Saturday, July 8, 2017

License Renewal of a Pioneer RPm

For several days, there were passionate and earnest comments exchanged and posted at the Filipino Psychometrician Group on Facebook. The  contentious issues were about membership to Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP), license renewal and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

With all the issues and concerns raised, several readers and followers of the FB Group volunteered to consolidate  them and will be transmitted to the PAP. It is hoped that PAP will seriously look into those issues and addressed them.

Despite all those exchanges, I have been accumulating CPD points in the past and preparing to renew my license that will expire this year since I belong to the Pioneer RPm Batch of 2014 (those who took the first board licensure exam for Psychometricians).  I have signed up for PAP Membership early on, attended several PAP activities (CPE points were given then ) and attended last year's  PAP convention held in Pampanga (2016). 

Complying with the requirements for license renewal, I put together my certificates of attendance/participation (training, seminars, conventions) in a clear book including my Certificate of Grades from the graduate school. I emailed PAP at ( to ask for the LICENSURE RENEWAL FORM and GUIDELINES FOR RENEWAL. You can also download it here - check PAP first if you can use it  (tweaked the form a bit by working on its lay-out).

All my documents ready and the form filled out with my cover letter, I visited PAP Office and applied for a Certificate of Good Standing.  The content of my clear folder was reviewed by PAP staff, paid my membership dues for 2018 and received the coveted Certificate of Good Standing. PAP is the accredited professional organization recognized by the Psychology Board of PRC. The Certificate of Good Standing is a requirement when applying for license renewal - it entails obtaining 45 CPD points and active membership with PAP.

Next, I logged-in to my PRC online profile at ( you need to create one or register if you do not have one yet) to apply for my license renewal.

Once signed in you will see your online profile like below. Click the Select Transaction to get to next step.

Then you will be provided with these menus, since it is license renewal that I am transacting so I clicked the renewal button, there's a drop down button for Profession, choose Psychometrician from the list and then input your license number. Click Proceed.

This page will open up once you press the PROCEED button.
1) Select an office - I chose - PRC Central Office (there are other offices/mall  like Robinsons to chose).
2) Choose a date from the calendar AM or PM on a weekday.
3) Select mode of payment - I chose Bayad Center and charged me PhP 520.00 not PhP450.00 as shown below.

This page will appear with the reference number, show it when paying to Bayad Center.

Once you have paid the amount, sign in again to PRC online - click SELECT TRANSACTION and you will be shown this page - informing you of the payment made. Then click the Print Claiming Stub to get your claim stub that you need to bring to PRC.

Bring the ID Claim slip below to PRC together with your Certification of Good Standing from PAP and Proceed to Window 20 at PRC Ground Floor - License Renewal.

Also, they might ask you to provide a newer ID picture so bring a new one to spare yourself from the hassle of having your photo taken at the PRC and losing your line. The photo will be scanned to replace the  previous photo in your license. 

You will be asked to wait for your name to be called. Once called, show your old license and then you will be asked to write your signature in the electronic signature pad, then issued your new PVC ID or license good for another 3 years... so start accumulating those CPD points again.... good luck!