Sunday, February 22, 2015

Updated Online Reviewer at Saylor Academy

UPDATED - 18 April 2016
(Original posting 2/22/2015)

As we have been preaching to those who are doing self-review,  with your internet access you can unlock a wealth of online resources for your review.

Saylor Academy whose mission is to enable you to fast-track your future with on-demand education as flexible as it is convenient provides different online courses. 

Listed below are Saylor's online courses in Psychology. These are some of the subjects of the upcoming Licensure Exam for Psychometrician.  

So maximize this opportunity. 

Let us know also online links you've found related to the board exam so we can share with others.

Check these links below. You might want to share your answers in the comment section. Will post in our next blog the links of the answers. Enjoy! 

Theories of Personality

I/O Psychology

Introduction to Human Resources Management

Abnormal Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Researach Method

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