Monday, June 17, 2013

Psychological Assessment

According to Philippine law, RA 10029,  Psychological assessment is the: "gathering and integration of psychology-related data for the purpose of making a psychological evaluation, accomplished through a variety of tools, including individual tests, projective tests, clinical interview and other psychological assessment tools, for the purpose of assessing diverse psychological functions including cognitive abilities, aptitudes, personality characteristics, attitudes, values, interests, emotions and motivations, among others, in support of psychological counseling, psychotherapy and other psychological interventions."

In the book authored by Munarriz and Cervera, Psychological Testing in the Philippines: Practice, Directions and Perspectives (2013), they made a clear distinction with words such as psychometrics, psychological testing, and psychological assessment:

 Psychometrics then refers to the theory, technique and development of psychological measurements; psychological testing, to the application of tests, and; psychological assessment, to the use of tests, among others to do a psychological evaluation.

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