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Review Centers Claim to Fame and Survey Result

The survey was posted here  with the following instruction - (ONLY FOR THOSE WHO REVIEWED VIA REVIEW CENTER.) The purpose of this survey is for us to learn the experiences of those who availed review for the Board Licensure Exam for Psychometrician offered by review centers. The result of the survey also aims to provide constructive feedback to these review centers for them to further improve their services. So we hope you can help answer this survey. Survey result and output will be shared in our blog. Please be assured that your identity and responses will be kept confidential. Survey will take about 4-5 minutes to answer.) Replies were gathered from the period of November 1-6, 2014.  There were 48 respondents. Below are the results/responses using Google Survey Analytics.

Female = 38
Male    = 10

Respondents'  Schools
  • Assumption College - Makati
  • Adamson University
  • CEU
  • Colegio de San Juan de Letran - Manila
  • Colegio de San Juan De Letran - Calamba
  • Dominican College San Juan
  • EAC- Manila
  • Eulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology
  • Holy Angel University
  • Jesus Reigns Christian College
  • La Consolacion University of the Philippines
  • LPU-Batangas
  • LSPU
  • Lyceum of the Philippines University
  • Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite Campus
  • Manila Central University
  • Manila Tytana Colleges
  • New Era University
  • Notre Dame of Dadiangas University
  • Pasig  Catholic College
  • PCU
  • Perpetual Help-Molino Campus
  • PUP
  • Saint Louis College
  • Saint Louis University
  • San Pedro College, Davao City
  • San Sebastian College-Recoletos de Cavite
  • Southern Luzon State University
  • Southville International School and Colleges
  • St. Theresa's College
  • St. Dominic College of Asia
  • Universidad De Manila
  • University of Caloocan City
  • University of the Assumption
  • University of the Cordilleras
  • University of the East - Manila
  • UST
  • Xavier  University

Review Centers

  • Assumption College 
  • Adamson University
  • Ateneo de Naga University
  • Carl Balita Review Center (2)
  • DELS in Cooperation with Pathways International
  • East West Psychology Review Academy (2) 
  • La Consolacion University Philippines
  • Mega Minds Review Center (3)
  • NCS
  • P & P Center
  • Pathways International Review Center (2)
  • Psi Psychological Testing and Research Services
  • Psy Review and Consultancy Center (2)
  • Review Center for Allied Professions (3)
  • SAGE Review Specialist (2)
  • SPARK Review Center (6)
  • SPC-ADDU Review Center
  • St. Louis Review Center
  • Sultan Review Group (2)
  • TRIAD Psychological and Testing Review Center (4)


Reviewees Recommendations 
The questions asked was - What can you recommend to improve the services of your review center? Primarily responses can be categorized into: review approach and methodology; handouts/materials; monitoring, punctuality and schedule;  costs and others.

Review Approach and Methodology

  • Not too long Examinations
  • Eliminate extraneous variables like noise due to building construction. Pre-exam held for only a day. Really toxic.
  • There should be at least two professor in each subject.. because there is an instance where the professor is having an emergency so we're forced to just leave because there's no one who gonna teach us.. because the owner and also the head professor needs to accompany that professor.
  • Review center should revise the program of the review.
  • Be more strict on the attendance.
  • Stress the importance of ToS. Have multiple rationalization and continuous feedback in the exam. Test checking should be done with precision and explanation of the answer.
  • More outcome based sample questions.
  • Change some of the resource person & distribute the review materials earlier.
  • Make the lectures more lively
  • There should be more lecturers and more time for reviewing
  • Create a team to ease the workload of the academic coordinator.
  • More set of practice questions to answer especially during weekends.
  • Provide the extra needs of the reviewees and the instructors should not be boring.
  • Longer time to prepare
  • Style of lecturing of instructors should be defined by expectations in review centers, not classroom setting. But it was understandable because the instructors didn't have experience in sitting in review centers.
  • Psychologist and Psychometrician should not be combine
  • Choose competent set of proctors and better lecturers with mastery of the subjects
  • Invite more knowledgable lecturers. They and the review center staff should also encourage their students more in doing better in the review sessions and in the actual licensure examination.
  • Use more questions and rationalization to learn more
  • More time for Psychological Assessment and More test to develop testing skills.

Handouts and Materials

  • More useful handouts and test taking techniques and practice.
  • Better handouts presentation, not merely printed powerpoint.
  • Give the review materials before the lecture start or at least right after
  • Provision of handouts(hard copy) which you can read at your own comfort instead of soft copies
  • Provide actual hard copy ng handouts, longer length of review, more time for subjects
  • I hope they will provide handouts and be prepared with ppts. Initially, they were not giving us our previous test papers for our reviewer materials but on the last few weeks, they gave us everything but without the answer key. They do not provide handouts. Before, apart from the fee, we also pay for photocopies of test paper. They also asked us for separate final coaching fee. Initially, we were almost 70 but at the end of the review, we were less than 20 because the other reviewees gave up beause of their system.
  • Uploading of lectures should be immediate or right after the discussion
  • Online ppts should be sent on time not 2 days before the exam (juice colored). 
  • Improve the print out materials and summary notes.
  • Double check the flashdrives some don't work


  • The cost of the review was very expensive. It costs 11,500 and another 3,000 for the final coaching. Worse, the expenses for the handouts was not covered by the large amount we paid. We had to pay them for the copies of reviewers. And the whole review was not even outcome-based!
  • Include handouts in the enrollment fee.
  • None. It's just that it's too expensive

Monitoring, Schedule and Punctuality  

  • Maybe it is better if we start on the right time, kasi meron yung mga weekends na ang schedule ay 8am pero nagsstart na ay 9am.
  • Whole weekend sana. both sat and sunday.
  • It will be more ok if there is frequent monitoring to the DLP by calling or doing internet phone call to check on progress


  • Snacks and foods
  • Room space
  • Facilities, design, schedule
  • Provide White Board

Testimonials of Reviewees 

Not bad for a first time. Circumstances happened not in our favor are outside the center's control. But in the end, we were able to do what we need to do, e.g. final coaching.

Instructors are really good on their subject matter.  But there's this one instructor she's super fun but most of the time she's just telling stories and laughing.

Great! Very humble Review Director and Very helpful staffs. The professors are known  for  their respective field.

It was very beneficial.

One of the best.

The best!!

Please review with them.

The lessons should have been made concise, but still it was an okay experience because of the friendly staff and lecturers.

Supportive environment and great experience.

Indeed, it was a great privilege to part of the Team Triad. Having professors who are seasoned, passionate, and truly believing on what we can do challenges us to be the best we can be. Building the best in us means giving the best for us. God bless.

Great!! It is really informative and it really did give me new concepts and ideas.

Spark Review Center offers a wide variety of pedagogues to their students. From video presentation, analogies, practice test, study buddies, group works and many more. The review center molds its student to their fullest potential as a top notch Psychometrician or Psychologist  Filipino practicioner with integrity and work ethics.

The Best Review Environment

Approachable staff and trained instructors

I have a deep gratitude to our review center that whether I pass or fail they made a big help on my review.


Not so Satisfied Reviewees

The review center needs more reliable staff and lecturers

2nd Batch is inherently more cheap compare to the first batch. I noticed that no handouts were given and thus all ppt are in emails. You should be fortunate to have a printer at home to print it for free. Furthermore, I'd like them to make a rationalization of the answers per item. Or rather have the most difficult items be rationalized extensively. We are fortunate that the board were not so much tiring thus I should give the review center more ideas for improvement. -This statement is coming from a first batch having sit-ins in 2nd batch.

It did not really prepare me for Psych Assessment. no hard copy for handouts kasi puro lang powerpoint or kami mag sulat ng notes. Our lecturer in ab psych did not give her powerpoint or notes in ab psych kasi rumor has it that the lecturer is strict when it comes to distributing her powerpoint to others, which made reviewing abnormal psychology a struggle. 16 hours per subject was not enough, kasi siniksik yung mga topics in a short amount of time kaya yung retention eh hindi masyado mataas. Mabuti nalang maayos yung lecturer namin sa Industrial Psych at Theories of Personality kasi sila lang yung saving grace ng review namin.

Could be better.

If I were to make a testimonial, I will definitely not recommend this review center. Never.

It is a good review center but some lecturers are boring.

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Good and Least Performing Schools of the 2014 BLE for Psychometrician

(Data/table above is of schools with 85 and above examinees.)  Source: -

We consolidated data from the PRC result of the 2014 BLEPP for those schools with 35-73 examinees. Our objective is to see trends and patterns of schools performance. The data should inform those schools about their status as compared with other schools. And it should also serve as challenge both to schools and their graduates on the need to perform better in the 2015 BLEPP if warranted. Note that some schools are not included since their number is less than 35 and those schools with more than 73 are not also included in the list below.  The national passing rate is 39.31% and the following are the rates obtained by the schools listed below:

From the data above the following are the good performing schools (35 to 73 Examinees):
1) DLSU-Manila - 66.67% (DLSU-Manila is CHED's Center of Excellence for Psychology Program)
2) MSUIIT - 59.62%
3) Ateneo de Davao University - 54.76%

And the following schools could be categorized as least performing schools (35 to 73 Examinees):
2) SAN BEDA COLLEGE - 20.93%

There are 12 schools (half of the list above) that are below the national passing rate of 39.31% (35 to 73 Examinees):

% Passed

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