Friday, July 4, 2014

Infographics Step-by-Step Application for Psychometrician Licensure Exam at PRC Manila

Infographics to get a NOA

PRC Flowchart

 Flowchart in applying for Licensure Exam

This is an infographics of the application experiences shared to us by two of our blog readers and FB likers here and here:

1) Secure all requirements

2) Proceed to 3rd Floor PRC Building (purchase first a documentary stamp for step 8)

3) Submit Photo for scanning

4) Submit documents for assessment of requirements, you will be given the Permanent Examination Card and Registration Record Card fill it out while waiting for your name to be called.

5) Pay  documentary stamp (PhP63.00)/ you can purchase ahead from post office and other government offices/city/provincial halls, etc. worth 25 pesos only)

6) When called you will be given form your application form together with the rest of your submitted requirements.

7) Pay application fee (PhP 900.00) to the cashier.

8) Place documentary stamp on the application form and  right thumbmark on both forms (application form and the permanent examination card and registration record card).

9) Submit to the NOA counter and you will receive your NOA (Notice of Admission) form to bring home.

3/F PRC Application Division

Notice of Admission
Passport foto with nametag - Surname, First, Middle name (MI)


For those in Manila, to be first at the queue - you have to be at NBI UN/Taft at 4AM, as suggested by Riyan. The line is several meters long already by then. Everyone will be asked to enter the gate by 4:30 AM and stay first at the holding areas, walk-in, online, men and women segregated. But if you have an online application then you will not have to join the long queue and will proceed directly for payment and then the biometrics (foto and finger prints). Then wait for printing. It can take just 30 minutes provided you go early at 4AM, but NBI only start accepting payment at 6AM. 

Cheaper Notary Services

If you are looking for a cheaper notary services then by all means visit Mr. Numer C. Posecion. I learned that most of his customers would travel from PRC to Ermita to avail his services. He only charge 50.00 pesos per single document (e.g. good moral character) unlike notary services at PRC they charge 150.00 per single document.

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