Sunday, November 2, 2014

Crowdsourcing PSYCHOMETRICIANS LENS: 2014 BLEPP Anecdotes

After day-2 or the last day of the BLEPP (Psychometrician), we were receiving complaints and feedback about the exam particularly Psychological Assessment on our FB page. We have to make our FB page offline for few days in order not to breach the attestation of non-disclosure.

So to make those complaints formal and official we suggest our FB readers/likers to send us private message or email us those complaints and we can collate and send them to the Board of Psychology of PRC.

In line with this, we are requesting you our readers to make our experience of the licensure exam a lasting memory and a legacy, whether we did good or failed in our first attempt in the history of Philippine Psychology. It is by way of anecdotes which we entitled,  Psychometricians Lens: Anecdotes of the Pioneers on the 2014 BLEPP.

We would like to feature here in our blog those personal stories and experiences of the board exam. Since we are pioneers we would like to document them for posterity. And we  hope those experiences will serve as lesson  and a a source of inspiration for those who will take the exam after us. We would truly appreciate your contribution. 

The goal or objective of this anecdotes crowdsourcing include: 

  1. sharing of personal story and experiences of the board exam (not necessarily the content of the board exam)
  2. lessons learned to serve as source of inspiration for future test takers
  3. to post in blog these anecdotes and transform them to free-downloadable e-book.

Note: copyrights belongs to/will remain with the author/contributor and will be co-shared as a creative commons when posted in the blog or made into an ebook.

So what are the requirements:

  1. not more than 3-4 paragraphs
  2. at least 500 words
  3. written in any Philippine language such as Tagalog/Filipino/Visayan/Ilocano/(English/Taglish)
  4. send us your article via PM on FB or email to

What and how to write, it can be humorous, anxious, fun, informative, academic, etc. How you got to know about the exam, the struggle of finding out information about the exam during your application, your preparation and review and the result and outcome (which will be out next week) - whether pass or fail. Also, if you have some issues and concerns or constructive feedback, recommendations and suggestions to the Board of Psychology of PRC then write about it as well. Refrain from discussing content of the exam though so we will not breach the non-disclosure policy of the board exam. 

We hope to feature 10-20 stories (depending on the submissions) both of those who will be successful and those who did not make it on their first attempt of the licensure exam. We also wish to provide copy to the Board of Psychology of PRC so that they will be made aware of  our experiences and concerns as test takers and pioneers.