Friday, February 15, 2019

Amended CPD IRR is for transition period only?

After series of online and offline protests by professionals, consultations and senate hearings,  the new CPD Implementing Rules and Regulations seems to be much better for all professionals and other stakeholders that will take effect on March 1, 2019. But the big question is: What will happen after the transition period? And for how long is the transition period?

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) issued on 7th February 2019, Resolution No. 2019-1146 series of 2019 the  Amending Relevant Provision of Resolution No. 1032 (s.2017) Otherwise Known as the "Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act No. 10912, Known as the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Act of 2016. 

Among the remarkable highlights of the said amended resolutions include:

Section 8.2.4 Accreditation of CPD Programs
. . .

In-house training programs and capacity-building activities of government agencies and government corporations, including local government units, and private employers shall be accredited and considered as CPD compliance of their employed professionals.

Section 10. CPD as Mandatory Requirement in the Renewal of Professional License and Accreditation System for the Practice of Professions.

10.2 During this transition period, the following shall be observed:

a) Professionals working overseas shall not be covered by the CPD requirement.

b) Newly licensed professionals shall not be covered by the CPD requirement for the first renewal cycle after obtaining their license.

c) The various CPD Councils shall reduce the required CPD credit units to a minimum, which shall not be more than fifteen (15), as provided for under applicable laws.

Section 15. Supplementary Provisions

15.1 The Boards and their respective CPD Councils are given a period of (1) month to consult with their stakeholders for the review of their Operational Guidelines (OG) and to accordingly amend the same to conform with this issuance. Those which have not issued their Operational Guidelines shall be guided by this issuance.

15.3 Professional who executed an Undertaking prior to the effectivity of this Resolution shall only comply with the required number of credit units as amended pursuant to this Resolution equivalent to not more than (15) credit units.

Since the amended IRR is only good during the transition period only, what will happen after it ends? These needs to be clarified:

1) Do BLEPP passers of  2018 will have to comply with 15 CPD units when they renew in 2021 (and those passers of 2014)? 

BLEPP Passers of 2019 and beyond or until the transition period ends do not have to comply with CPD points in the first renewal of their license in 2022. 

2) When and who will dictate the end of the transition period?

How many years is the transition period? It was not defined in the amended IRR.

3) What will be the implication of the amended IRR with PAP membership of newly licensed RPm since they will not be required CPD points in their first year of renewal?

Unless the PRC Board of Psychology come up with an Operational Guidelines that will mandate all newly licensed RPm to secure Certificate of Good Standing to their AIPO which is PAP as requirement for renewal of license even without complying with CPD points then BLEPP passers/RPm have to sign up for PAP membership.  

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