Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Some Facts and Figures and School Performance in BLEPP 2015

The table is a comparison of 2014 and 2015 BLEPsychometrician Performance. In 2015 more schools participated with an increase of 35 schools. A total of  4,466 took the exam producing a difference or increase of 1,184 examinees as compared to last year. There were 310 repeaters who took again the exam but only 114 passed (33.77%). The national passing rate is 46.15% or an increase  of more than six percent from last year. 

From the above table, among the schools with more than a hundred examinees, UST was the only school that achieved the highest passing rate at 89.25% or 7.34% higher than last year.  PLM posted an impressive 2-digit increase at 15.58% or 74.40% passing rate. Although New Era also posted a 2-digit increase at 10.03% but it failed again to reach the national passing rate, the school was able to obtain only 27.74% passing rate. For this year, FEU was the lone school that  have 243 examinees the rest are more than a hundred. Although SLU maintained to be on the national passing rate bracket, this year however, it posted a negative 6.38% or a decrease from its performance in 2014.

The table above shows two schools that performed well from our 2014 watch list, Our Lady of Fatima University-Valenzuela posting  40.29% increase and San Beda College with 30.99% increase from their last year's performance. Both schools surpassed the national passing rate at 46.15%.

Most of the schools posted a two digit increase in their performance except for Bulacan State Univ - Malolos, Centro Escolar University-Makati, Southern Luzon State University-Lucban and University of Makati that posted a single digit increase. But unfortunately all them failed to reach the national passing rate. 

However, University of the Assumption stand-out among the rest of the schools on the watch list for posting a negative 14.28% in their performance. From 28.57% passing rate in 2014, the school got 14.29% passing rate for 2015 for its 49 examinees.

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