Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jobs: "Open Minded Ka Ba?"

"One day, si Crush niyaya ako. Uy may concert akong pupuntahan, balita ko kasi mahilig ka sa banda. Ako na bahala sa'yo. That moment was so magical. I said yes. I was very hopeful. I chose you. But you chose to break my heart, when you asked me - Open minded ka ba?"

First of all, guys, we will assure you that this is not a scam. We won't ask for your money, or your parents', or promise you a very big return for that. Just no. We are here to help you to connect with peeps like us. People who promote connection to like-minded peeps, making possible approaches to make information flow faster, befriending peeps from various locations, and promote our 'young' profession in Philippine Psychology. In short, we will try our best to help you, then hope that in return you may help others too.



Basically, we have the need to pursue our own well being and healthy lifestyle. Investing for love life, future family, spending time to school, socializing and the like. However, part of such a healthy lifestyle, requires financial stability. Since, we have our responsibility to our family, and our productivity as individuals has a great impact to our very own community, thus we need to find a job. Something that will make us productive. Meaning, we need to produce something that will be helpful to others, so in return we could have the things we need, to achieve that healthy living.

Example: "Gusto mong makipag-date, pero wala kang pera pang-gastos ng date mo, although lahat ng ka-sweetan meron ka, but to sum it up, sweet ka pero wala kang pera. So, balak mong manghiram ng pera, with hopes na makakasama mo na din si Girlie sa wakas. But in no chance, ang magulang mo ayaw mag bigay, broke din ang mga utol, at ang best friend mo. So basically tutuloy ka parin ba?"

Answer: Depende. Options? (1) Kung sweet ka, pero madiskarte ka naman bakit hindi? Pero, (2) kung 'di uubra ang diskarte, pero sweet ka naman, may suggestion para diyan - join our team. 

Meaning, there may be a small chance for you to have your date in this particular situation, since no one will lend you some money for your wonderful date. Of course, that's not okay. So what you will do now, is to find something to work on, in exchange for the need (e.g. date with    Girlie) that you are looking for. 

In this article, we will give you some tips on how #TeamRPm will help you to get into workforce, instead of ending up with a broken heart:

1. Review with Team RPm
Our  team in Philippine Psychometrician Reviewer will help you with online links, practice exams and other resources in preparation with the board examination (BLEPP). So, we think that having a very nice license will give you an advantage in terms of education, professional background and love life. Keep in mind that the Professional Regulation Commission  continues to extensively professionalize our field, so it would also be nice if you are practicing professional. Plus, 'dag-dag pogi points' yan kay Girlie. She might see you as very hard working guy. Keeping importance on your academics and continuing education. Sounds nice?

2. Have a pleasant place to go like Seminars!
Volunteers in Psych EVENTS Philippines will help you to find good seminars, workshops, and training opportunities and place for Girlie's heart too. BOOM! This would also make you more interactive with other peeps, outside your common sphere! Psych EVENTS Philippines team will provide you with those current announcements or happenings so you will not be alone with your adventures. Remember that most of these seminars will be attended by individuals like you interested or in the field of Psych.  We strongly suggest for you to find your own niche by attending those various seminars and workshops. Remember you could always have a special place for Girlie, if you're attending seminars. Sharing your experience, will also make you more 'pogi', she may find you very cute that you do not get bored with informative talks.

3. Job Hunt with the Pros!

Members from of our team, will help you out to find a job from the network of Filipino Psychometricians! This is something that's very exciting. We have professionals from HR, and you could just assume that they are our friends willing to be of help for us to find our source of income. To maintain financial stability, we suggest that you join our group, it's all FREE! If in case, Girlie's attraction fades over time because you were so  diligent with your studies, and stays unemployed for some time, that's okay, you still have friend with #TeamRPm. 

No need to rush things, be mindful that you are so awesome that millions of cells run towards a very nice and wonderful egg, thus you were created. In such case, millions were tested! And, like in a job hunt there were thousands or hundreds applicants. But, here at #TeamRPm,  we are here to support you with your endeavors even in our own small ways! Keep us your company. We may not save your love life, but you can have friends amongst us!

There's always hope. And you might not get the best for now, but surely and eventually, when you invest in yourself, you will realize how well you deserve the best of things in life. You'll find your worth, and consequentially, find a meaningful and wonderful life. So join #TeamRPm now!


Donnies is currently working as one of our volunteers in maintaining our blog spot! He likes writing, watching anime, currently interested about the social relevance of Filipinizing the field Psychology in our present era. He was greatly influenced by SP (Sikolohiyang Pilipino) during his college days. He believes that making psych concepts more related to some teenage hugots (deep meaning of one's humanity) will make it more understandable, at least in Filipino setting.

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