Monday, September 21, 2015

Life After Boards: Joan Marielle J. Pilapil, RPm

“No guts, no glory.”

This is the official life philosophy of Joan Marielle J. Pilapil, or Maye, and she has embodied this well when she took and passed the very first Board Licensure Examination for Psychometricians last 2014. A BS Psychology graduate of San Pedro College of Davao City, the 23-year-old sports and travel enthusiast currently works as a Human Resource Specialist in a BPO company.

One factor why Maye took the board exam is to have the extra three letters after her name. Another factor was some of her friends and batch mates in college also decided to take the first board exam. Reviewing for the various subjects was a challenge for her, for she was also juggling her work as HR personnel. But she did not let her this hinder from preparing for the board exam. In her free time, she would read her notes, and sometimes review them when eating out in a fast food chain. Maye also attended weekly review classes offered by her alma mater. Maye pointed out that Psychological Assessment was the most challenging subject and that its difficulty added up to her anxiety while waiting for the results.  But instead of wasting her time worrying, Maye focused her job and bonded with her friends.

It was on the evening of November 4, 2014 when she learned that she has passed the boards. When asked about what she felt when she saw her name on the list of passers, Maye said she was “overwhelmed! Wala ko nag-expect! After sa board exam, especially sa psych assessment, wala nako nag-expect na maka-pasa ko.”

(I did not expect [to pass]! After the board exam, especially on Psych Assessment, I did not really expect that I will pass.)

Maye stated that passing the board exam and having a license is an edge on her current job as an HR Specialist. She has stated that her current company plans to utilize psychological tests to assess applicants and employees, and that she will be the one to oversee these tasks in the future.

Maye is keen to learn more about the field of Human Resource and plans to have a psychological testing center in her hometown, General Santos City. With her guts and her attitude, Maye is determined to pursue her dreams and make them come true.

Starting today, we will have a weekly feature named "Life After Boards," stories of Registered Psychometricians after passing the Board Licensure Examination for Psychometricians. These stories aim to inspire future Registered Psychometricians to pursue on their goals, both professional and personal, and utilize their knowledge and skills in Psychology for the greater good.

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