Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Updated Initial Registration Process for BLEPP (Psychometrician) Passers and Schedule of Registration

(Updated 24 November 2014, 11:19 PM)

Check Window H at PRC-Manila to get your result just show your NOA - as shared by those who registered today, some missed the opportunity of verifying result of their board exam when they went today at PRC for their initial registration.

(Updated 24 November 2014, 5:00 PM)

Registration Process/ Reminders for PRC Main/Central Office (Manila) 

Shared by Kim Asban and Christian Noel AbiƱo

(Location PRC Manila)

1. Buy two (2) documentary stamps at the PRC cooperative store (just after the entrance door).

2. Proceed to PRC registration division (ground floor, main bldg).

3. Present your NOA/Valid ID to the officer in-charge of printing of OATH FORM. Attach 1 doc stamp.

4. Fill up cedula part and submit to step 2, VERIFICATION WINDOW (right side of bldg) and present your OATH FORM to claim  PRC EXAMINATION and REGISTRATION CARD.

5. Proceed to CASHIER to pay the initial registration fee Php1,050.00.  At the back of registration card write amount paid, OR # and date.

6. Proceed to window 7/8 (inside bldg again) and submit registration card. REGISTRATION CARD will be collected by the officer.

7. Proceed to window 9/10 for fingerprinting and submission of docs. While waiting for your turn, place 1 doc stamp and 1 passport size picture inside brown envelope. Write your License Number underneath profession on the brown envelope (indicated on the registration sheet to be given by window 7/8) and sequence number on the upper right corner of the envelope (indicated on the registration card-upper part). Sign the PRC registration sheet and affix your thumbmark.

8. After you have filled out the Registry Sheet, proceed to REGISTRATION WINDOWS. Show your PRC EXAMINATION and REGISTRATION CARD, 1 DOCU STAMP, REGISTRY SHEET. After you present the requirements, the claim stub will be given to you.

Additional Notes:

a) Bring brown envelope write your full name & profession, ballpen, marker and passport size picture with nametag (only ONE is needed). LICENSE NO. at the LEFT UPPER PORTION OF SHORT BROWN ENVELOPE, whereas, the SEQUENCE NO. is on the RIGHT UPPER PORTION.

b) Follow the schedule. You will told to come back another date if you are not scheduled that day.

c) Don't forget to claim the stub. Cards will be released during oath taking.

d) Extra documentary stamp and one PASSPORT SIZE ID picture put inside the SHORT BROWN ENVELOPE will be submitted to PRC.

e) The PRC ID AND Certificate of Registration will be issued at the OATH TAKING at PICC  so bring the stub with you on Dec 9, 2014.


(Updated - 19 November 2014, 8:41 PM)


(Updated - 18 November 2014, 7:50 PM)

(Credits to Ms. Gwynn Nilo of UST)/ https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=897642920276526&set=gm.385238161632424&type=1&theater

Schedule and Alphabetical Order

November  24, 2014           ABAD                     KO

November 25, 2014           LABCAEN               QUITOS

November 26, 2014           RADA                       ZUYCO


1) Oath form
2) 1 pc passport size picture/name tag
3) 2 pcs documentary stamps
4) short brown envelope - labeled with your complete name
5) Php 1,050.00 fee
6) 2014 Cedula/Residence certificate

Note those dates November 24-26 2014 for the registration.

Initial Registration

Below is the process for board passers to follow when they apply for registration.

Initial registrants are advised to observe the following steps:
  1. Download your oath form HERE and bring the following: 

    1.1 Printed Oath Form. Please note that there is NO NEED to have the Oath Form notarized.
    1.2 One (1) documentary stamp
    1.3 One (1) passport size picture in plain background with complete name tag (for Registry of Professionals)
    1.4 Current Community Tax Certificate (cedula) 
  2. Present duly accomplished or downloaded oath form at designated counter/window (verification officer) for assessment of prescribed fees.

  3. Proceed to the cashier window to pay the prescribed fee. Cashiers’ windows are located at the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors of the PRC Annex Bldg and/or at the ground floor of the PRC Main Bldg.. 

    Registration Fee (in PhP)Annual Fee (in PhP)
    Baccalaureate (except for Maritime Professions)600450
    Marine Deck/Engineer Officers600750
  4. After payment, proceed to the designated Registration counter/window. The Registration Officer will print Registry Sheet with assigned Registration / License Number to be signed and thumb marked by the Registrant.

  5. Upon completion of the Registry Sheet, issuance officer shall issue claim slip/stub.

  6. Receive claim slip/stub and claim your Professional Identification Card as scheduled indicated on your claim slip/stub.

Source - http://www.prc.gov.ph/registration/?id=28

Meanwhile PRC will be increasing by 100% all the former fees that it used to charge.