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Survey Respondents Job Categories and Motivation to take the Licensure Exam

Job Categories

As expected many of psychology graduates are working in an industrial setting working as human resource officer and personnel. Others are performing duties outside the HR function such as marketing, researcher, hotels, sales and others even have their own business.

Education and school settings is the next popular job for our survey respondents. Work includes teacher, instructor and some perform double function as guidance counselor also. Others in the entry position would be working as assistant to the guidance counselor and some are working as play therapist and doing coaching work.

The rest of the survey respondents work in the government, military and one respondent belong to a religious order as a nun. Expected also is the big number of those respondents who just newly graduate and applying for job at 32%.

Industrial Setting
Account officer/Staff/Bookkeeper/Payroll
Administrative Assistant/(NGO)
Bank Employee/Employee
Business Development Associate/Marketing Strategist
Collection Assistant /Insurance Specialist/Underwriting Operator
Customer Service/Care Representative/Call Center/Live Chat Specialist /
Data Analyst / Transcriptionist
Hotel coordinator/reservation / Liaison Officer/ Telecom operator
HR Staff/Assistant/Clerk/ Personnel Data Maintainer/ Office Staff/Secretary/Personnel/Assistant
HR Officer/Practitioner
HR Supervisor (HR Generalist) / Guidance Counselor
Human Resource Coordinator/Officer/Specialist
Program Specialist / Project Employee
Recruitment and Placement
Researcher (Company)
Sales Coordinator/Operations

Assistant Guidance Counselor
College Instructor (State College)
ESL Teacher (Online)
Guidance Assistant/Clerk/Staff/Personnel/Testing Officer
Guidance Counselor/Advocate
Psychometrician (School)/Counselor
SPED Teacher /Learning and Development Associate
Teacher (Public School/Guidance)/Lecturer/ Preschool Teacher/private tutor/instructor/faculty
Testing Assistant/Associate/Staff
Voice/swimming coach/trainer/play therapist

Clinic and Hospital
Behavioral Therapist / Trauma Worker
Caseworker /Child Protection Officer
Community facilitator/organizer
Nurse / Nursing Aide I
Psychologist/ Consultant/Consulting Psychologist
Students/Family Welfare and Formation Officer/assistant

Applying for jobs

Motivation or Purpose for the Licensure Exam

Part of the survey was the question about the motivation or purpose of respondents in taking the first licensure exam for Psychometrician. Categorizing the main reasons for taking the licensure exam we came up with the following:

A. Apply for job/employment
  • for credential/eligibility
Majority response since many of the respondents are newly graduate and looking for job.

B. Use licensure to current job or work
  • promotion - shift to another work or position
  • professional growth/promotion
  • public service
  • requirement of their job
  • permanent position
  • provide assistance/help

As noted above majority in the job category is classified in the industrial setting, working in HR or personnel, some are already doing the job of psychometrician and others are assisting psychometricians mostly in an academic or school setting. There are also those who are working in a clinical/medical setting.

Below are quotes from respondents:

A stepping stone to be a future Psychologist, after I pass the exam I'll get a job as a psychometrician in a clinical setting.
Being a licensed Psychometrician makes me more eligible in practicing Psychology particularly in being a General Psychology instructor. 
Not only that, I can also explore other areas of practice. Since I work in the academe, I can also do related work as a psychometrician in this field particularly in the Guidance Office or Student Affairs.
First and foremost, my purpose why I'll take the upcoming board exam is to be able to have a license. It is of great honor and pride to be part of the Pioneer passers. Aside from that, having a license is indeed of great honor every person can ever have. If I would be able to pass, I would use my license through rendering my service of other people especially in the administration and interpretation of objective psychological tests.
Having a license as a Psychometrician is credential. I can use it for employment and career advancement purposes.
Help individuals especially children assess their intellgience, personality skills to be a better and responsible citizen of the society.
I am currently working in a medical center, when i pass, i will probably shift from Human Resource to the mental health division.
I have worked for two years as an Institutional Psychometrician before I became a Guidance Counselor. I may say that to be a licensed Psychometrician would give me sense of professionalism in doing works related to psychometrics.
I want to be an expert in the field of psychometric so that it will be easy for me to be a psychologist.
I want to continue my profession to become a clinical psychologist, and I really want to start my career as a psychometrician to help me grow my knowledge that will be my advantage for me to be a psychologist.
I will be a dedicated practitioner of Psychology and this will ignite my dream to become a registered Psychologist: Play Therapist, Art Therapist, Researcher.
I will use it appropriately. i don't take any advantage to my clients. And I will be fair and just Psychometrician. 
I will use it to enter Medical Assistance Corps (MAC) in the military. 
I will use my license as a ticket in applying Government Office. 
If I pass the licensure examination I would like to practice it in the industrial setting preferably in the Human Resource Department in recruitment or in the performance appraisal. This licensure examination would help me to practice my degree because as of now I didn't practice and my job is not related to my course.
I'm planning to resign within this year and I wanted to go back to my previous job as A Human Resource again, once I become a registered Psychometrician it will help me to reach my goals. 
I'm really passionate about Psychology and I just really want to be a licensed psychometrician.
I also think that passing the exam would allow me to have lots of career opportunities.
No idea or plans as of yet.
Personal reasons.
To be called a certified Psychometrician and to land a good job to fulfill my passion.
To feed my sense of striving for excellence and if i am a psychometrician i'll have privilege to work in government and share my profession.
To have edge over the other psychology graduates specially in applying for job.
To legally evaluate Psychological Assessment and to prepare for a Psychology M.A.
To practice psychometrician at least two years so that i could take board exam for psychologist.
To  put up a Testing Center business.
To serve my country in the best way possible.
To teach psychology subjects.
Will definitely use it for work (recruitment & placement) specially in choosing a right examinations for employees and giving accurate results for their examination.

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