Monday, August 25, 2014

Dr. Cue's Statement Regarding Equivalency

NEW UPDATE from Dr. Cue
as of 26 August 2014, 12:00AM

The Certificate of  Equivalency is asked only if and when: 

a) you finished your degree abroad 
b) when finished a degree in Psychology by some other name and 
c) when you took a professional subject in the board by some other name that is not obviously equivalent to the board subject under consideration. 

Please note that we are only implementors of the law so any deviation on matters related to the educational curriculum must be certified by CHED, else the application will be denied. 

We trust each and every applicant to submit his/her application at any PRC office soonest so there is still time to work out any deficiencies.

Finally here is the much awaited reply from Dr. Mirriam P. Cue, Chairperson of the PRC Board of Psychology on the issue of Equivalency.  

You should check with the applications division on the requirements. The PRB already sat down with them... Yes, some subjects do not need any certificate of equivalency anymore, like Psychological Testing for Psychological Assessment; Psychopathology for Abnormal Psychology, etc. But for subjects not in the list, you have to seek equivalency from CHED. I suggest you apply now so you would know what your deficiencies are while you still have the time to go about it.

For those of you applying inform PRC that such clarifications was already made by the Psychology Board. Psychological Testing is similar/same with Psychological Assessment and Psychopathology for Abnormal Psychology.

Hope this matter is now clarified for those asking about this issue.