Friday, April 28, 2017

Psychometrician Review Centers Ads for 2017

Review season is here again. We would like to thank RGO, SPARK Review Center and  Pathways International Review and Learning Center for being our review center partners for our selected and adopted school for 2017.

For inquiries about the services of the review centers featured here please contact them directly. These review centers were consolidated based from the postings at Filipino Psychometrician Group on Facebook.

Study and review well and PASS the BLEPP 2017! 
Kita-kits sa Oath Taking!

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SPARK Psychology Review Center 

Pathways International Review and Learning Center (Manila, Bacolod)

Carl Balita Review Center

Top Rank Review Academy

Academy for Professional Opportunities (APO) Review Center

North Crest (Baguio City)


Cognition Review Center (Davao City)

Psyche Solution Psychological Services

I Serve with Pride Review Center


Tarlac Agricultural University - College of Arts and Sciences


Achieve Learning Center

Psychological Resources Center

Gray Matters Psychological Center


Top Rank