Wednesday, October 9, 2013

CHED Course Specification on Personality

CHED Course Specification on Personality
Refer to CHED Memorandum Order 38 Series of 2010 -

If you are reviewing and planning to take the Psychometrician Licensure Exam the following course content on Theories of Personality are suggested for you not to miss per CHED Memo Order 38 Series of 2010:

Course Description

A survey of the major theories of personality and the theoretical and practical issues involved in the scientiffic study and understanding of personality formation and dynamics.

Course Content

1) The study of personality: theory and research

2) Psychoanalytic theory - Sigmund Freud                                                                  

3) Neopsychoanalytic theories
a) Carl Jung
b) Alfred Adler
c) Karen Horney
d) Henry Murray

4) Life-span theory - Erik Erikson

5) Trait theories
a) Gordon Allport
b) Raymond Cattell
c) Hans Eysenck

6) Humanistic theories
a) Abraham Maslow
b) Carl Rogers

7) Cognitive Theory - George Kelly

8) Behavioral Theory - B.F. Skinner

9) Social Learning Theory - Albert Bandura

Below are links of   references/textbook materials I am using. What are your reference materials/texbooks?