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Psychometrician Licensure Exam Online Quiz Reviewer

Updated 28 October 2014

Practice Quiz

1) Psychological Assessment
Quiz passcode - tagumpay

2) Abnormal Psychology
Quiz passcode - mabuhay

Blog updated last 10 June 2014

Below are the results  of the quizzes as of  9 June 2014

Industrial Psychology
N= 57
Average Score

Abnormal Psychology
N= 83
Average Score

Theories of Personality
N= 35
Average Score

Psychological Assessment
Average Score

(N is the total test takers, it is okay to take the quiz as many times you want and continue to use a single user name so we do not count your test as different person. Average score, average of all the results from among the test takers - there are few exceptional/high scores and low scores and majority of the middle scores). Will make a new blog entry with graphical presentations.

Industrial psychology - difficulty lies on the names and dates. Check the TOS and basing from it, the exam will be more theoretical not factual/historical. Will be making new quizzes that are more TOS compliant. Watch out for them!


Below are the links of our Psychometrician Licensure Exam Online Quiz Reviewer, very short quiz of 20 items. Please note that these quizzes were made prior to the release of the Tables of Specifications (TOS) - the outline, topics or coverage of the licensure exam.

1) Psychological Assessment
Quiz passcode - tagumpay

2) Industrial Psychology
Quiz passcode: pag-asa

3) Abnormal Psychology
Quiz passcode - mabuhay

4) Theories of Personality
Quiz passcode - kalayaan

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