Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sample of Certificates of Good Moral Character, NBI and other requirements

Sample of a Barangay Certificate of Good Moral Character

As a follow up to the never ending query about the certificate of good moral character, above and below are photos of samples from  barangay, school, and work.

You will notice that we attached a documentary stamp since there's an email (from PRC) to one of our likers that she is being asked to affix documentary stamp on her certified true copy of good moral character she submitted as part of the requirements to PRC.

Additional notes:

1) Dry seal is not notary. The good moral character should be notarized by a notary public. The Barangay Certificate of Good Moral  Character above also contains a dry seal of the barangay. 

2) Barangay clearance is different from Certificate of Good Moral Character. Barangay clearance is totally different from that of an NBI clearance. (update as of 01 September 2014 - for as long as the phrase  "of good moral character" is in the Barangay Clearance then it can served as your Certificate of Good Moral Character. PRC is particular on that particular phrase even for those from school, work or church.)

3) Secure three (3)  different Certificates of Good Moral Character from at least four different sources - school, work, church and barangay.

4) Documentary stamp - it seems PRC is now requiring that these Certificates of Good Moral Character should also contain documentary stamps. You can get these documentary stamps from PRC (a bit more expensive), city/municipal hall,  barangay hall, and the post office. But check first with PRC if  it is necessary. Just the same, be ready in case you will be required to put those stamps on the certificates.

5) (Additional Update as of 01 September 2014)

What are you going to submit to PRC? Original copies or it can be certified true copy of your Certificates of Good Moral Character. 
The only documents that will contain documentary stamps are the Certificates of Good Moral Character and the application form. So total of four (4) documentary stamps will be needed. 

Some notary public could also make a certified true copy (considered also as original copy). Like in some school they would issue a half page certificate of good moral character and since it is short - there's no space to notarize it. 

Notary public will ask you to have it photocopied and will make it a certified true copy. Otherwise if it is in a regular bond paper then you can have your original copies notarized. Notarized documents are usually in triplicates (3 copies) - one copy is filed and kept by the notary, and you can have two copies (whether all originals or one original and the other photocopy).

So all the three certificates of good moral character whether original copies or certified true copies when submitting to PRC -   should have one documentary stamp each and one for the application form for the licensure exam.

Bring all your original documents and photocopy them for verification and submission purposes.

Sample of a School Certificate of Good Moral Character

Sample of a Work  Certificate of Good Moral Character

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Update - 12 April 2015 - Re: NBI

It is now much easier to apply for NBI, compare the process before and the current shown in the image below.  Once you have filled the data needed, be sure to select Local - PRC Requirement in the drop-down menu as shown in the next image

Visit http://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/  to apply for your NBI.

(Front/landing page)

(Page to select schedule, purpose/detail, and mode of payment.)

(Note - this infographics on the application process was made in 2014, be sure to check PRC Main and its regional offices for the updated process.)

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