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Checklist of Requirements for Psychometrician Licensure Exam

Updated - September 2, 2014

FAQ - Which document should have a documentary stamp? How many documentary stamps are needed? Where to get and how much?

Answer: Documentary stamp should be affixed to your 3 Certificates of Good Moral Character. Original copies will be submitted. But in case your are submitting a certified true copy of your Certificate of Good Moral Character (in the case of a half page school issued certificate - not printed on a bond paper so it can't contain the notary), it will serve as as original copy and can be submitted to PRC - still the original (ex. of the 1/2 page school certificate) should be shown and submitted to PRC together with the other certificates - notarized and with documentary stamp.

You will need 4 documentary stamps - 3 for the certificate and 1 for the application form. Depending on the place where you purchase the documentary stamp, it could be in the office of barangay captain, post office, or PRC, prices varies (it costs 35 pesos from vendors at PRC).

Updated - August 19, 2014

FAQ - Is Barangay Clearance same with the Certificate of Good Moral character?

Answer - Per PRC, for as long as the word "of good moral character" appears in the Barangay Clearance then the clearance can serve as an equivalent of the Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Barangay.

Comment from our FB

Chin Bona Hi Sir! Just want to share my experience since I went to PRC yesterday. The PRC didn't accept my Good Moral Character from my School since there was no good moral key words stated on the content. The school has a different format and content which states that I was not involved in any disciplinary act but the PRC didn't accept it. I don't know what to do because when I asked the Registrar of my school, they said that they won't change the content of the good moral that has given to me since they have their own format and that it can't be changed.

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So always try to follow to the letters those that are being required by PRC otherwise you will keep going back complying their requirements.

Updated - August 2, 2014

Re certificates if you are not yet employed then get fromschool, church and your barangay (one certificate each).

With the PRC email that was sent to all those who already got their NOA, and with calls and email received from PRC that clarified the matter please be guided of this new and updated set of requirements, especially for the benefit of those who are yet to submit their application:

1) On the Certificates of Good Moral Character:

a) 3 Certificates each from school, work, barangay or church, most of the time these certificates contain a dry seal or printed in a special paper or letterhead of issuing institutions. (Re Barangay Clearance instead of Certificate of Good Moral Character - please check it with PRC if they accept Barangay Clearance in lieu of the Certificate of Good  Moral Character.)

b) Certificates should be notarized by a notary public (dry seal does not mean it is notarized already).

c) Each of the notarized good moral certificates should contain each a documentary stamp. You can purchase documentary stamp at PRC (more expensive) other alternative sources - from your city/municipal hall, barangay hall, or the post office.

2) On the Certificate of Authentication and Validation
Check discussion and exchange here -

The email of PRC was mass distributed even tho those whose TOR already contained a SO (special order). But it seems individually they have replied to calls and email verifying on their email that CAV only apply  to those TOR without SO. Check with your school and get the endorsement for CHED application of CAV.  CHED is the only government agency that releases SO. Some schools with their liaison officers are in charge of facilitating the application of the CAV of their students and alumni, for a fee. It take 3 weeks for the CAV to obtain. So for those whose TOR does not contain a SO make sure to apply it from your school or get endorsement for you to apply to CHED. Remember deadline for the application for the licensure Exam is on October 8, 2014.

Please read these links as well for your guidance:

1) Sample of Good Moral Character:

2) Email from PRC regarding Submission of Certificate of Authentication and Validation (CAV)

3) Frequently Asked Question: 3 Certificates of Good Moral Character

Updated - July 5, 2014 (Refer to link below for update).

Although the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and the Psychology Board has not released the guidelines and requirements for the application for Psychometrician Licensure Exam, per IRR of the law provides for the following:

SEC.13­A. Documentary Requirements to the Licensure Examination of Psychometricians. All applications shall be filled in the Application Division of the Commission and the qualified examinees shall be issued with notices of admission to take such examination upon submission of the following documents.

(a) Original and photocopy of Certificate of Live Birth in NSO security paper in case of
Filipino citizen; or in case of a foreign citizen, a copy of the law of the state or country which
permits Filipino Psychometrician to practice on the same basis as its subject or citizens, duly
authenticated by the Philippine embassy or consulate therein;

(b) Marriage Contract in NSO security paper for married female applicants;

(c) Original and photocopy of transcript of records (with scanned picture) indicating the
Special Order (S.O.) number; and where school is exempted from the issuance of an SO., a
Certificate of Authentication and Validation (CAV) from the CHED;

(d) Original and photocopy of valid NBI Clearance;

(e) Three (3) certificates of good moral Character, preferably from school, employer,
Church, barangay captain, duly sighed by the issuing authority and duly notarized under oath;

(f) Two (2) colored passport size pictures with white background and complete name tag;

(g) Community Tax Certificate.

To know more about the law and IRR check this link  -

So while waiting for the final guidelines from the PRC it would be good to prepare the above documentary requirements just to be ready.

Also the online application is now live at the PRC website. We have yet to check the process at PRC and will keep you posted.

You might want to check the step-by-step online application here -