Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Use Wikipedia as your Review Material for Psychometrician Licensure Exam

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Wikipedia is definitely the most accessible source of information too many of us with internet connection. Who needs books and text book anyway? But of course the academe will frown on you if you would insist on using wikipedia alone and not the scientific canon! So for psychometrician licensure exam reviewers, to resolve such issue, it is always good to check and refer back to your text books.  Make sure though that you also get the latest  text book at least published 3-5 years back. Psychology is a dynamic field of study that continue to evolve with the latest discoveries and scientific researches.

This is where wikipedia comes handy, the content is updated instantaneously, unlike books that will take time to get revised, but now online versions of text books  (e-books) are also now available and you can get updated version from the sites of the publishers, well the disadvantage of course is the costs.

Just to cite an example, in college in the 1990s, 2-3 decades ago, validity has a different meaning with what has evolved in late 20th century (makes me feel so ancient like a dinosaur). So there is now a different reinterpretation of test validity: a traditional view/classical models and current view/modern models  for validity as it is used and understood in psychological testing.

So compare Test Validity on:

  • with what is on your textbook - (? year)
  • and that of a later  version of textbook say by Miller, McIntire, Lovler (2011), citing  the studies of Brennan, Kane, Goodwin and Leech among others.
  • well even the text book by Philippine authors Munarriz and Cervera (2013) still discussed the classical model on test validity.

But then again it is good to know both models, the old and the new and application-wise we would know better which should prevail and more appropriate as concept and in our practice.

So my advise, maximize your internet access and read/review using wikipedia, but double check and refer back to your text book and make sure you get to compare it with a later edition. Supplement your readings with what other materials you can find online from the website of psych organizations (PAP, APA, etc), free online journals, scientific articles, and of course this blog, and even facebook, etc.

And to have some focus on what to read and review refer to this older blog post -

Happy reviewing!

Share your review strategies and materials as well!


  1. Hi. I am a BS Biology graduate and I am interested in taking MA in Psychology. May I know where do you study your masters degree? What exams did you take? How to prepare for it (especially since I have no background)? Also, what school do you recommend? What are jobs can we do after (is it more of research, teaching or social work)? Thanks :)

  2. hi, UST, UP, Ateneo, DLSU, PUP, FEU, etc are among the universities that offer MA. Some of these U will have to evaluate your TOR if they can take you to the MA class although in western countries psychobiology is very much a common field of specialization.Check out those universities and find out their programs. As to jobs there are varieties of jobs that await a Psych graduate and dependin on the specialization - Human Resource, clinical, educational/counselor settings, etc.