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BLEPP 2018

(Most probably result will also be out like last year by Nov 7, 2018)
We are keeping the sched last year for comparison,

BLEPP 2017

Online Processing Application - July 28, 2017
Deadline of Filing of Application - Sept 29, 2017
Room assignment Out - 2 weeks before exam for Manila 
(visit PRC Office in Regional venues by October)
Date of Exam - Oct 29 and 30, 2017
Result Out - Nov 7, 2017

Madalas na Tanong 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What is BLEPP? 
The Board Licensure Examination for Psychologists and Psychometricians (BLEPP) is the official name of the board or licensure exam for Filipino Psychologists and Psychometricians that is administered by the Professional Regulation Commission through the Professional Regulatory Board of Psychology (PRBP) by virtue of RA 10029 or the Philippine Psychology Act of 2009. Read more about the law here -

2) What is  Professional Regulation Commission? 
The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is responsible for the administration, implementation and enforcement of regulatory policies on the regulation and licensing of various professions and occupations under its jurisdiction. It is the instrument of the Filipino people in securing for the nation a reliable, trustworthy, and progressive system of developing professionals whose personal integrity and spiritual values are solid and respected, whose competencies are globally competitive, and whose commitment to serve the Filipino nation and the whole community is strong and steadfast.

3) Why do we need to take the board exam? 
In line with the implementation of RA 10029 or Philippine Psychology Act of 2009, practice of Psychometrician and Psychology are now regulated professions in the country. Psychology undergraduates/graduates who passed the board exam (BLEPP) will be given license to practice their profession as Psychometrician or Psychologist. A license is leverage for new graduates in their job application or an eligibility for promotion or career advancement for those who are currently employed.

4) Who should take the board exam?
The following are the qualifications for those who will be allowed to apply for the board exam:

(a) Is a Filipino citizen, a permanent resident or a citizen of a foreign state/country which extends reciprocity to the Philippines relative to the practice of the profession; 

(b) Holds at least a bachelor's degree (note: course/graduates of AB, BS, MA, MS in Psychology/other title for as long as you have taken the 4 subjects or its equivalent to be taken up in the licensure exam) in psychology conferred by a university, college or school in the Philippines or abroad recognized/accredited by the CHED and has obtained sufficient credits for the subjects covered in the examinations; 

(c) Is of good moral character; and 

(d) Has not been convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude. 

5) What will be the coverage of the board exam?
As mandated in RA 10029 the board exam for Psychometrician will cover:
- Industrial Psychology, 
- Psychological Assessment, 
- Abnormal Psychology and 
- Theories of Personality. 

The Tables of Specifications (TOS) provide particular general description of topics that will be covered by the board exam including the number of items and its corresponding percentages. (Note as of posting - May 2016 the TOS was not yet changed, so the TOS issued since 2014 remains applicable to date.)

5.1) What will be the format of the exam?
The exam will be in a 4-item multiple choice (no essay, enumeration, fill in the blanks, true or false).

Other related links:  (CHED Course Specifications for Psychology Program - provides the course description and  the coverage or course topics.)

For an update refer to this - 2017 Policies and Standards for Undergraduate Programs in Psychology

6. What is outcome-based assessment?

Dr. Imelda Virgina G. Villar, Board Member of the Board of Psychology of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in her presentation at the Orientation for the Psychology Licensure Exam held on 18 June 2014, she informed a full packed PSSC Auditorium that Psychology will be the first profession to offer Outcome-based Board Exam in the Philippines. Aside from the Board Licensure Examination for Psychologists and Psychometricians (BLEPP) being implemented this coming October for the first time is another milestone in the history of Psychology in the Philippines.
(A strategy for answering multiple choice)

7. What are the required/prescribed  textbooks? 

Wala pong prescribed na textbook/s for the licensure board exam  (like in any board exams) since each school uses different textbooks. Up until now wala pa rin pong Industrial Psychology textbook na authored ng isang Filipino Psychologist widely available sa mga bookstores and used as textbook in the Philippines - correct us if we are wrong.

8)  How to apply?
First step is to visit PRC's website and go to PRC Online Application System, fill out your information. Pay the amount, log in again to the PRC website to check your confirmed schedule. Then proceed to PRC Application Division/designated Mall (Robinsons)  and file all the necessary requirements.

8.1 What is Certificate of Equivalency?

From the Chairperson of the PRC Board of Psychology, Dr. Cue; "Some subjects do not need any certificate of equivalency anymore, like Psychological Testing for Psychological Assessment; Psychopathology for Abnormal Psychology, etc. But for subjects not in the list, you have to seek equivalency from CHED. The Certificate of  Equivalency is asked only if and when: 

a) you finished your degree abroad 
b) when finished a degree in Psychology by some other name and 
c) when you took a professional subject in the board by some other name that is not obviously equivalent to the board subject under consideration." 

8.2 What is CAV?

In the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of RA 10029 or the Psychology Act of 2009,  applicants whose TOR does not have an SO this rule applies found in: Sec. 13-A Documentary Requirements to the Licensure Examination of Psychometricians, c. Original and photocopy of transcript of records (with scanned picture) indicating the Special Order (S.O.) number, and where school is exempted from the issuance of an S.O. a Certificate of Authentication and Validation (CAV) from CHED.

8.3 How much to pay?

Application fee at PRC is PhP 900.00 other incidental fees include - notary fee, documentary stamps, passport size photos, and fees for the application of CAV or Certificate of Equivalency for others which PRC will require. (Note - check PRC for updated rates/fees for 2016.)

8.4 Do you have samples of Certificate of Good Moral Character?

Yes. Check these links:

9. Do you have some information or baseline data about this board exam?

Yes we conducted a survey and we were able to established some basic information about this board exam like, more women are taking the board exam and their age ranges from 21-26, belonging to the fresh graduates and recently employed (up to 3 years). Most of those who will be taking the exam are doing self-review and among review centers identified by respondents, SPARK Psychology Review Center got the most numbers. 

10. How can I get updated?

Link has been deactivated. Just continue checking our FB page and this blog for updates. 

11. Do you have a list of review centers?

Please note that we are not a review center but an online resource about the BLEPP. Yes, we have posted a partial listings of review centers. Since we are doing self-review, we are not familiar with their review approach and style,  please contact and coordinate with them directly. 

12. Do you have reviewer

Meron po. This blog and our FB fan page serves as our online reviewer.
(pre-TOS online quiz, use mabuhay for password. The payment for the subscription was not renewed so anytime soon it will be removed online.)

13.) I could not find my name (not included) in the roster of examinees with room assignment, what should I do?

Note that room assignments are announced/posted online a week/days before the exam. Visit the nearest PRC office where you filed your application for examination and check  the PRC bulletin board for your name. Sometimes there would be problem in encoding and other technical glitches so be sure to visit PRC if you have some concern or problem. 


FAQ for #BLEPP2016

1) When is date of 2016 BLEPP? Can I apply now?  
Examination date will be on  August 30-31, 2016. The online application to register and make your profile at Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is now available. However, the filing to apply for application is not yet live as of posting (May 19, 2016). Usually the online filing for application for exam get's live/available a month before the exam. Note that PRC is also handling other professional exams calendared throughout the year - so wait for your turn, meanwhile study and review well. Be sure that you have all your documents ready.

Check these links:

PRC Online Application for Examination (creation of online account)

2016 PRC Calendar of Exams

2) When is the deadline of application?
Deadline of application is 10 August 2016

3) Where will be the venues?
Luzon - Baguio, Manila, Lucena, Legaspi 
Visayas - Cebu, Iloilo, 
Mindanao - Cagayan de Oro, Davao,  

4) I failed the last time I took the BLEPP can I take again? How many times can I retake?
Yes you can. You can retake/repeat taking the exam until you pass it unlimited - but try to pass the 2nd or 3rd time. For requirements - the same requirements applies when you first took the licensure exam - be sure that your documents are at least 6 months valid when filing and submitting them at PRC. Cedula or residence tax certificate is valid for the year of application. NBI is valid for at least   
6 months. Make your documents up-to-date.

5) What is the passing rate?
In section 18 of RA 10029. "Ratings in the Examination. - To be qualified as having passed the licensure examination for psychologists and psychometricians, a candidate must have obtained a weighted general average of at least seventy-five percent (75%) for all subjects, with no grade lower than sixty percent (60%) in any given subject. So, to be safe you must have a score of 75% or better for all subjects." Many of test takers are failing their Psychological Testing which is equivalent to 40%,  so even if you get a high score in the three other subjects but below 60% in Psychological Testing then the rest of your high scores will be pulled down and so tendency of failing the licensure exam. So the safest is to at least get 75% in all the subjects and not lower.  

6) What is conditional pass?
In Section 18 of RA 11029 "An examine who obtains a weighted general average of seventy-five percent (75%) or higher but obtains a rating below sixty percent (60%) in any given subject may retake such subjects within the next two (2) years, and upon obtaining a rating of at least seventy-five percent (75%) in each such subject, shall then be deemed to have passed the licensure examination." 

A case scenario would be an examinee who scored high on all three subjects but got 58% or 59% in one subject often Psychological Assessment, even if the examinee is high on the three subjects (say 85-90%  in all 3 subjects) thus earning a passing mark but failed or low in one of the subjects then the examinee's case  will be conditional. So s/he can retake again  (and should pass) only the subject s/he failed.

Examples of Conditional

A) Example No. 1

59 - Psych Assessment - Conditional and can retake only this subject
85 - TOP
86 - Industrial Psych
86 - Abnormal Psych
75% GWA

B) Example No. 2
76 - Psych Assessment
59 - Abnormal Psych - Conditional and can retake only this subject
82 - Industrial Psych
83 - TOP
75.20% GWA

The word "Conditional" would appear at the bottom/remarks of the GWA that you get from the exam. 

This score may not have 75% passing rate in 2 subjects (72 and 73) but definitely above 60% and was able to get 75.60% since  the scores in Abnormal Psych and Industrial Psych are both high, pulling those scores below 75%.

Another way to check/verify also if you get a conditional status is  by way of checking your school performance - there's a column for conditional (COND). If your school does not have the number or zero (0) appears on the column then your score is not conditional. So even if you pass 2 or 3 subjects but your General Average is below 75% and got the remarked Failed - they you have to retake the licensure exam.

7) I did not show up during the examination day for some unforeseen reason, am I considered a repeater?
Yes since you have been counted as an examinee for that particular day. So your application will be as a repeater since you already have your documents filed with PRC. 

8) Any suggestion on how I should prepare for BLEPP?
Check the image below. If you have other questions and concerns try to use the search button of our blog and typed in keywords of your query. You may also leave your comments and also check our FB page or send us private message (PM) here -

9) Will there be another exam after the August 2016 BLEPP?
None. As in the past (since 2014) the exam is only offered once a year. You may check PRC exam schedules here -

10) When is the date of the oath taking?
The PRC and Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) will announce the date of the oath taking depending on their most convenient time and preparation (could be a month or two/three after the result of the exam is released). So just wait for the release of the result and announcement of oath taking date, pray and visualize that you will be part of the oath taking.

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