Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Reference Textbooks for the Psychometrician Licensure Exam

We continue to received question about our references or textbook. So we are posting here our references. Check related posts below should you want to know more about some of  the details of textbooks/references here.

Well - wikipedia remains the number one reference and resource aside from these textbooks and the whole- wide-web. And aside from text - you can check you tube for video lectures on these topics.

Some of these books - even the hardbound were purchased on sale from different bookstores, BOOKSALE, and secondhand shops of Recto. 


(We got the AP Psych books since we do not know yet the exam and to
refresh ourselves with Psychology principles and  two version of dictionaries.)

Psychological Testing

(More books on Psychological Testing since we consider the subject more formidable and per TOS it
will have 150 more items compared the other tests.) 

 Theories of Personality

(Only few titles since there's an abundance of  materials and resources on the internet.)

Industrial  Psychology

Abnormal Psychology

(We read Psychiatry and Psychiatric nursing for the psychological cases.)

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