but they know how to stand up for their dreams, face the challenge and reach for their goals once again.

“To God be the Glory.”

(Note: The author tells his dilemma of passing alone, he will not be celebrating with his co-reviewees the victory that they all prepared to achieve. Like war the board exam is a battle there are victors and casualties of war. But then he is hopeful that his co-warriors will regain and win the battle in the future.) 

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