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Industrial Psychology Practice Quiz on Team Dynamics

Try to answer the following Industrial Psychology practice quiz on Team Dynamics. We encourage you to discuss your answer in the comment section. 

We will provide answers to those who will sign-up in our survey. The purpose of the survey is to establish some baseline information about test takers this year (2015). So, should you want to participate, please provide an honest answer to make the data valid and reliable.  Click the link below:

Practice Quiz 

1) Described as group of people with different functional expertise working toward a common goal. They come from different departments or units of an organization formed to share information, come up with solutions and address, such team is called 

A.  Virtual team 
B.  Task force team
C.  Cross-functional team 
D.  Self-managed work team

2) From among the choices, which of the following does not describe an effective team   
A.  smooth interpersonal relationship
B.  some degree of resolvable conflict 
C.  a degree of social loafing
D.  concrete team goals

3) How many members are considered the most effective size for teams?

A. Up to 5 members
B. Up to 7 members
C. Up to 9 members
D. Up to 15 members

4) In order, what are stages of team formation goes through according to Tuckman?
A.  Norming, storming, forming, performing, adjourning
B.  Forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning
C.  Forming, staining, norming, performing, adjourning
D.  Founding, norming, storming, performing, adjourning

5) What is groupthink?
A. team pressure to think in a particular way   
B.  individual  compromise to fit within the group
C.  Group assembly to think and exchange ideas
D. Group solution by way of negotiation 

6) A group that is composed of individuals with voluntary membership status, having a low degree of authority, and requiring a high degree of management engagement is called 

A.  Quality circle 
B.  Virtual team
C.  Self-managed team
D.  Cross-functional team 

7) Magiliw Company  implemented team approach when it reorganized. Managers have now little involvement in directing the functioning of these teams that have some moderate authority to govern themselves with the most efficient and effective way they perform their  work.  The team is considered as 

A.  Advisory team 
B.  Cross-functional team
C. Self-managed work team
D.  Virtual team

8) One of characteristics of an effective team player that should not be on the list:
A.  collective leadership skills.
B.  good interpersonal skills.
C.  pursuit of self-initiative 
D. capacity to delegate and trust members

9) It is considered as the particular benefit of teamwork to the organization as a whole

A.  Higher and contagious motivation
B.  Skills and technical expertise are shared and transferred
C.  Sense of worth and fulfillment  
D.  Job enrichment

10) Who is considered as a Shaper in the Belbin Team Role

A.  Creative, imaginative, free-thinking, strength is of generating ideas and solving difficult problems
B.  Single-minded, self-starting, dedicated, reliable when it comes to providing  knowledge and skills 
C.  Challenging, dynamic, thrives on pressure, the driving force is courage to overcome obstacles
D.  Outgoing, enthusiastic, communicative, a networker who explores opportunities and other possibilities 

11. In the study of  Katzenbach and Smith (1993), what is the reason why it is difficult to achieve a high performance team 

A.  Turnover of high achievers who get promoted and transfered 
B.  People have their own individual goals to pusue 
C.  Different position in an organization prevents people to effectively perform in a team
D.  There is an involvement of higher levels of trust and commitment.

12. Recognizing the importance of team in your company which among the following should  not be included in recognizing team effort through monetary rewards?

A.  periodically assess or upgrade the system for rewards and compensation
B.  institutionalize a democratic system for members to develop rating system 
C.  allot time to reflect and execute changes in the reward system 
D.  devise an elaborate and complicated system for reward 

13. As a Quality Control Engineer you serve as the leader for a team composed of  members coming from your department, production, planning, and plant engineering. Your team can be considered as 

A.  self-managed work team
B.  problem-solving team
C.  task force
D. cross-functional team

14. Among the characteristics of an effective team are context, composition, work design and process. Identify which characteristic of a team that refers to presence of adequate resources, effective leadership, climate of trust, performance evaluation and reward.

A.  Process 
B.  Composition
C.  Work design
D.  Context

15. A team member that serves to coordinate and integrates the activities of team members.

A.  adviser 
B.  organizer
C.  linker 
D. maintainer

16. An important contribution of internet and communication technology is the ability of organizations to overcome boundaries and time and still achieve team goals.

A.  problem-solving teams
B.   task forces
C.  cross-functional teams
D.  virtual teams

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