Friday, April 24, 2015

Requirements for Repeaters for the Licensure Exam for Psychometrician

(Note: this is not an official PRC list, it needs further verification
This serves as advance information to all those who have been asking us 
re requirements as per our latest contact with the PRC.)

Updated 26 May 2015 

Bring your old NOA and also a print out of your rating. 

For those asking - YES you can file application for examination both repeaters or first timers at the regional PRC office. No need to come to Manila and suffer yourself with the congestion and chaos at the PRC main office. Also, examination will be held in several key cities: Baguio, Manila, Legaspi, Cebu, and Davao.


Based from the information we gathered from PRC, above would be the list of requirements for those who are repeaters or will retake the licensure exam for Psychometrician (BLEPP) this coming July 21-22, 2015.  So from the original requirements last year the only documents not included for repeaters to submit are the Certificates of Good Moral Character.

So before going to PRC to file your application for the licensure exam, try to secure first all the listed requirements above. At least both NBI and NSO documents could now be ordered or applied online.

There might be changes once PRC entertain application this coming month of May 2015, so just be open to any possibilities of either inclusions or exclusions of documents. And do let us know once you apply of the exact requirements for repeaters for us to inform others as well.

As to the process - first visit the PRC website, click the online application system and update your data or information for changes and save it.

Then, visit the closest PRC office in your place and follow the process of application by submitting those required original/photocopied documents.

Good luck to all repeaters and may you all make it this time!
Kami naman sa 2015! 

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