Sunday, September 27, 2015

Psychometricians sa BLOGGYS 2015

"To put it simply, #bloggys2015 is a nationwide blog awarding event in the Philippines. It continues the legacy of recognizing Filipino bloggers through a variety of niches and industries across the nation." ~ Paul Agabin, CEO

As October 5 approaches for voting our very own blog, for #bloggys2015 we are just too excited of what possibly would happen. We know that various bloggers from different fields of expertise are joining. That's a nice competition to belong among the leagues of a network of online writers, bloggers, creatives, research oriented peeps among others.  With that, we are just too excited to share to the blogging community our  effort as #TeamRPm!!

To introduce ourselves as Psychometrician bloggers, it is apt and appropriate to share this post of one of our readers and members Mr. Jereco Paloma: 

Indeed Psychometricians are more than magicians, kidding aside, but we do science. Through the #bloggys2015 we believe this is an opportune time for us to introduce our profession as Psychometrician through social media and the community of bloggers.

At Philippine Psychometrician Reviewers, our Facebook page for our blog, we are thankful that some of our readers continue to help us sharing their review items, review links, and other online resources for our readers and likers test takers! And as the  #BLEPP2016 approaches our hardworking admins are also busy gathering materials to share to our readers and likers. Soon we will be releasing several review materials! It is our wish that these readings, materials, and practice tests will be helpful for your preparations for the annual board examinations, in particular to those who will be doing self-review and to supplement also review of those who availed the services of review centers.

We hope that we could continue to be of help to you in the best way we could. And, in the near future, we hope we could also see each other in person, and in the oath taking!

#TeamRPm, LET'S GO to #bloggys2015 !

Photo Content Credits: Mr. Jereco Oliverio Paloma

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