Monday, April 14, 2014

Just submitted my online application for the Psychometrician Licensure Exam

Below is the screen capture/photo of my online application form for the Psychometrician Licensure Exam set for October 28 and 29. The online application is now live - ONLINE!

Be sure to have your cedula - community tax certificate before applying and filling up the online form.

You may also want to check link below for the step-by-step online application.

Next step will be - submitting the requirements at the PRC. But I need to satisfy first the requirements below.

SEC.13. Qualifications of Applicants to the Licensure Examination of
Psychometricians. Any  person may apply to take the examinations as a psychometrician after
furnishing evidence satisfactory to the Board that the applicant:
(a) Is a Filipino citizen, or a permanent resident or a citizen ot a foreign state/country which
extends reciprocity to the Philippines relative to the practice of the profession;
(b) Holds al least a bachelors degree in psychology conferred by a university, college or
school in the Philippines or abroad recognized/ accredited by the CHED and has obtained
sufficient credits for the subjects covered in the examination,
(c) Is of good moral character; and
(d) Has not been convicted by final judgment of an offense involving moral turpitude.
SEC.13­A. Documentary Requirements to the Licensure Examination of Psychometricians. All applications shall be filled in the Application Division of the Commission and the qualified examinees shall be issued with notices of admission to take such examination upon submission of the following documents.
(a) Original and photocopy of Certificate of Live Birth in NSO security paper in case of
Filipino citizen; or in case of a foreign citizen, a copy of the law of the state or country which
permits Filipino Psychometrician to practice on the same basis as its subject or citizens, duly
authenticated by the Philippine embassy or consulate therein;
(b) Marriage Contract in NSO security paper for married female applicants;
(c) Original and photocopy of transcript of records (with scanned picture) indicating the
Special Order (S.O.) number; and Where School is exempted from the issuance of an SO., a
Certificate of Authentication and Validation (CAV) from the CHED;
(d) Original and photocopy of valid NBI Clearance;
(e) Three (3) certificates of good moral Character, preferably from school, employer,
Church, barangay captain, duly sighed by the issuing authority and duly notarized under oath;
(f) Two (2) colored passport size pictures with white background and complete name tag;
(g) Community Tax Certificate.