Saturday, May 3, 2014

Abnormal Psychology Portfolio - Prezi Presentation

Thanks to ace padua for this slide presentation.

Slide 1: What is abnormality?
-Quote by Ugo Betty

Slide 2: Which model provides the best explanation and treatment of abnormal behavior?
-"Do Not Put All Your Beliefs In One Basket" Illustration

Slide 3: Can diagnosis and Labeling Cause Harm?
-"Are We Over-diagnosing Mental Disorders" Video

Slide 4: Illustration of Panic in Anxiety Disorders
-"Panic Cycle" Illustration

Slide 5: Distinguishing between fear and anxiety
-"Searching the Brain for The Roots of Fear" Article

Slides 6-7: Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders concepts
- "Woman Shows the Same Symptoms as Le Roy Teens"
- "Alters" Illustration

Slide 8: The difference between mood changes and Mood Disorders
-"Is it just a mood? Or Something Else?" Pamphlet

Slide 9-10: Who in society benefits from people being unhappy with their bodies?
-"Half of hospital patients with eating disorders are children..." Article
-"Eating Disorders Soar: One Woman's Campaign for Women to Cherish Themselves" Video

Slide 11: How is addiction a disease?
-"South Korea Gaming: Skill or Addiction?" Video

Slide 12: Human Sexuality
- Human Sexuality Illustration

Slide 13: Severe Mental Illness In The News
- "Man who stole school bus..." Video

Slide 14: Personality Disorders in Celebrities
- "20 Identifiable Traits of Female Narcissists"

Slide 15: Childhood Disorders and Race
- "Mental health problems more common in kids who feel racial discrimination"

Slide 16: Alzheimer's and Dementia Costs
-"Increasing dementia costs burns through 1% of global GDP" Video

Slide 17:
- Final Reflection

Slide 18:
- References Eating Disorders Soar: One Woman's Campaign for Women to Cherish Themselves