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Jobs: "Open Minded Ka Ba?"

"One day, si Crush niyaya ako. Uy may concert akong pupuntahan, balita ko kasi mahilig ka sa banda. Ako na bahala sa'yo. That moment was so magical. I said yes. I was very hopeful. I chose you. But you chose to break my heart, when you asked me - Open minded ka ba?"

First of all, guys, we will assure you that this is not a scam. We won't ask for your money, or your parents', or promise you a very big return for that. Just no. We are here to help you to connect with peeps like us. People who promote connection to like-minded peeps, making possible approaches to make information flow faster, befriending peeps from various locations, and promote our 'young' profession in Philippine Psychology. In short, we will try our best to help you, then hope that in return you may help others too.



Basically, we have the need to pursue our own well being and healthy lifestyle. Investing for love life, future family, spending time to school, socializing and the like. However, part of such a healthy lifestyle, requires financial stability. Since, we have our responsibility to our family, and our productivity as individuals has a great impact to our very own community, thus we need to find a job. Something that will make us productive. Meaning, we need to produce something that will be helpful to others, so in return we could have the things we need, to achieve that healthy living.

Example: "Gusto mong makipag-date, pero wala kang pera pang-gastos ng date mo, although lahat ng ka-sweetan meron ka, but to sum it up, sweet ka pero wala kang pera. So, balak mong manghiram ng pera, with hopes na makakasama mo na din si Girlie sa wakas. But in no chance, ang magulang mo ayaw mag bigay, broke din ang mga utol, at ang best friend mo. So basically tutuloy ka parin ba?"

Answer: Depende. Options? (1) Kung sweet ka, pero madiskarte ka naman bakit hindi? Pero, (2) kung 'di uubra ang diskarte, pero sweet ka naman, may suggestion para diyan - join our team. 

Meaning, there may be a small chance for you to have your date in this particular situation, since no one will lend you some money for your wonderful date. Of course, that's not okay. So what you will do now, is to find something to work on, in exchange for the need (e.g. date with    Girlie) that you are looking for. 

In this article, we will give you some tips on how #TeamRPm will help you to get into workforce, instead of ending up with a broken heart:

1. Review with Team RPm
Our  team in Philippine Psychometrician Reviewer will help you with online links, practice exams and other resources in preparation with the board examination (BLEPP). So, we think that having a very nice license will give you an advantage in terms of education, professional background and love life. Keep in mind that the Professional Regulation Commission  continues to extensively professionalize our field, so it would also be nice if you are practicing professional. Plus, 'dag-dag pogi points' yan kay Girlie. She might see you as very hard working guy. Keeping importance on your academics and continuing education. Sounds nice?

2. Have a pleasant place to go like Seminars!
Volunteers in Psych EVENTS Philippines will help you to find good seminars, workshops, and training opportunities and place for Girlie's heart too. BOOM! This would also make you more interactive with other peeps, outside your common sphere! Psych EVENTS Philippines team will provide you with those current announcements or happenings so you will not be alone with your adventures. Remember that most of these seminars will be attended by individuals like you interested or in the field of Psych.  We strongly suggest for you to find your own niche by attending those various seminars and workshops. Remember you could always have a special place for Girlie, if you're attending seminars. Sharing your experience, will also make you more 'pogi', she may find you very cute that you do not get bored with informative talks.

3. Job Hunt with the Pros!

Members from of our team, will help you out to find a job from the network of Filipino Psychometricians! This is something that's very exciting. We have professionals from HR, and you could just assume that they are our friends willing to be of help for us to find our source of income. To maintain financial stability, we suggest that you join our group, it's all FREE! If in case, Girlie's attraction fades over time because you were so  diligent with your studies, and stays unemployed for some time, that's okay, you still have friend with #TeamRPm. 

No need to rush things, be mindful that you are so awesome that millions of cells run towards a very nice and wonderful egg, thus you were created. In such case, millions were tested! And, like in a job hunt there were thousands or hundreds applicants. But, here at #TeamRPm,  we are here to support you with your endeavors even in our own small ways! Keep us your company. We may not save your love life, but you can have friends amongst us!

There's always hope. And you might not get the best for now, but surely and eventually, when you invest in yourself, you will realize how well you deserve the best of things in life. You'll find your worth, and consequentially, find a meaningful and wonderful life. So join #TeamRPm now!


Donnies is currently working as one of our volunteers in maintaining our blog spot! He likes writing, watching anime, currently interested about the social relevance of Filipinizing the field Psychology in our present era. He was greatly influenced by SP (Sikolohiyang Pilipino) during his college days. He believes that making psych concepts more related to some teenage hugots (deep meaning of one's humanity) will make it more understandable, at least in Filipino setting.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Life After Boards: Mr. BackStreetBoy, RPm

image source - http://digobrands.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Screen-shot-2012-11-30-at-9.42.53-AM.png

Uy Psych major ka, madaling makahanap ng trabaho...
By Mr. Backstreetboy, RPm

We've come into some realizations that in life there are times that things seem not always in our favor. Sometimes, we realize that there will be the right time for us to have the things that we want. Sometimes it takes time, courage, and invaluable perseverance in achieving the goals and dreams we want to reach.  

In this "Life after Boards" Series by #teamRPm, we'll come to appreciate some of unique stories among board passers and those not lucky so lucky for their first or second time to take the licensure exam but they moved on and continued enjoying their wonderful journey in life. In this article we will be sharing the story of Mr. BackStreetBoy, RPm.
- - -

Totoo nga po ‘ata yung sinabi nila na pag nakatapos ka ng school, di naman agad agad may trabaho ka. Sa totoo lang po sa tuwing nag-uusap po yung mga classmates ko kung anong ginagawa nila sa work nila, yung mga technical terms na mabilis lang nilang nashe-share at napi-pick up, at yung mga experiences nila sa mga boss nila, gaano nila kagalit yung mga workmates at gaano kadami yung workloads nila, ‘di ko naman po masyadong maintindihan – pero yung nga, ‘pag nag – uusap sila tapos ibabaling sa ‘kin yung tanong na “Uy, <insert my name here> anong work mo?” parang gusto kong ngitian na lang sila, at nanalangin ako na sana tanggapin na lang nila yung ngiti ko … dahil ‘di naman related sa psych yung trabaho na meron ako ngayon.

Nung bago pa man ako grumaduate, nagsimula na talaga akong mag-hanap ng trabaho sa field. Crush ko po talaga yung testing center na unang inapplyan ko, kaya kahit may pasok pa sa school pinuntahan ko na. Matagal din po akong naghantay sa muling pag-contact nila sa ‘kin para sa final interview. It turns out na ‘di naging maganda yung final interview – madali kasi akong kinabahan. Yung span na hinintay ko, itinulong ko nalang sa services ng repair shop namin.  

Then, with hopes na matanggap na sa work ng psych, nag-hanap parin ako. Punta dito punta duon, sakay dito sakay duon, send ng resume dito send ng resume duon, tell me more about yourself dito, tell me about your past job experience duon – sa dami ng past past na 'yan, napapakanta na lang ako ng “tell me why ain’t nothing but a heartache.” Ako lang po ba ang ganito? Nagpa-praktis naman ako ng interview minsan kaharap ko yung salamin. Bakit ganun?

Dahil nga sa ‘di ako matanggap sa trabaho na ina-applyan ko, parang sinabi ko na rin sa isip ko na ‘bahala na’. Pero, ‘lam nyo po yung feeling pag sinasabihan ka ng dapat mayroon kang ganito, dapat mayroon kang ganyan, sana mayroon kang work, uy mag-hanap ka nang work .. ang nasa puso ko po ay, “aray ko beh.” Naghahanap naman po ako, ‘di lang talaga matanggap, at saka mabilis lang po talaga ako kabahan. Sana po next time, ‘pag nagtanong kayo kung may work na yung isang tao, dagdagan nyo na din ng “Uy, may opening sa amin apply ka!” Yung may solusyon naman po, ‘wag yung dag dag lang po sa sama ng loob.

Pasado naman po ako sa Board Exam, may pending work application po ako, at nagtuloy ako ng studies sa grad school. Pero, sure naman ako na ‘di lang ako ang nag-iisang tao na unemployed sa field ng psych, bukod po dun pinaghihirapan ko naman po pang-aral ko, technician din po ako ng mga appliances, mahusay po ako sa gawaing bahay, bukod dun, minsan mahilig din akong tumulong sa mga classmates ko, lalo na’t nakikita kong nahihirapan sila sa mga assignments nila, at higit sa lahat ‘pag may tatapusin sa office, nung OJT namin, late na po kaming nauwi.

Nagkataon lang po siguro na di pa ako ganun kagaling o kahusay sumagot sa interviews, madalas kasi ay kabado ako at obvious ang stiffness ng katawan ko. Paki-usap isipin nyo din yung pag nagsasalita kayo ng “Uy Psych major ka, madaling makahanap ng trabaho.” Sorry, pero mali po talaga ang inyong inaakala.

Our reader and contributor is 'Mr. Backstreetboy, RPm', he likes various bands, he was greatly influenced by his high school friends for such liking for music. He loves to listen to bands and musicians like The Used, My Chemical Romance, System of a Down; to some slow rock like Scorpions, Queen, and Air supply; and to some Pinoy musicians like Roel Cortez and Jose Mari Chan. He passed the board examination (BLEPP) last July 2015 with hopes of advancing his education, career and application of research on happiness. According to him, he loves Psychology because of its flexibility when it comes to job opportunities, its application to understand consumers behavior, and in understanding oneself. Once he finished his master's degree, by then, he would have created a psychological tool that will measure happiness and subjective well-being. (Ed)

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Psychometricians sa BLOGGYS 2015

"To put it simply, #bloggys2015 is a nationwide blog awarding event in the Philippines. It continues the legacy of recognizing Filipino bloggers through a variety of niches and industries across the nation." ~ Paul Agabin, Essays.ph CEO

As October 5 approaches for voting our very own blog, psychometricpinas.blogspot.com for #bloggys2015 we are just too excited of what possibly would happen. We know that various bloggers from different fields of expertise are joining. That's a nice competition to belong among the leagues of a network of online writers, bloggers, creatives, research oriented peeps among others.  With that, we are just too excited to share to the blogging community our  effort as #TeamRPm!!

To introduce ourselves as Psychometrician bloggers, it is apt and appropriate to share this post of one of our readers and members Mr. Jereco Paloma: 

Indeed Psychometricians are more than magicians, kidding aside, but we do science. Through the #bloggys2015 we believe this is an opportune time for us to introduce our profession as Psychometrician through social media and the community of bloggers.

At Philippine Psychometrician Reviewers, our Facebook page for our blog, we are thankful that some of our readers continue to help us sharing their review items, review links, and other online resources for our readers and likers test takers! And as the  #BLEPP2016 approaches our hardworking admins are also busy gathering materials to share to our readers and likers. Soon we will be releasing several review materials! It is our wish that these readings, materials, and practice tests will be helpful for your preparations for the annual board examinations, in particular to those who will be doing self-review and to supplement also review of those who availed the services of review centers.

We hope that we could continue to be of help to you in the best way we could. And, in the near future, we hope we could also see each other in person, and in the oath taking!

#TeamRPm, LET'S GO to #bloggys2015 !

Photo Content Credits: Mr. Jereco Oliverio Paloma

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Team RPm: Riyan and Donnies Explore UST!

"In behalf of Philippine Psychometrician Reviewer and Team RPm, we would like to thank Mr. Renz Argao, RP, RPm for giving us the opportunity to share our objectives earlier at Thomas Aquinas Research Complex. smile emoticon It is an honor to meet him in person. He is such a nice person. We would also like to thank Fr. Egay, the Director of Psychotrauma Clinic. They are really generous for letting our group to reach out with them."
- Mary Anne Portuguez

Our team did not only explore the beautiful UST campus as shown by the images we captured but also explored other possibilities and opportunities that our blog and social media/FB page could further extend to all our readers and likers by way of the training and educational services provided to the public by UST Psychotrauma Clinic.

We are truly happy and thankful, for the warm welcome of  the UST Psychotrauma Clinic's nice and energetic Sir Renz Argao, and the kindess of  Fr. Egay. Equally thankful for all their efforts of extending to us their free training. We at Team RPm are always hopeful that there will be more people like them who are always doing their best effort to reach out those who are in need.

(From Left to Right) Mr. Renz Argao, Donnies Bendicio, and Mary Ann Portuguez

Sir Renz discussed with us the upcoming training. We felt the excitement and the need to do advance preparation even before the day of the training itself. Even if the training is FREE of charge, it was impressed on us the kind of responsibility that one will have once equipped with the PFA  training especially when mobilized to provide the need service, and of course, the sense of one's accountability for those who will be availing of the services. 

Basically, this future training may not be that easy as one might think. Handling psychosocial support like PFA, providers or counselors should have the proper training from practicing professionals. Effective training on PFA is not achieved merely by informative talks or through a powerful power point presentations. Instead, an extensive training is needed that includes simulation, actual experience in the field, and proper guidance from professional trainers. UST Psychotrauma Clinic guaranteed that this kind of training will be provided by them to those who are committed to undergo the rigor of their PFA training.

So for those of you who were given this wonderful opportunity, we suggest that you initially do your research and reading on PFA as early as now. Those exceptional training participants will also be provided with a chance to be invited for advance level of PFA training. 

UST Psychotrauma Center is providing us all a chance to become competent in PFA with the ultimate goal of helping our kababayans in need. And, as we develop this kind of skill, we could also be instrumental in sharing our knowledge and skills to other people who would also want to learn such skill. Indeed this training is an opportunity for us to further develop our professional career as RPm or RP or to just be simply equipped with additional skill useful for everyday life. 

UST Main Building
The visit to UST is incomplete without sharing with you some of the nice structures and beautiful buildings of this lovely school. In this photo of the UST's Main building a showcase of wonderful and classic architecture. And, beside the UST logo is the university's mascot, a very cute tiger!

The Graduate School TARC (Current Location of UST Psychotrauma Clinic)

The QuattroMondial
And, this image of QuattroMondial, the sculpture is also complemented with those four guys, thank you guys for making this image even nicer. We hope to capture more wonderful images from this beautiful school next time. 

We hope to see you soon, folks. We hope we can all be friends, learn and enjoy the training. Once again thanks to Sir Renz, Fr. Egay, and the whole UST Psychotrauma Clinic Team!

(Photos credit: Mary Anne Portuguez)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


After ng board exam, nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataon na makapagtrabaho sa isang company na exclusive distributor ng school supply na related sa ballpens, markers, highlighters, coloring materials pero pinaka kilala sa kanila ay ‘yung ginagamit natin kapag naghihighlight tayo ng reviewer at libro natin. OO. Nakapagwork ako roon pero after noon napadpad ako sa academe na kung saan mas naramdaman ko ang tunay na  saya!

Bakit masaya? Kasi bukod sa mga bagets yung kasama ko (college level kasi sila at bagets rin ako), hindi ako out of place at masaya naman ang class namin. So naging psychology instructor ako sa dalawang state university. Nakapasok ako dahilan sa license ko saka dahil kahit bata pa naman ako, patapos na ako sa Master’s ko (compre ko na po next week, pagdasal n’yo ko please. :D ). Masaya naman ang experience at nakakapagod. Lagi silang may paperworks at research kaya para mapagaan ang pagod minsan nagkakaroon kami ng kwentuhan o kaya may hugot kami sa lessons. Masaya! :) Yes! Pati students ko nahawa na rin sa akin. Hahahaha. Gusto ko lang i-share sa inyo yung ilan lang sa hugot:

When you hold one peso on each hand (one far away and one closer at about half the distance) with one of your eyes closed, you will see that both coins seemed to be on same distance or having the same size. But when you open your other eye (both eyes open this time), the coins no longer appear to be right next to each other.
Hugot: "Open your eyes to see the reality. Akala mo okay na, 'yun pala wala pa pala sa kanya. Akala mo kayo na, 'yun pala ikaw lang may alam. Akala mo close kayo, sa kanya hindi pa pala." </3
Student: (Nagpresent ng maraming digits sa class para mavalidate kung ilan lang capacity ng short-term memory) Nahirapan ba kayo noong marami na? (Pertaining to digits presented)
Class: Opo (Sabay-sabay nilang sagot)
Ako: Mahirap? Parang pag-ibig yan, hinay-hinay lang kasi.
Lahat: *tawanan*

What is 'extinction' in Psychology?
The weakening of a reinforced operant response as a result of ceasing reinforcement.
Parang sa love, yung dating ‘kilig’ o ‘lambing’ na napakarewarding sa’yo ay nawala na. Ubos na. Yung ‘strengthened bond’ noon ay unti-unting nanghihina kasi hindi na 'rewarding yung feeling. 'Wala na kasi yung positive reinforcer (effort and time). Repetitive na ang pagpalya kaya 'disappointments','fights', o kaya naman 'tampo' ang mangyayari. 'Weakened bond’ na sya pagtagal-tagal at dahil doon nawawala na yung 'kilig at lambing'. Ang complicated kasi ng tao, may other factors kasi para nakakaapekto para hindi mo mabigay yung full effort mo (example, time). Kaya kung minsan hindi mo maiiwasan.
Good thing, may spontaneous recovery naman tayo. ’Yan ay kung ma-revive.


Sympathetic Nervous System ka ba?
Bumabanat: SNS ka ba? Kasi bumibilis tibok ng puso ko at pinagpapawisan ako kapag nandyan ka. 
Binanatan: Yes, Sympathetic Nervous System ako. Kasi every time na nakikita kita, activated ang 'flight response ko'. </3


Kanina sa Psychological Assessment Review:
Me: Discrete variable consists of separate, indivisible categories. No values can exist between two neighboring categories. Ex. Gender (Male/Female), Nationality, Occupation.
Tutee: Paano po yung feelings?
Me: HAHAHA (natawa sa question)...well..."Ang LOVE dapat parang discrete variable, INDIVISIBLE."

Para akong 'P' sa psychology. Kasi nandito naman ako pero hindi mo ako nakikita. </3


Hahaha. Sana more hugot at fun pa sa Psychology. Gustong- gusto ko talaga ‘tong field na ‘to. Daming nakakatuwang bagay na dapat malaman. Syempre maraming seryoso pero maraming times rin dapat pinapagaan rin ang mga bagay.
S’ya nga pala, magbabahagi ako ng ilang tips sa mga gustong magturo or mapunta sa academe. Ito ang mga sumusunod:

1. Try niyo muna magkaroon ng experience sa industry or clinical para may alam rin kayo kahit paano kasi para may masasabi ka sa mga student mo kapag nagtatanong sila. Kasi mahirap maipaliwanag ang isang bagay na hindi mo naranasan.

2.  Mag master’s degree. Nagiging mahigpit na kasi ang pamantasan ngayon, hindi sila basta-basta tumatanggap. Sa akin, nagkataon lang na may experience na ako sa work kahit paano, may license, saka malapit na matapos sa master’s ko. Siguro naging advantage ko rin dahil noong college ko, naging active ako as psych quizzer at nakapasok kami sa top 10 ng PAPJA before ako grumaduate.

3. S’yempre hindi ka pwede maging instructor kung hindi mo <3 ang psychology. Dapat buong puso mo s’yang mahal kasi mahirap magturo, hindi ka lang basta magsasalita. Mag-iisip ka ng activities, experiments kung may laboratory kayo, mag-iisip ka ng mga pautot (sorry for the term ahaha), magpapaliwanag ka kung magtatanong sila, magcocompute ng grades, malulungkot sa ilan sa mga grades kahit feeling mo ginawa mo na lahat (as in magbigay ng reference, magdiscuss, at magpasaya) tapos may nakakuha pa rin ng mababang marka, mapupuyat kasi may iba ka pang ginagawa, may magtatampo pa sa'yo kasi wala ka ng social life, at s'yempre titiisin mo yung maraming papel sa table mo na parang gusto mo na lang kumuha ng gasolina at sunugin ang lahat nang iyon dahil sa dami (pero hindi pwede trabaho natin yun), titiisin mo h'wag uminom ng malamig, at  kumain ng maraming chocolates para hindi masira ang boses mo kasi 'yun na ang puhunan mo :( (feeling singer lang).

4. Dapat open-minded ka kasi minsan may magshashare ng nabasa n’ya. Hindi naman kabawasan na sabihin mong tama s’ya o first time mo marinig. Haha. Ako natutuwa ako sa mga ganoong bagay kasi ibig sabihin interesado s’ya.

5. Have fun! Makihugot ka kung may panahon pero dapat ding seryoso ka sa mga sinasabi mo kapag may mga dapat din silang matutunan.

6.  Huwag maging panatag na alam na ang lahat. Tuloy-tuloy lang ang pagbabasa! Sa panahon ngayon, ang daming alam ng students at madaming tanong na dapat mong sagutin. Mabuti na lang rin mahilig ako magbasa. 

7. Dapat maingat! Nako! Lalo na yung mga terms! Kasi kapag mali ang naturo mo makakapekto yun sa alam nila kapag nagtake sila ng board. Kapag hindi masyadong 'sure' magrefer ng reference at balikan 'yung bagay na hindi malinaw. Mabuti nang maingat. 
8. I-motivate ang mga students na mahalin ang major nila. Ipaalam sa kanila ang mga opurtunidad na nag-aabang sa kanila kapag pinagbutihan nila yung pag-aaral nila at ipaalam din yung mga bagay na hindi rin maganda para malaman nila ang mga bagay na nangyayari sa totoong buhay (Hal.Kung gaano kahirap maghanap ng work).

     Sana may napulot kayo kahit paano sa binahagi ko. Sa uulitin!

#RpmRIyan #RPMnanagtuturongPsych #psychalagad #baguhan

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Positive Psychology and the Disease Model

Dr. Martin Seligman
(c) greatergood.berkeley.edu

by Donnies Bendicio

In a talk of Dr. Martin Seligman (February 2004) on Positive Psychology (PP) in TED, he mentioned that "psychology should be just as concerned with human strength as it is with weakness. It should be just as concerned with building strength as with repairing damage. It should be interested in the best things in life. And it should be just as concerned with making the lives of normal people fulfilling, and with genius, with nurturing high talent." PP is a field of interest in psychology which considers the human strengths and values in promoting mental hygiene and well-being.

                                    Video: "Martin Seligman: The new era of positive psychology"

“... in our rush to do something about people in trouble, in our rush to do something about repairing damage, it never occurred to us to develop interventions to make people happier, positive interventions (Seligman, 2004)”

It is true that the disease model had been an important field of interest, as it dealt with how we could manage to lessen the suffering among individuals across the nation, with wide array of research focusing through development of psych drugs, diagnosing and counting the amount of deviance in various nations, and focusing on how abnormalities may affect our norm. 

But, it also equally important to focus our interest on how to manage the strengths among our people. Thus, instead of focusing so much on what could be the contributing factors, at varying levels, on suffering that our people have, we shift our interest by also looking on what could be the factors that make us more efficient in making a better community.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Life After Boards: Joan Marielle J. Pilapil, RPm

“No guts, no glory.”

This is the official life philosophy of Joan Marielle J. Pilapil, or Maye, and she has embodied this well when she took and passed the very first Board Licensure Examination for Psychometricians last 2014. A BS Psychology graduate of San Pedro College of Davao City, the 23-year-old sports and travel enthusiast currently works as a Human Resource Specialist in a BPO company.

One factor why Maye took the board exam is to have the extra three letters after her name. Another factor was some of her friends and batch mates in college also decided to take the first board exam. Reviewing for the various subjects was a challenge for her, for she was also juggling her work as HR personnel. But she did not let her this hinder from preparing for the board exam. In her free time, she would read her notes, and sometimes review them when eating out in a fast food chain. Maye also attended weekly review classes offered by her alma mater. Maye pointed out that Psychological Assessment was the most challenging subject and that its difficulty added up to her anxiety while waiting for the results.  But instead of wasting her time worrying, Maye focused her job and bonded with her friends.

It was on the evening of November 4, 2014 when she learned that she has passed the boards. When asked about what she felt when she saw her name on the list of passers, Maye said she was “overwhelmed! Wala ko nag-expect! After sa board exam, especially sa psych assessment, wala nako nag-expect na maka-pasa ko.”

(I did not expect [to pass]! After the board exam, especially on Psych Assessment, I did not really expect that I will pass.)

Maye stated that passing the board exam and having a license is an edge on her current job as an HR Specialist. She has stated that her current company plans to utilize psychological tests to assess applicants and employees, and that she will be the one to oversee these tasks in the future.

Maye is keen to learn more about the field of Human Resource and plans to have a psychological testing center in her hometown, General Santos City. With her guts and her attitude, Maye is determined to pursue her dreams and make them come true.

Starting today, we will have a weekly feature named "Life After Boards," stories of Registered Psychometricians after passing the Board Licensure Examination for Psychometricians. These stories aim to inspire future Registered Psychometricians to pursue on their goals, both professional and personal, and utilize their knowledge and skills in Psychology for the greater good.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Gusto ko lang ibahagi ‘yung alam kong baka makatulong sa inyo. 

Nagpamidterm kasi ako noong nakaraan, marami nakakuha ng mababang marka. So, syempre concern ako. Pinauwi ko yung mga test papers at nagbigay ng mahalagang advice para next time pumasa na sila sa Finals. Kaso itong students ko, natatawa lang sa sinabi ko. Hindi ko alam kung bakit. Bahala kayo. Basta nag advice ako. Ito yung advice ko:

Bago matulog gawin ito:

Itupi ang inuwing test paper ng tatlong beses..hawakan ito ng dalawang kamay at ilagay sa dibdib sabay sabihin ang mga katagang "papasa ako" pabulong sa hangin ng tatlong ulit. Pumikit. Ilagay sa ilalim ng unan nang dahan-dahan. Humiga ng nakatagilid. Pagkagising, dapat na ilagay sa ilalim ng plato ang tinuping papel (for 3 days yun gagawin). Sa ikaapat na araw, isama ito sa timbang pagliliguan (if ever na shower ka, mag pm ka sa akin bibigyan kita ng ibang hakbang). Maligo ngunit magtira ng kaunting tubig sa timba. Isalin sa baso at saka inumin. Sa ikalimang araw, pagkagising, isigaw ang mga salitang "sure win papasa na ako sa finals!" (dapat nakataas ang kanang kamay ha kasi mai-invalidate ito.)

Garantisado yan!

#forfun #concernedrpm #kepweng #alamnaha #RPmRiyan

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Essence of Statistical Tools for Filipino Psych Students

by Donnies Bendicio

During thesis writing, quizzes, or major exams, some students may find it hard to choose the appropriate statistical tools to utilize in interpreting their gathered data. There could be reasons, influences, and beliefs which hinder our achievement of knowing and utilizing these tools, as a skill needed in a research-oriented community. Of course, let's inculcate in our minds that this is one the keys to make our reasoning to be more rational and convincing - specially when we are presenting ideas.

A. Inferential Statistics (IS) are procedures that allow us to draw of conclusions and generalizations about the population on the basis of data gathered from a sample (De Jose, 2015).

For example, in our experimental psych course, where we are most likely interested to know the difference between interventions - let's say, we are interested about the 'Effect of Classical versus Rock Music on High School Students' Level of Aggression." If an instance, we are looking for the difference between the level of aggression between two randomized sample of HS students (i.e. Sample A is Classical Music and Sample B is Rock Music),  after the interventions, we will be utilizing T-test (for independent samples) to know if the interventions for sample A and sample B has difference, by calculating their scores via assessment tool for Aggression.

B. Descriptive Statistics are the tools we use when we are presenting or describing summarized data of quantitative information such as in graphs, average, frequency, percent, and simple correlations (De Jose, 2015).

It can be true that the field of Psychology here in the Philippines is still young. And, as this field of expertise develops we are responsible to make our community be aware of its essence, equipping our colleagues who also wanted help in its endeavor, and provide a deserving service for those individuals who are in need of its services. 

So, after sharing some of statistical tools that we use in our academic papers, it may not be enough to simply relying on knowing what are these statistical tools, or which is appropriate on a study we are analyzing. We believe that we also need to know about some software which are most used in analyzing the data. Namely, MS Excel and IBM SPSS are some of these tools. We believe that mastering these tools will enable us to interpret our study more efficiently, and enhancing our skill in research.

For us to be more competent, we need to equip ourselves with the relevant skills, such as good command with the stat software in facilitating of data analysis. With these skills, we will be enabling ourselves with the competencies that the research-oriented community has. As psychology students, this kind of competency is one of the essentials, as we practice to provide quality services. 

We should always keep in our minds that Philippine Psychology is composed of scientific inquiry in interpreting the phenomenon that existed since then, and this is our time to make our field of expertise be responsible of observing, analyzing, and influencing human tendencies towards a better community.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Team RPm on BLEPP 2015

by Donnies Bendicio

The second Board Licensure Examinations for Psychologists and Psychometricians (BLEPP) for 2015 was held in various schools and locations in the country. It was conducted by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) through the Professional Regulatory Board of Psychology on July 21-22, 2015 for Psychometricians and July 23-24, 2015 for Psychologists. Those were days that we've felt excited and challenged at the same time but determined with strong hope, conviction and perseverance.

The examination was one of the most awaited events for most psych graduates who wanted to be called professionals. It is also a stepping stone for them to pursue their specialization and develop expertise in the field of Psychology. Many prepared in achieving their goal towards their professionalization. Some had spent precious time, energy, and resources to fulfill such task.  Aware that this is one of the many requirements for competency, we need to sustain and further develop our skills for us to fulfill our duty to those who are in need.

Although it is only the second time that the PRB of Psychology conducted the said examination, a lot of examinees expected that the degree of its difficulty is also dependent on their level of confidence and preparedness. We remembered so well how some students and even classmates were so inspired, excited, and showed diligence with their studies to make sure they will pass the exam. We believe that to achieve our goal, we need a good plan, assess our strengths, and then prepare well for it.

Across the country, many Filipino psychology students, fresh and some already practitioners, prepared for this exciting event of the year. As a matter of fact many of us availed services of review centers, befriended the review papers we have kept in the past, read books and other materials, answered sample quizzes posted online, surveyed our friends who have undergone the exam last October 2014, speculated items that will be in the exams, and did some unique techniques and strategies for us to absorb the knowledge we need. In some cases, we got help from various sources online.

The Philippine Psychometrician Reviewer, is an online resource page for individuals who are in pursuit of becoming a licensed or Registered Psychometrician (RPm).  Through the engagement of its wonderful readers and hard working admins, the page was able to reach and fulfill its purpose in facilitating and providing  learning tools and review materials that are FREE of charge. It was just beautiful how we share, even if we do not know each other personally, and how we reach out to one another even we are at a distance.

We’ve come to realize that taking the licensure examination is all about establishing our career in the field of psychology and in offering our services. We believe that whatever the result of the licensure exam,  we will continue in our desire to be of help. Part of the pursuit of our career is to be more effective in our interactions. And at the end of the day, all our efforts is to utilize those that we have learned to be more efficient in what we do.

(Donnies Bendicio recently attended the 7th joint oath taking for Psychometricians and Psychologists last 9 September 2015 and got his license as Registered Psychometrician (RPm). He is an avid reader of our blog and FB page and now helps in maintaining our several Psych related groups and pages. He is taking up Master in Psychology at PUP to become licensed or Registered Psychologist (RP) in the very near future.)

Donnies Bendicio with his Psy 641 classmates under Dr. Elmer G. De Jose.
(c) Jobelle Carino Resuello

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Our blog was nominated for BLOGGYS 2015

Salamat po sa netizen/s na nag-nominate sa ating blog for the BLOGGYS 2015: Philippine Blogging Awards 2015!

On Wed, Sep 16, 2015 at 1:49 PM, Ramiel Rivera <nominations@bloggys.ph> wrote:
Bloggys 2015
Hi Tino Repaso! 
We're happy to inform you that psychometricpinas.blogspot.com has been nominated by several netizens in #bloggys2015, Philippine Blogging Awards. It is a nationwide event that aims to recognize the best Filipino blogs and bloggers.
It's currently nominated in the Computers and Internet category.
But as the blog owner, you have the ability to choose which category would you like to enter in. Please check here for the award categories and let us know if you would like to change:http://bloggys.ph/2015-hall-of-fame
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We'll inform you if your blog has successfully made it in the voting stage, which is from October 5-31, 2015. Also, you can use our official badges here and display it in your blog:http://bloggys.ph/blog-badges 
To be nominated is already an honor - Congrats! :)

Start something awesome,
- Ramiel Rivera
Awards Committee Head
Bloggys 2015, Philippine Blogging Awards

October 5-31, 2015 – Voting Stage

8.) The Awards Committee will publish a list of all qualified nominees in the  BLOGGYS 2015 website on October 5, 2015.
9.) Anyone can cast their votes from October 5 to 31, 2015 in the BLOGGYS 2015 website.
10.) Only those with valid email addresses and mobile numbers are allowed to cast a vote. A confirmation request will be sent after each vote is cast.
11.) A reader can only cast one (1) vote per nominated blog, but is allowed to cast votes on other blogs and categories as well.
12.) Please don’t try to find loopholes in the voting system. All votes will be validated by the Awards Committee.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Status of Repeaters for the 2015 BLEPsychometrician

Further processing the result of the BLEPP 2015 we took a look at the status of 2015 Repeaters. We took into consideration those schools with repeaters having a total of 6 and above examinees. There were several schools with a total of 5 repeater-examinees but they were not considered for this data.

Our list above has a total  109 repeater-examinees from different schools with 6 and above examinees (the highest number is 20).  A total of 50 repeaters (49%) from the list passed and 59 (58%) failed anew. 

It should be noted that a mere 20% of those who failed in 2014 were repeaters for 2015 just from our data above. But it can be assumed that the percentage of repeaters is generally  much more lower given that those with 5 and lower number of examinees were not taken into account for this table.

Ateneo de Davao University and Saint Louis University got 71.43% repeaters passing for 2015. Far Eastern University got 58.33% and both New Era University and Our Lady of Fatima - Quezon City both got 50% passing rate.

With 20 examinees, New Era has the most number of repeaters who took the BLEPP 2015, followed by FEU with 12 examinees and De La Salle - Lipa with 11 examinees. It is unfortunate for the University of the Assumption that nobody passed from among its 6 repeater-examinees.