Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Case of Autumn Asphodel Overcoming Mental Disorders

While gathering videos on youtube about Personality Disorders that we put together as a playlist of a lecture by Dr. Rhoda Hahn we came across the video of Autumn Asphodel.

We asked permission to use this video as a case study of her own account of the mental health issues she gone through from childhood to her gender transition from male to female.

Her video is enlightening, giving a face and practical example to the theories described and lectured by Dr. Hahn. The theories becomes clearer with the personal and authentic account of  Ms. Asphodel experiences of the various symptoms of psychological disturbances she went through.

The thread of comments are equally interesting and worthy of further probing as to the mental health of the commentors.

The video was uploaded and published on Dec 21, 2013. She describe her video below:

The story of my past (childhood, teenage years, middle and high school) and the struggle I had at becoming my true self, through the mental disorders and trauma. It was a difficult journey as I struggled with my gender identity as a male to female and endured severe trauma from a very early age, including abandonment.

(This was the most difficult video I have done. A big thank you to anyone who watches the entire thing!)

Below is the outline and timing of the topics (running time - 38 mins):

0:54 - Childhood Years
8:32 - Preteen & Teen Years
12:04 - Middle School - Abuse
14:27 - Middle School - Anger
16:51 - High School - Abuse
24:25 - High School - Anger & Delusions
29:28 - High School - Aftermath
32:30 - Present Day

As a case study, we like you readers to reflect on the following and share with us your answers:

1) Identify her struggles during her childhood, teens and adulthood?

2) What were the psychopathology or abnormal behaviors she experienced?

3) Give examples of symptoms or dysfuntions that she manifested through her life?

4) Visit the you tube link ( ) and read through the comments. What lessons can you learn from those  comments?

5) In your assessment is Autumn telling the truth or lies? Why?