Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Initial Result of the Survey and Sign-up

In our curiosity to figure out some information about the upcoming Psychometrician Licensure Exam and due to the lack of information available, so we create information instead,  we came up with a survey and sign-up.  In exchange and a promise of providing those who answer the survey with relevant information and update as well as our guide notes and quizzes that we are still in the process of finalizing. And also per PAP and PRC Board of Psychology orientation the licensure exam will be an outcome-based assessment and with the release of the TOS, so the guide notes and quizzes have to be revised accordingly. 

So we would like to share the following data from our survey for the information of everyone, respondents and non-respondents alike:

Majority Female

Well Psychology is akin to Social Work, where there are more women enrolling and graduating from the course. I think this is very obvious if one is to look at classroom ratio in different schools and universities or for that matter in review centers. And if this survey is an indicator, then we definitely expect more women taking the Psychometrician licensure exam at almost 80%.

Fresh and Recent Graduates

Based on the survey majority of the respondents, both planning and will take the exam are new graduates or those that graduated in the last 6 years, whose age bracket belong to age category of 21-26. Noteworthy are some respondents who are still enrolled age 18-19 who answered the survey, early on they are already preparing themselves for the licensure exam, I admire them. Also, there's sizable number  of those in their late 30's and 50's who will or might take the exam. Many have not directly practiced the profession but wanting to go through the experience of taking the licensure exam and in the process, when they pass may opt to pursue career as psychometrician and for others an additional eligibility and promotion. Most of all many would want to be considered professional (even just for the first rung of the ladder to becoming a full pledge Psychologist)  having graduated from a four year course in Psychology.   

(Note:Some of the percentages are approximation.)

 Raw Data on 
Age versus Number of Respondents


Majority of the respondents at 66% are doing self-review. Self-review are those who are doing review on their own without the help of any review centers for materials or review classes. Since this is the first Licensure exam even review centers are not informed of the kind of exam that will be given, although it was announced it will be outcome-based assessment. Except, perhaps for those who composed the Technical Committee for Psychology who came up with the TOS and the PRC Board of Psychology who might have an inkling or even contributed to the test bank of the licensure exam. Only after the first licensure exam in October 2014 will we be more familiar of the exam content and so we can find review materials on the shelf of bookstores and review centers will be more confident as to the content of their review classes. So only by then will be more people availing the services of these review centers. So for now, many are opting for self-review.

Below is t he table of the top 5 review centers that our respondents are attending for their review, the other table shows the rest of review centers that our respondents are attending. Most of those in the top 5 are review centers that opened their review as early as last year when it was speculated that the licensure exam would be given in October 2013.



Updated August 20, 2014
(as response to some comments of reviewers from review centers not on the top 5 list.)

Note: This data is based on the respondents of the ongoing survey conducted by TR Reviewer and may not be reflective of the real market condition. We would like to clarify again that the result is based on  the respondents of our survey. Also as noted below, SPARK being in the lead is because of their massive Facebook presence so most of their reviewers may have found out about this survey (shared and posted on FB and blog) and diligent enough to answer.  The basis is quantitative according to number of respondents to the survey making them on the top list and not for other reasons. To show facebook data of these review centers gathered as of 19 August 2014:

SPARK Psychology Review Center

Srg Psych Review

PSY Review Center Inc.

RCAP (Review Center for Allied Professions)

Or another plausible explanation, as we commented on one of the posts about this result,  perhaps the reviewers of the other review centers are too focused on their review and they have no time to do Facebook and read blog. Good luck to them.

Again the survey is ongoing and not yet conclusive.

Review Centers Identified by Respondents 

We will try to provide more feedback from the data of  the survey in the future. Watch out for it.