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Books to Read for BLEPP (Psychometrician Board Exam)

by Ms. Merillie Alberto

I’ve been asked a lot of times how did I do it (topnotching the Psychometrician Board Exam in 2016, ranked 8th). I mean I don’t know how to answer. If you’re asking me for a simple straight to the point summarized answer, I would give you 1) good study habits 2) love for Psychology. Since I’ve been asked for tips and tricks in studying, I decided to make this sort of guide for those who want to take the exam. The way I studied, I had a priority book for every subject and a “support”. I also used the handouts provided by the review center as support too. BLEPP 2017 is going to be in October 29-30 next year which means a longer and more than enough time for preparation compared to us, we took it in August 30-31, 2016 so use your time wisely! And make sure to make the decision of taking the exam in the first 2 to 3 months of 2017 and be really sure about it. The earlier you decide you’ll take it, the earlier you’ll be able to ready yourself for the exam. We don’t want to rush things, do we?

Let me share the recommended books to be read and the books I’ve read. I provided some of my insights about them and how I used them too. (This is your warning that this post is long.)


· Theories of Personality by Feist and Feist


This is the recommended book by our lecturers in the review center. They say the board who creates our exams uses this book. This book looks complete and it will give you in depth discussions of the theories. I personally enjoyed reading this because it doesn’t throw all technical on you. It’s like reading a novel and it explains very well by talking to you. TOP is one of the hardest subjects because there are so many theories so cover to cover reading is a must and if you’re planning on doing it, do it on this book. If you still don’t have a copy, try to get one now as this book is quite thick and you should start reading early if you want to finish this. But as I remember, there are some theorists that are not in here so you still need other sources.

How did I use it? Color-coded highlighting (which I did for almost all of my sources). Orange for concepts, yellow for definitions, green for positive aspects of the theory and pink for negative, I used blue or green if it’s research results and related studies. Also, I took notes but I didn’t make notes for everything. I made notes for the terms I never heard. Did I do cover-to-cover of this? Almost. Wasn’t able to finish the last part, the cognitive behavioral people but I scanned through that area.
· Personality: An Introduction by Burger

This was our book in undergrad so I’m pretty familiar with its contents. This is not a priority read but this could help. This is not as complete as Feist and Feist but this has pretty good content too. I recommend reading this before reading the book by Feist and Feist. This will serve as a good boost before you dive right into the concepts in depth. Why do I recommend this? This book has another way of explaining things. The board exam questions are going to be tough. They might use complicated or simple words so you need to understand the concepts in the way that you can explain them on your own. I personally used this book as a support for Feist and Feist and I enjoyed reading it too.

Did I take notes too? Yes, I did. The same way I did with Feist. Cover-to-cover? Yes. I finished this book since this is one of the first I started reading (May-June I guess?).


· Abnormal Psychology by Barlow and Durand

If you’re looking for a book that will be a priority, I would recommend this but I didn’t finish this cover to cover so as my friends. I focused more on the part that explains the disorder from a theory’s perspective. A pretty good background in TOP will be an advantage for Ab Psych since a lump of questions (during our time) relate directly to TOP and it might be like this again. The knowledge required to conquer the board exam is to know the theories in depth, not only the concepts but the application of it. Say, a man has depression, how do you explain it using Freudian view? If Adlerian? How about the Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective? This book could help you in that aspect.

· Abnormal Psychology by Ann Kring

This is a support. I just scanned thru this so I can’t say much but this book is good too.

· Abnormal Psychology by Whitbourne and Halgin
The reason I have this book is because this was what we used in undergrad and the edition I have uses the DSM-IV TR. This is also the only book that I have a physical copy and I prefer physical copies when studying. I just scanned through it. I used this to get the general description of the disorders and yeah, another support.
There’s a unique way I used this book. If you’re familiar with how academic books look and made, that will be an advantage. I started taking Ab Psych seriously only a month before our actual board exam so you can sense some panic there. I made notes out of the key terms from each chapter. To make it easier, I took the definition of the key terms from glossary rather than scanning them on the chapter pages which takes a lot of time (but this method gives a better definition and some good explanations). I am actually thinking of sharing that reviewer to you guys. Let’s see if I will. :D


· Industrial Psychology by Aamodt


The BOP(Board of Psychology) has been using this book since the first batch(as ates and kuyas said) and I don’t think they intend on using other books as the main source of their board exam questions. Read on this and as they say, “Buhay ka na sa I/O!”

They say this is the easiest subject and I agree (but you don’t have too, we are all different after all). According to one lecturer, it is the easiest because this is an applied subject, meaning most of the concepts of I/O root from TOP, Ab Psych and Psychological Testing. If you’ll notice, the four subjects overlap and concepts appear and reappear once you start studying in different books of different subjects. Read this cover-to-cover and I bet you’ll survive I/O.

Did I read this cover-to-cover this? Yes. It’s just a must.

· Psychological Testing and Assessment by Cohen and Swerdlik


If you’re looking for a book in Assessment that is almost complete, this is it. But beware because this book is really technical. This is the only book that I have to read twice before I fully grasp what is being discussed but it will really feed you with everything that you think you will need to conquer the most difficult subject of the board exam.

I didn’t do cover-to-cover of this book because of time restriction but I read up to the 4th or 5th chapter. I can’t be sure since my book is already borrowed. After doing those chapters, I did the same thing with what I did with my Whitbourne and Halgin book. One friend was able to finish this by just reading the terms that are bold typefaced. Use this whatever way you want, just use it.
· Psychological Assessment by Kaplan and Sacuzzo


I’ve put priority read too because if you want to understand Psychological Assessment but had difficulty understanding Cohen and Swerdlik, this will work for you. This is an easier read, it has a way of explaining things without making it sound too complicated. I’d recommend reading this first before jumping to Cohen and Swerdlik if you have time. In my case, I scanned through this. I made notes too but not as extensive as I did with the Cohen and Swerdlik book.

But wait, how do I deal with Statistics? Statistics!!!!

Know about the concepts and different statistical tools and you’ll be fine. Know the difference between parametric, non-parametric, the statistical tools to be used if the data is nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio. And know if it’s for difference, correlation and the likes. Statistics is crucial to survive Psychological Assessment! For this, I made notes from the summaries of Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences by Gravetter and Wallnau and the handouts provided by the review center.

And how do I deal with Ethics?

I relied on my review center notes, handouts and drills for this. To answer board exam question about Ethics, you need the basic knowledge of our profession’s Code of Ethics, common sense, a sound judgment and your conscience. Combine those to approach the situational questions and I bet you’ll be good. Be really careful as the choices for questions about Ethics look like all of them are acceptable, good and proper. Go for the one and only best answer among them. My review center really helped in enhancing our skills in this area. (RGO Review Center)

I guess this has given you a clue on how to start reviewing for the board exam. You don’t have to follow the tedious way I studied. Find what works for you and what doesn’t and pick it up from there. Plan, make your own study strategy and it doesn’t have to follow everybody else’s. Study the way you want to.

I hope this helps. Good luck and God bless on your journey, future RPm!

If you have questions and topic suggestions, put it in the comments. Thank you!

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Friday, September 30, 2016


~Hindi lahat ng nasa industrial setting ay nakakaranas ng increase sa salary kapag nakapasa as RPm pero tandaan natin na eventually maaaring ma-professionalize na po ito dahil may board examination tayo. Tandaan na tayo po ang magpupurchase, magadminister, at mag-interpret ng examinations. May use ang license pero maaaring hindi pa lahat ng company ay marerecognize yan. *pero darating rin doon*
~Magpa-experience muna as HR staff dahil ma-apply mo doon ang natutunan mo sa IO. Ako nagamit ko siya noon. 
~Dito makikita mo na may use talaga ang license mo. Sa ngayon, may ilang schools ang tumatanggap ng RPm para makapagturo ka ng board subjects. *siyempre mas maganda kung may masteral units ka rin para mas ayos* Kapag pwede kang makapagturo ng psych subjects, syempre may salary ka. Kaya lang usually kapag part-time no work, no pay. Kaya kailangan mong mag-strive para mapermanent. Mas mataas ang rating ng licensed sa walang license. *sa campus namin ganoon*
~May bearing ang license sa academe. Kung minsan pwede ang partner ng RGC sa pag-administer ng exam o kaya naman minsan acting as guidance and counseling coordinator ka muna habang tinatapos mo ang materal mo *yes dapat kumuha ka para makuha mo iyang position na yan talaga at siyempre mapermanent ka*
~Maaari kang magvalidate ng mga gawa ng students mo o ng students ng iba. Siyempre huwag mong kalimutan humingi ng letter from them at certificate na ikaw nagvalidate noon magagamit mo sa CPD.
~Kapag napermanent ka sa school mo (college), may mga opportunities ka na maka-attend ng PAP o national seminars at sasagutin nila iyon kasi gusto nga ng advancement sa academic settings.

~Dito aminado ako, wala akong masyadong alam. Pero mula sa mga kaibigan ko, may ilang clinics na ayos ang pay at malaki ang help sa kanila kasi napapractice ang pinag-aralan. Nakakagawa ng psych reports plus nahahasa sa supervision ng RPsy.
~Dahil napapractice mo maaaring malaking tulong ito sa'yo kung sakaling magtake ka ng board for RPsy. May mga nakapagsabi kasi na maraming bumabagsak pa rin kahit nagtuturo doon. Kailangan kasi application talaga. Dapat rin tapos mo ang MA/MS/MP mo saka nakuha mo yung required subjects at minimum 200 hours na clinical practice.

~May 6 months training ka sa military kapag nakapasok ka sa screening procedure nila
~May rank ka na raw kapag nakapasok ka dahil license mo *naks feeling dauntless*
~Magagamit mo ang pinag-aralan mo
~Maganda ang pay at benefits
~Siyempre feeling strong 😄😂

~Kapag masuwerte ka dahil active ka sa field at may experience ka na sa mga iyan, kung minsan pwede ka rin maglecture sa review center. Through invitation po ito. Work hard, maabot rin natin ito.
~Research assistant habang nasa academe or pwedeng ikaw na mismo ang researcher. Sa academe kapag nakapagpublish ka may incentive ka. *sa amin 10k o higit pa. May iba mas malaki pa talaga*
~Facilitator ng team building
~Research panelist
~Test Validator

~Sa lahat ng ginagawa natin, dapat humingi tayo ng certificate, program ng event, saka letter of invitation para may CPD points tayo o maconvert natin ang mga yan sa CPD. Kasi kailangan makabuo tayo ng 45 CPD points sa loob ng tatlong taon.
OO. Mahigpit sa field natin na kailangan natin gumalaw at gumawa para makapag-renew. Tama naman dahil dapat updated tayo.
~Publish works, graduate ng master's degree, speakership, panelist, conventions, conferences, workshops, paper presentation, etc. ay ilan lamang sa pagkukunan ng CPD points.

~Ang alam ko papaconvert po iyon sa CPD sa PRC. Saka dapat may PAP certificate of good standing daw. Kung next year ka na, asikasuhin mo na maaga pa lang.
Sana nasagot ko ilang katanungan ninyo. Salamat po. Ilang beses na rin kaming nagpost dito pero this time use the #OPPORTUNITIESFORRPMkung sakaling gusto niyong mahanap agad ito.

Lahat po ng bagay ay mahirap. Sa mga RPms po na kakapasa lang, huwag po kayong sumuko. Nanggaling rin po ako diyan. Nasa sa iyo po iyan kung gusto mo ng growth at makuha ang desired na salary na gusto mo. Kung ako sa'yo, start ka muna sa experience at say 'yes' to opportunities! Be active! Hindi ka makikilala kung hindi ka nakikipag-interact at magpatuloy na mag-aral lang. Salamat po. :)

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FAQ on Registration and Oath taking

Saan po kami makakakuha ng Oath form and documentary stamps?
Sa PRC mismo

Nakapag register na po ako and waiting for oath taking na lang pero di po ako bumili ng ticket di po ko makakapunta sa oath taking on Oct.5 sa PICC.When po yung oath taking ng hindi pupunta?
Bumisita sa PRC Office kapag kukunin ang license/ID, certificate at hilingin ang PRC official na mag-take ka ng oath.

Hi good PM. Sorry to ask po again. Just want to know if ever po ba na hindi pa ako nakapag bayad ng 1050 sa pre-registration. Hindi po ba ako pwede magattend ng oath taking kahit may ticket na? 
Yo can attend the oath taking but PRC will not release your ID and certification since you are not paid yet. Your registration number appears or reflected in your ID and the certificate issued after the  oath taking.

Ask ko lang po ulit if kasama na dun sa Php700 ticket ang food sa oath taking sa PICC?
Per person ang bayad, passer at guest o yung kanyang kasama sa oath taking (entrance fee, seat, food and drinks).

Is it true that there is a morning and afternoon oath taking session (Nagkakaubusan daw po kasi ng pang-afternoon oath taking eh)?
Tama, may pang-umaga at pang-hapon dahil madami na ang magtake ng oath.
Morning oath taking - 9:00 AM
Afternoon oath taking - 1:30 PM

Anong oras matatapos?
Marahil mga 2-3 hours ang program lalo na may pang hapon pa na oath taking. Check ang PRC or PAP sa program.

Good morning po. Itatanong ko lang po. If pwede po bang next year oath taking nalang po 
sumabay yung passer ng year 2016? Tanong lang po. God bless po.
Hindi kayo allowed na mag-practice sa pagiging RPm kung hindi kayo nagtake ng oath kung balak nyo na sa 2017 pa kayo mag-oath.

Is there any outlet po for the ticket na pwede naming bilhan dto sa Vigan or Ilocos region po?
Sa PRC Manila lang po ang ticket outlet para sa oath taking, wala pong regional outlets.

Hello po, may update na po ba regarding the ticket for oathtaking for those who are based 
outside Manila?
PRC Manila lang ang bilihan ng ticket. Kung dito sa Manila ang oath taking nyo, magpabili na lang sa mga kakilala (ibigay ang inyong details sa kanila).

Good afternoon. Ang oath taking tickets po san po makakabili. Pag may 2 year old po bang 
batang kasama may bayad pa rin? Wala kasi mapapagiwanan.
Kung tungkol po sa bata subukan pong humanap ng mapag-iiwanan para wala na kayong ibang iintindihin pa at baka ma-bored lang ang bata sa event.

Pwedeng via online bumuli ng ticket for the oath taking ?
Wala pa pong online ticketing system ang PRC (for now).

Kasama pa po ba mga passers sa need bumili ng ticket? Or parents nlang?
Lahat ng papasok ng Plenary Hall ng PICC at dadalo ng oath taking ay magbabayad.

Required po ba n may magulang sa oath taking? 

Hindi po.

Hi good morning po, is there any news for the oath taking here in Cebu? So we can prepare, 
e.g., leave from work, attire, purchase the ticket, etc. Thank you! 😊 Also, I'm excited.
Wala pa po, check lang po ang inyong regional PRC office.

Hello po. Its me again.. question, pano po ung arrangement ng seats sa oath taking?
Per tables pa rin po ba xa o ung hilera nlng ng chairs this year?
Noong 2014 may mga round tables po  since may i-serve na pagkain at first come first served ang basis sa table free seating walang seating arrangement (may 3-5 tables reserved for guests, PRC officials at topnotchers in front of the stage).

Hi ask ko lang po kung may iba pa po bang nagbebenta ng ticket maliban sa may prc kasi po 
1 guest lang daw per passer. Isa lang binenta nilang ticketfor guests.
PRC lang po.

Nakapag oath na po kami sa prc ,in case na gusto namin na mag oath sa mga susunod na year sa PICC, it depends na lang po samin kung uulit kami ng oath ?
It is your decision, check PRC... I have not heard of repeated oath taking

May question po ako. Required po ba umattend ng oath taking para makuha license?
No but you can practice until you have taken an oath with any of PRC officials.

Hi, pwede po mag ask? kung hindi po ba mkkapunta ng oath taking, pwede po bang mgpabili nlng ng psychometrician pin sa klasm8 na mkkpnta?
Check po nyo ang PRC or PAP.

Hello po 😊 di po ba necessary mag attend ng oath taking sa Cebu or Davao? and saan po pwede maka bili or makakuha ng pin kung hindi makakadalo ng oath taking?
Check po nyo ang PRC or PAP.

Dahil po wala akong makuhang tulong mula PRC, hehe, itatanong ko na lang din po sa inyo 
kung paano ko po kaya mareretrieve yung account ko sa PRC Online if nalimutan ko yung 
password ko? Hindi po kasi nagana yung option na "Forgot Password" eh.
Visit and check with PRC.

My friend is asking, pano po ba nagiging conditional ung status?
Sa ibaba ng score meron pong nakasulat na conditional - kung fail naman po - tanggapin na lang po na fail. Basahin din ang batas anong ibig sabihin ng conditional sa link na ito -  http://psychometricpinas.blogspot.com/p/ra-10029-or-philippine-psychology-act.html

Nag exam po ko neto lang and yung general weighted ko po eh 74.80 is there any possibilities po ba na maconsider po ito?
Kung failed ang nakasulat sa ilalim ng score mo, tanggapin mo na ito at pagbutihin sa susunod na exam.

Helo may I ask, when is the next board exam? Thanks! Good day
Wala pa pong schedule, check lang po nyo ang PRC Exam Schedule. For 2017 maaring mga buwan ng Disyembre sa taong ito lumabas ang schedule.

Kaylan po ulit ang review for RPM's thanks
Check po ang FB page ng mga review centers - may listing kami sa blog.

Magandang gabe po admin pano po magpamember sa PAP po ? Salamat po sa response.
Check PAP FB Page or website for details

Hi is there a psychometrician licensure exam here in dubai?
Wala pa po, Pilipinas pa lang sa ngayon.

Hi sir tino balak ko po mag-exam next year kaso nagdadalawang isip po ako kung rgo o sparks ano po ba marerecommend niyo ? thanks po
Follow discussion here - https://www.facebook.com/psychometricianreviewer/posts/534774020066415

Hello! Gandang gabi po.. pwede po bang magtanong kung paano po magpa-enroll sa Spark?
PM nyo po sila sa FB Page nila

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Open Letter to the Silent Warriors of BLEPP 2016


a Ann

To those whose time has not yet come, There may be thousands of thoughts running through your mind now, So many you don't know how to make it stop, so many you just want to explode and you wished you could have a built-in self destruct button for times like these... And it doesn't help that every time you refresh your facebook wall, or twitter, or instagram, you see another happy passer posting about their success. Not to undermine those who passed of course but can you help it if you feel upset? Each post reminds you that you weren't able to make it and that must suck like hell.. Or maybe even hell would taste a little bit sweeter. But hey, this will pass and when it does, it is then you can decide what to do next. Do you really want this? If so, how badly? Would it be worth the pain of trying and hoping again? Taking an exam again after you failed is like choosing to love again after a nasty break up. At the moment you feel like you can't go on... At the moment you want nothing more but to forget and avoid anything that reminds you of that great love... But then the dust settles and they tears from your eyes dries, and you realize that this chance may be worth one more try. So don't give up. No, I know strength is not the absence of weakness, but that despite that, you still choose not to give up. So cry now but plan later. Sabi nga ni Adler, we are motivated by feelings of inferiority which urges us to strive and strive... You will reach your success.. You define it and you get to decide how to come to terms with it. Just remember. You are much more than ratings on a piece of paper... You are much more than what you give yourself credit for. Sincerely yours, Fellow Psych Major

PRC Verification of Rating

Visit prc.gov.ph and click the verification of rating menu, supply the needed information,  to check your rating.

Revenge the Third Time Around


Albert Bandera shared his post.

"Nagreview, bumagsak, nagretake, bumagsak, nagdasal, naghiganti, PUMASA!"

Last 2014, I took BLEPP. Fresh grad ako. Sabi kasi nila mag take daw ng board habang fresh pa yung pinag aralan. So I did.
Nag review, nag procrastinate, nag post sa facebook ng mga reviewers hehe, nag libot ng simbahan, bumagsak.
Ang sakit. Pero yung sakit may halong "okay lang wala naman nakakaalam na nag take ako."
"first time tsaka mahirap daw talaga so okay lang." Pero sayang...
Yung tipong makikita mo sa facebook, "Congrats sating mga pasado, sa mga hindi okay lang yan bawi next year..."
Habang ako.. "Uy congrats sa mga pasado.. Galing galing niyo!!:) " pero deep inside... "tang ina niyo nasasabi niyo lang yan kasi pasado kayo...Punyeta!"
Bitter na kung bitter pero hindi sila nakakatulong hahaha. Bakit kasi nag facebook pa ko?
Second take, 2015. Confident! Well.. been there, done that! alam ko na ang dapat kong aralin...
So nag focus ako sa Psych assessment dahil siya ang nag pahamak sakin nung first take ko.
"Nag aral ng psych assessment, nag exam ng patago, bumagsak nanaman." (pero mataas raw score ko sa psych assessment hihihihi pero bagsak parin ratings ko haha)
July 31 ang saya saya sa bahay kasi birthday ng ate ko. 7pm nalaman kong bagsak ulit ako. Nalaglag ako sa kama so literal na bumagsak rin ako. Akala sa bahay ang OA ko dahil kung makaiyak parang bumagsak lang naman sa kama.
Yun ang akala nila... Well mom, dad, brother, and sister... sa board exam po ako bumagsak.
Siyempre pamilya, "ganun talaga, bawi ka nalang" "baka hindi mo pa time" "bla bla bla bla"
Nung time na yun naiiyak ako sa galit. Galit na galit ako. Galit ako sa sarili ko kung bakit pinaabot ko pa sa ganito!
Sa sobrang galit ko, nagsulat ako sa wall ko ng RPm tapos pinag hahampas ko. Sa huli, ako lang nasaktan sa ginawa ko.
Bumagsak, nasaktan, BUMANGON!
NAG-ARAL AKO AGAD! habang umiiyak ako nung nalaman ko yung result kinuha ko agad ang notes ko. NAG BASA AKO AGAD!
Murray is the bla bla bla kahit nanlalabo mata ko sa luha, pinilit ko parin. Wala ng grieving process na naganap. Hindi na ko umasa na nasa conditional ako... Bagsak kung bagsak punyeta!
Mahigit isang taon ako nga prepare. Pero nandun parin yung takot na paano kung hindi lang sa basketball yung 3peat? paano kung sa akin din? Yung tipong pipila nanaman ako sa PRC... Pero sabi nga ni father, you have to carry the cross kahit mabigat.
Hindi ko alam kung paano ako pinalaki ng magulang ko at wala akong kadala dala hehe. At sa ikatlong pagkakataon susubok nanaman ako...
Nag pursigi, nag dasal, ipinag dasal, at PUMASA
Sa ikatlo at huling pagtake ko ng exam wala ng sikre sikretong naganap.
"Oo mag tetake ako ng board! la kang pake may 900 pesos ako"
Yung tipong pagkatapos mo mag take ng exam maiisip mo yung reliability ng exam, pahirap ba ng pahirap kada taon? nag iimprove ba validity ng exam? Yung psych assessment hindi consistent. Mahirap, madali, mahirap... bla bla bla...
Sabi nila "bakit mo pagpipilitan sarili mo sa isang bagay na ayaw umayon sa gusto mo?"
"exam lang yan, hindi yan sukatan ng pagkatao mo"
Hindi naman yun eh, nag take ako hindi para sa tatlong letra sa dulo ng pangalan. Nag take ako para mapatunayan sa sarili ko na kaya ko. Kahit na sabihing "exam lang yan"
sus! kaya natin lokohin yung ibang tao na wala lang satin. Pero pagbali baliktarin man ang mundo, masakit. Maapektuhan ka parin.
Yung weekends na inalay ko sa review imbis na sa pahinga, yung mga lakad na isinangtabi ko muna para mag review, yung hygiene ko na napabayaan na hahahaha. Worth it lahat.
Basta pag sinabayan ng sincere na pagdadasal, suporta ng pamilya at kaibigan, at pag aaral. Walang imposible.
Kaya para sa lahat ng hindi pinalad, wag kayong susuko! Umiyak kayo pero wag kayo mag mukmok! Wag niyo itago kung mag reretake kayo ulit. MARAMI TAYONG PANG RETAKE! Pero siyempre mas masarap kung yung 900 mo ipapang buffet mo na lang hehe.
Ipangako niyo sa sarili niyo na next year makikita niyo na ang pangalan niyo sa result...
Sa mga pumasa naman nung 2014, 2015, at 2016.. La kong paki sainyo! Hehehe congrats, alam kong pinag hirapan niyo yan. (labas ilong) Joke.
At para sa sarili ko, congrats... ang tigas ng mukha mo! hehehe
-Albert Bandera, RPm
(Mula sa post sa Filipino Psychometrician Group)

Monday, September 5, 2016

Result of BLEPP 2016

August 2016 Psychometrician Licensure Examination results released in three (3) working days

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announces that 3,690 out of 7,312 passed the Psychometrician Licensure Examination given by the Board of Psychology in Manila, Baguio, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi and Lucena last August 2016.
The members of the Board of Psychology who gave the licensure examination are Ms. Miriam P. Cue, Chairman; Ms. Alexa P. Abrenica and Ms. Imelda Virginia G. Villar, Members.
The results were released in three (3) working days after the last day of examination.
From September 12 to September 14, 2016, registration for the issuance of Professional Identification Card (ID) and Certificate of Registration will be done on-line. Please go to www.prc.gov.ph and follow instructions for initial registration. Those who will register are required to bring the following: duly accomplished Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal, 2 pieces passport size picture (colored with white background and complete name tag) and 2 sets of documentary stamps. Successful examinees should personally register and sign in the Roster of Registered Professionals.
The date and venue for the oathtaking ceremony of the new successful examinees in the said examination WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER.
Source - http://www.prc.gov.ph/news/?id=5270&page=0&maxrows=10

BLEPP 2016 Top 10

Roll of Successful Examinees


Kung nawawalan ka ng motivation baka sakaling makatulong itong mga larawan para magising ka. :) Bukod sa video na aming ibinahagi kanina, gusto rin naming ibahagi ngayon sa'yo ang mga larawan na maaaring makapag-motivate sa'yo. Feel free to share! 

Keep the faith! Kita-kits sa oath-taking!


Mula sa aming mga puso, gusto namin kayong batiin na congrats dahil lumaban ka! Gusto rin naming iparating sa'yo ngayon na hindi ka nag-iisa sa laban mo. Marami kaming sumusuporta sa'yo. Para maipakita iyon, panoorin mo ang #HugAPsychMajorDay video na inihanda para sa’yo! Sana magustuhan mo! 💓💓

Keep the faith, bes! ♡

Para naman sa mga nagpasa ng larawan para magpakita ng suporta, maraming salamat po dahil pinasaya mo kaming lahat at ang ating kapwa Psych majors! Sa page na ito, napatunayan namin na kahit saan mang panig ka ng bansa natin, iisa tayo ng mithiin: Magbuklod at magkaisa para suportahan ang mga kapwa Psych majors natin. Muli, salamat!

Ngayon, yakapin na natin ang bawat isa mga bes! *sending virtual hug is on!* Let us make the hashtags, #HugAPsychMajorDay #LabanBes#BesKitaNoMatterWhat na patuloy na magtrend sa Twitter at Facebook! ♡♡

Kaninang umaga nagtrend na tayo at nakisama pa sa atin si Xian Lim! *uh, Psych major din siya ayon sa isa niyang interview*

Trending tayo!

Xian Lim needs hug from us!

Habang wala pa ang resulta, patuloy pa rin nating ipakita ang good vibes!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

BLEPP 2016 Room Assignments

Room Assignments

Note - If your name is not on the list visit PRC Office where you applied and check their bulletin board for BLEPP 2016 room assignments.  Previous years some names were inadvertently omitted but their names were posted at PRC. 

  1. Examinees should report before 6:30 in the morning every examination day.LATE EXAMINEES WILL NOT BE ADMITTED.
  2. Bring the following: Notice of Admission (NOA), Official Receipt, pencils no. 1 or 2,  black ball pens, metered-stamped window mailing envelope, long brown and long plastic envelopes.
  4. Wear the prescribed dress code.

Note: You may bring your mobile phone but it will be put in a place/corner of the testing room together with your other belongings (bags, envelope, etc).

Source - http://www.prc.gov.ph/licensure/?id=26