Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Review Plan for BLEPP 2019

It is never too early to review!  That's 299 days to go as of posting (1 January 2019) . Often a reviewee would complaint that he was not able to cover as much and feels unprepared when the exam date is near. For the reason that he only prepared and reviewed 4-3 months ahead of the exam date. So better to prepare ahead than worry and complain later on.

So first thing first we hope that you have an appreciation of the law RA 10029 or the Philippine Psychology Act of 2009, which you can read from this link. (http://psychometricpinas.blogspot.com/p/ra-10029-or-philippine-psychology-act.html

Also, we have a Frequently Ask Questions which you can read from this link, although not updated but most of the items remain relevant today, and we hope even for #BLEPP2019.  Do inform for important changes. (http://psychometricpinas.blogspot.com/p/faq-madalas-na-ta.html)

Below is a suggested calendar for your game plan - strategy for BLEPP 2019.  The plan is to spend a week each month to review a particular topic/subject (Theories of Personality, Abnormal Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Psychological Assessment). So spend time reading and reviewing for the month of January until June and drill (quiz/test) for the month of July leading to exam month in October. 

Depending on your preference you may want to review each month a particular subject and then do the drills at the end of each month. But it is highly suggested that 2 months before the exam spend more time doing drills than reading and reviewing so you get to practice reading questions and answering them accurately.

Below is a monthly review plan for a particular topic/subject. Fill those empty cells with keywords you've learned and number of hours spent to monitor your progress.

The matrix below is a monthly review plan but different  topic/subject is tackled each week. This is suggested so you don't get saturated with a particular topic or subject and the tendency to look forward to doing a new topic. But again it depends on your preference.

Often a reviewee would asks, "what to review"? The PRC Board of Psychology issued in 2014 a Table of Specifications (TOS)  which has not changed as of this posting. The TOS is the supposed to be coverage of the licensure exam containing outcome, its equivalent percentage and number of items. Although some would complain that the TOS is not representative of what appeared in their licensure exam, but then again, better to have a clue than clueless on what to review.

So below is a table of the TOS and a suggested review plan. Suit yourself as to how you want to do it (make your own strategy/diskarte). One strategy is to pay particular attention to the number of items especially for Psych Assessment it is 150 items. Should you be able to learn and master by heart at least 150 items then you have a good chance. Provided that all those items you learned would appear in the exam so better to learn at least 200 or more items to make sure you cover widely on the subject. Again the TOS should serve as a guideline on what to include in your review, but you are not precluded to cover as much as you can.

Qualitatively fill those blank spaces with: keywords, concepts, ideas, theories, names that you have encountered in your reading. Be sure that you are able to repeat/explain to yourself these things. Also, quantitatively you should monitor the number of chapters you have covered, pages read and hours spent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

In any examination is not only the familiarity with terms and concepts or cognitive accumulation that matters, but it also takes building and gaining confidence. So that on the exam day, you may get anxious at first but with confidence you are able to deliver and answer your test paper accurately. So it is both cognitive and affective preparations that matters for your success for BLEPP 2019. Good luck! 

Should you want to download the links in pdf or excel format - check links here:

Excel File (several sheets embedded)

PDF File