Thursday, December 31, 2015

Blogging: The TEAM RPM's Way!

The main task of the Philippine Psychometrician Reviewer is to promote the profession of psychologists and psychometricians in public. Its senior admins and hardworking associates help our fellow psych majors to fulfill their goal in passing the board examination. We continue to write, blog and post to social media the relevant events, updates, and information so our profession gets duly recognized and we continue to build awareness about Philippine Psychology Act of 2009. 

Of course, as one of our reasons to continue blogging, that is to help our fellow psychology majors in pursuing the title of Registered Psychometrician, RPm. So we provide visual aids, sample questions, and relevant infos that they need. We post stuffs that are easy to digest; surely, we consider their appropriateness to our target readers. So, this time, I listed some ways on how Philippine Psychometrician Reviewer Team communicates to its readers.

Image Courtesy: Tino Repaso
First, it is very important to consider that  a blogger's post is CONSISTENT with original sources. Basically, that's how we fell in love with our passionate and very industrious founder, Sir Tino Repaso, who inspired us to reach out to our psych-mates, through blogging. He use to post and blog various info, links, sample quizzes, and relevant events that were retrieved from original sources online. He continuously blog and post links, to spread the information needed by readers, and interested individuals in the field of psychology. And with such, his passion to help his target readers, bear fruits among the pioneering batch of BLEPP test takers. 

Image Courtesy: Admin Riyan

Reading science stuff may sometimes be exhausting, but not to our Professor/Senior Admin Riyan. She's experienced and learned how to be creative with her students, and so as a blogger, she also learned the art of blog, articles, and posts that are dealing with FUN and LOVE. Her posts touch the hearts of our target readers. Some of such entries were generated, basically, to maximize the application of psychology in real life of a normal Filipino student. She fills her posts with every bite of her bitter-sweet 'hugot' examples, to touch the imagination and interest of our fellow psychology majors.

The fun never stops, as the admins passionately pave way to some AMUSING posts, to redirect the 'seriousness' of preparation for board exam, to a somewhat easy way of reviewing and remembering psychology lessons.  Of course, with the powerful influence of our dear comrades in our blog, I was inspired to communicate with creativity to our readers, through creating memes that were themed with puns (thanks to Ma'am Riyan). This, kind of approach was effective to catch our readers' interest to read more about the 'psych' related subjects - making their learning experience lighter.

As part of the blogging community, I'm really thankful on how the passion of my team mates in TEAM RPM to reach out, via blogging, made me more efficient with what I do as an individual in this field of social media. Blogging made me realize on how important our efforts to those people, who were touched by our generosity by means of information that we facilitate. It is the time and effort that we give to our readers, that makes us closer to them. It is through our blog, that will lead our fellow psych majors to reach their goal and survive the annual BLEPP.

"THANKS FOR READING! There are more articles posted, by our wonderful admins, here in our BLOG! You may also like and share our  updates on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. HAVE A PLEASANT DAY AHEAD!" ~Admin Donnies


There's only one thing that I would like to add on our way of blogging which was submitted to an awesome blog (The Ched Project) in response to building an audience:

"It should be reader-friendly. Avoid using highfalutin words and vague terms in your blog content. On our blog, there are a lot of times that we use Filipino language as a medium and “trending” terms that our target audience will understand. We captivate them by adjusting ourselves to their level. Most of the time, we try to make some theories in Psychology and review materials as fun as possible and as simple as possible just to ensure that our audience in this field will relate to the topic.

No matter how passionate you are with your goals if the content of your blog isn’t simple enough in providing information, your target readers will look for other blogs of the same niche to help them better understand the topic. So as for me, the rule is just pretty simple, let your blog be a reader-friendly or lose them."

We really appreciate your comments and participation on our page! All of your likes and shares motivate us to post more fun memes, articles, review links, and updates on our blog and facebook page. I hope you share some of yours too, so we can featured it here!

We're looking forward to see some of your posts in 2016! We are hoping that more Psychology majors will create more blogs to share their views and ideas! 

Cheers to New Year, mga Psych alagad! 

Admin Riyan :D


Admin Riyan

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

BAGONG TAON 2016: ANO ANG NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION MO? Mga Karaniwang New Year's Resolution na Hindi Natutupad

Malapit na naman ang bagong taon, marami na naman ang lokohan (hahaha biro lang). Alam mo ba, mas maraming pangako ang napapako pagkatapos pumasok ang bagong taon? Marami sa atin na hindi napapansin ang ilan sa mga bagay na paulit-ulit na nating sinasabi tuwing papasok ang bagong taon.

Ito ang ilan lamang sa mga hindi natutupad base sa mga naririnig ko nang paulit-ulit mula sa mga katrabaho, kaibigan, kapamilya, kapuso, kasangga at kaklase:

1. Mag-iipon na talaga ako at hindi na gagastos pa. ‪Usapang financial ito pero ewan ko na lang. Mahirap iwasan ang pagkain kasi iyan ang una nating pangangailangan. Malamang kapag may bagong bukas na resto hindi ka na naman magpapahuling hindi kumain at ma-picturan iyon.

2. Magdidiet at mag-eexercise na ako! ‪Kung natupad yan last year, for sure, may abs ka na ngayon. Gusto mo kasi ng healthy living pero kapag niyaya ka, hindi makakatanggi. Ang karaniwang defense mechanism para dito, rationalization

Scene sa Kusina:
*Nakakita ng pagkain*

Di bale, konti lang naman! Saka ngayon lang naman ako kakain, hindi nakakadagdag ito ng fats. *nom nom nom*

Note: Pero sa totoo lang, mahirap talaga ang pagdidiet kaya kailangan ng isandaang porsyentong motivation para magawa mo ito. 

3. Magmomove on na ako. </3 ‪Sige lokohin mo pa sarili mo. Mag-move on ka na lang kung gusto mo talagang mag move on. :D Nasa sa iyo naman iyon. Mangangako ka pa na magugulat siya sa'yo at magsisisi