Saturday, August 3, 2013

Filipino Psychometric Profession Oath

Below is the oath posted by Mr. Victorius Quiamco Bibera He recently took his oath by way of the grandfather clause of RA 10029 or the Philippine Psychology Act of 2009. It should be noted that the application for licensure without examination is only until May 21, 2015. So for those who are qualified avail it now. For the requirements check Section 17 of the IRR from this link - 

For the rest who would be taking the board exam and are now doing their psychometrician review either by self review or joining review classes, imagine and always imagine yourself raising your right hand and uttering these words, that's the goal and objective, to pass the licensure exam for psychometrician.

So do your best with the review and good thing that the psychometrician licensure exam is now scheduled for December 2013, so more time to do the review. 

Filipino Psychometric Profession Oath

I, (name) of (address) hereby solemnly swear that I 

will support and defend the Constitution of the 

Republic of the Philippines; that I will bear true faith 

and allegiance to the same; that I will obey the laws, 

legal orders, and decrees promulgated by the duly 

constituted authorities of the Republic of the 

Philippines; and that I will impose this obligation upon 

myself voluntarily, without mental reservation or 

purpose of evasion. I further solemnly swear that at 

all times and place I will adhere closely to the ethical 

and professional rules generally accepted by the 

Psychometric Profession in the Philippines, and 

will  well and faithfully discharge to the best of my 

ability  the duties and obligations incumbent upon a 

legally authorized Psychometrics Practitioner. So 

help me God.