Monday, April 27, 2015

Schools Required to Submit List of Graduates to PRC

(Note - in the template SO Number is included) 

Resolution 2015-885 series of 2015, is posted on the walls of PRC Application Division informing applicants that their application can only be processed if their names were submitted by their school to PRC. Below is the news that reiterates PRC's implementation of the said resolution  that was first issued as Resolution No. 2008-475.

Those applying for licensure exam or BLEPP, try to ensure that your name is included in the list of graduates that your school submits to PRC.

Posted on 1/21/2015

Manila, January 21, 2015 --- The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) reiterates the implementation of Commission Resolution No. 2008-475, requiring registrar of schools, colleges and universities to submit a certified and notarized list of graduates of courses or holders of degrees who are possible examinees of licensure examinations.

The list, noted by the President/Chairman of the Board of the academic institution, should indicate the following information/column in excel file format:

Last Name (L_name), First Name (F_name), Middle Name (M_name), Course, School, Date Graduated (Dt_grad), SO No. (SO_no), SO Date (SO_date)

It must also indicate whether the necessary transcript of records had been issued to the graduates/degree holders and be submitted both in hard and digitized copies to within fifteen (15) days from date of conferment.

The need to revive and enforce the policy is to ensure that all examinees taking the licensure examinations have been conferred with the required academic degrees by their academic institutions.

“Applicants for licensure examinations whose names do not appear in the list of graduates of courses or holders of degrees provided by the academic institution from which they represent to have finished their course or obtained their degree shall not be allowed to take the licensure examination”, the PRC said.

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