Sunday, January 17, 2016

Our Admins are Featured at The Ched Project

Bloggys 2015

First, it is very important to consider that a blogger’s post is CONSISTENT with original sources.

I try to communicate creativity by creating memes that are themed with puns. This, kind of approach is effective to catch our readers’ interest to read more about the ‘psych’ related subjects – making their learning experience lighter. – Admin Donnies

It should be reader-friendly.

On our blog, there are a lot of times that we use Filipino language as a medium and “trending” terms that our target audience will understand. We captivate them by adjusting ourselves to their level. Most of the time, we try to make some theories in Psychology and review materials as fun as possible and as simple as possible just to ensure that our audience in this field will relate to the topic.

No matter how passionate you are with your goals if the content of your blog isn’t simple enough in providing information, your target readers will look for other blogs of the same niche to help them better understand the topic. So as for me, the rule is just pretty simple, let your blog be reader-friendly or lose them. – Admin Riyan

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